The Weather Channel 's Hurricane Sandy Coverage Garners the Network's Highest-Ever Ratings

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October 30th, 2012

via press note:

  • The Weather Channel had the highest reach of any cable network on Sunday, with more than 39 million people (P2+) tuning into TWC for breaking coverage on Sandy. The lead was particularly noteworthy, outdistancing the #2 network (ESPN) by 21%.
  • The network delivered an average audience of more than 1.4M Total Viewers (P2+) on Sunday, making TWC the #1 non-children cable network for the day.
  • Among P25-54, TWC achieved a 3a3a Total Day P25-54 delivery of 590K on Sunday, the network’s highest Total Day target demo delivery average for 2012 to-date, beating Isaac’s landfall day (464K) and higher than the day-before-landfall average for Irene in 2011 (3a3a of 572K on 8/26/11).

- TWC was the #1 cable network among P25-54 in the morning (6a-9a), with Weekend View ranking as the top rated cable program. TWC ranked #4 overall across Total Day among all cable networks and #7 during Primetime.

- TWC outperformed the news networks in both Total Day P25-54 and P2+ delivery on Sunday, higher than closest news competitor FOXNC by +131% in the target demo, and more than CNN, MSNBC and HLN combined (478K).

- Peak quarter-hour viewing among P25-54 on Sunday occurred during the 11a hour, when the network outpaced ALL the cable news networks combined

  • Across digital platforms – #1 all-time day across platforms with nearly half a billion page view in one day! (450 million page views to be exact.) This almost doubles our previous record of 249 million from 2/1/11 and smashes Irene’s #1 day of 183 million (8/27/11).
  • all-time day totals on Monday with nearly 300 million page views on (298M w/ refresh), which more than doubled our previous record of 141MM (from 2/2/11), and almost tripled Irene’s highest day of 107 million on 8/26/11. Tuesday’s levels continue to be strong and promise to be materially stronger than Monday’s.
  • Mobile and tablet apps – Monday was #1 all-time day for page views with 125 million page views. Mobile apps alone had 110 million page views (#1 all-time day), and tablet apps didn’t beat 10/28/12 but was very close (14.9M vs. 15M), so tablet apps had to settle for a #2 day.
  • Mobile/tablet app video – Monday will be a record day once processing is complete. Sunday was previous #1 all-time day for video starts (1.6 million video starts) across mobile and tablet apps combined
  • Live stream – There have been more than 9.6 million total LIVE video streams during the course of the storm on and YouTube, with a peak of 167k concurrent users. These levels suggest digital viewership levels that are equivalent to Oct. 2012 viewing on The Weather Channel. To see the live online stream of TWC TV coverage, visit and our YouTube channel.



  • Oliver

    I’ll take this to mean Sunday’s cable ratings aren’t delayed.

  • Jupiter

    Their fetching for “moments” during this storm has been beyond hysterical. Many times this weekend I found myself experiencing those awkward, secondhand embarrassments, where you can’t help but want to change the channel and forget what you just watched. The fact that Stephanie Abrams can call little waves “monstrous” and then the camera pans to Al Roker literally rolling around on the beach during a 30 MPH gust, is just embarrassing.

    The Weather Channel use to actually provide quality reporting with expertise information. However, in the last five years their reporting has gone rapidly downhill. Their obvious attempts at fetching ratings through the most wildest and embarrassing stunts is just too much. But I find myself resisting to change the channel, and embracing their idiocy.

    Three cheers for The Weather Channel proving for the second time this year, hype is everything! Their hype of Isaac and then general neglect of reporting about the real after-effects was profane. Likewise last year with Irene. Oh well New York City or New Orleans didn’t get wiped off the map, let’s head home to Atlanta with Carl Parker and Alexandra whats-er-face in the studio.

    Hoping The Farmer Alamanac’s prediction of a beastly winter season leads to more delicious lunacy from The Weather Channel in the upcoming months. Watch their ratings soar beyond this if another Snowpocalypse is to come and threaten another metropolitan area. Can’t wait to watch them have ninety meteorologists spread from Key West to Bangor with them shouting “OMG!” and “AMAZING!” at every little gust of wind and snowdrift.

  • carigis

    all I know is that there website is kinda out of hand.. with captions along the lines of “total devastation approaching” “two hours to tragedy”… “the apocalypse has begun” ” and “its too late we are all going to die”..

    where did they get the guy to write thier story captions..was it stephen king?

    then I turn on the weather channel and its elevator music..and a category 1 hurricane. I was expecting to see some category 5 monster or something.


    Totally agree that since NBC bought TWC & brought Al Roker with it, TWC has become more of a side show, but it’s stats of the storm is why I watched.

    Alexandra Steele is gone & has been for some time now.

    CNN by far had the better “news” coverage of the storm.

    These ratings by far were expected.

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