'Anger Management' Makes Syndication Deal with FOX Stations

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October 31st, 2012

It's another case of Hollywood corporate synergy as FX's sit-com Anger Management makes a deal to air in syndication on  FOX owned television stations beginning in 2014. The show has a 100 episode guarantee, which is why it has been sold into syndication after airing only 10 episodes. The stations acquiring the show include: WNYW FOX 5/WWOR My9 (New York), KTTV FOX 11/KCOP My13 (Los Angeles), WFLD FOX 32/WPWR My50 (Chicago), KDFW FOX 4/KDFI My27 (Dallas), WTTG FOX 5/WDCA My20 (Washington D.C.), KRIV FOX 26/KTXH My20 (Houston), KSAZ FOX 10/KUTP My45 (Phoenix), KMSP FOX 9/WFTC My29 (Minneapolis) and WOFL FOX 35/WRBW My65 (Orlando).

More details can be found on Deadline.


  • Nick

    Sara Bibel, I am not impressed by your posts.

  • DenverDean

    How many will be complete by Fall 2014 for syndication? I’m assuming they will produce a couple of big batches in 2013 and 2014. (Maybe 25-30 each)? The additional on-air exposure couldn’t hurt new episodes as they appear on FX.

  • tv#1

    Well this was the whole reason why they decided to make so much of this show, so I am not surprised it was sold into syndication so fast. If the show returns to decent ratings in January I expect to see it sold into more markets.

  • Ram510

    Are they going to air them everyday like Are We There Yet?

  • richard

    good for charlie sheen. i dont watchanything hes in, but good for him

  • david

    I am not really surpriesed by this news. As somebodey else pointed out that is why they ordered 90 more episodes at once. I believe they will have alot of the show all ready made because they want to make the 90 episodes in a two years time. and i am sure starting in 2014 means they will start airing in the fall of 2014 on local sindication.

  • tv log

    My Network TV Darn! You have no show broadcasted as your original show! If Fox side of your side of family broadcast Anger Management! Wow! Double Episodes for two hours for My Network TV for Four Episodes of Night! My Network TV Dead TV!

  • MJDB


    I don’t think so, because this is looking like a good ratings performer for FX, as was Are We There Yet?, but I think that they moved it to daily mornings (practical death slot) because it hadn’t aired in over a year. Finally, I think that TBS just didn’t like Are We There Yet? because that was a really odd scheduling move. I just remembered that Meet the Browns and House of Payne had the same deal (or something similar) to Are We There Yet?, and they aired in primetime until they got cancelled eventually.

  • MJDB

    For Anger Management, it’s good that it got a syndication deal, but it wasn’t that hard considering FX is owned by the same people as FOX and My Network TV. (News Corp.)

  • Sean

    What happens if he ODs halfway in?

  • richierich

    @ Nick

    Could you elaborate?


    Just what we need–more Charlie Sheen–the Sheen who’s always “on” (something)

  • ToXiX


    They will hire Ashton Kutcher as his replacement.

  • cortexifan

    one more reason not to watch FOX anymore after Fringe is gone.

  • chezmoi

    Why don’t Fox just show it on Primetime?

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