'Common Law' Canceled by USA

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October 31st, 2012

USA has canceled its freshman series Common Law, TVLine reports. More details as they become available.

  • Kevin Somerhalder

    Sad to hear this. Loved the show, but what could we expect? The ratings were bad.

  • Tommy

    Potential good news for “Fairly Legal”?

  • richard

    monk and psych. i dont hate other usa shows. just never watched them is all.

  • Bob

    Boo! Bad news.

  • Mark

    I really liked this one, bah!

  • Dre

    That stinks.

  • Lisa

    That sucks! My Mom and I really loved this show!

  • DeeAgeaux

    The best part of the show was Sonya Walger and there was not enough of her on CL.

  • thesnowleopard

    Sad to hear it, but the leads were released from their contracts months ago. I’m just surprised USA bothered to make it official.

    I won’t be watching “Fairly Legal,” anymore, even if they do renew it. I was rooting a bit for the show after season one, but season two was really awful. Nothing to do with “Common Law,” even if it was probably a choice between one or the other.

  • jessica

    They did kind of wrap up the main premise of the show in the 12th episode. While i enjoyed it this doesn’t surprise me. Once we found out why they were really in couples therapy the gimmick was over. I had thought of it a few times but couldn’t think of any reason for a second season.

  • SJ

    USA cancelling a show after the first season – is that a first?

  • SarahL

    Farewell, my pretties. I will miss the eye candy.

  • merrranga

    awww… i was kinda thinking about watching that someday… maybe.

  • Joe Smith

    I couldn’t get through the first episode. It was a bad spin of every tired crime show cliche. I can overlook that if characters are interesting and the acting is good. This show had neither of those.

  • chrisjozo

    It was a good show. I felt it would have had a better shot paired with Psych or any lead in other than Fairly Legal. Given how many times U.S.A. pushed back the premiere date I don’t think they really ever had faith in the show.

  • Holly


    First since The Starter Wife in 2007.

  • Jason50

    It was an ok buddy cop show. It’s no Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg but it was fine for TV. Although my buddy cop idea of Mike Tyson and Charlie Sheen has the makings of one awesome trainwreck.

  • Jane Elliot

    I wonder how this will affect Necessary Roughness’s chances, if at all.

  • Tea

    Too bad. I quite enjoyed this one, and I haven’t been too impressed with many of the other USA original series lately. The pilot was horrible and too long, but the show and characters improved after that.

  • Russell

    @Joe Smith – I totally agree. I couldn’t get past the first episode. Once you get really good shows that you would rather watch, you know something is wrong.

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