'Common Law' Canceled by USA

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October 31st, 2012

USA has canceled its freshman series Common Law, TVLine reports. More details as they become available.

  • Ram510

    Well we already knew this once we heard Warren was going to be on The Following

  • R Lee

    WHAT? They said all summer how the critics loved it and they got over 2 million viewers! Bad move USA

  • Eric_Philly

    One of the few USA shows I never had an interest in. Sounds good to me.

  • Jenna

    That sucks for the fans, but I personally couldn’t get into this show. I LOVE Fairly Legal though and would like some good news about Season 3 pleease!! ;)

  • jessica

    @ Holly

    USA may spin it as a mini-series and 1 season but most people would probably see it as 2 seasons of The Starter Wife. And it was the “mini-series” season that was on in 2007. I wouldn’t call a mini-series that got renewed a ‘cancellation after 1 season’.

  • Josh

    Ah Man! This show was a lot of fun that I enjoyed watching when I came home late from work.

  • Lolay

    Shame, thought it was a decent show :(

  • Sab

    This show was terrible and tedious. Cancelling it was the right decision, but it should never have got on air in the first place.

  • Terescia

    @Tea, that was exactly what I thought. I even told my friends to just make it through the too-long pilot because it was the second episode that sold me on the show. After that, I loved it. I really hated to hear it was cancelled, but I’d heard the rumors so I can’t say the news surprised me.

  • curious

    Does the bear get to eat cable shows or is he a broadcastterrian ?

  • Jeff321

    Watched 15 minutes of the first episode and this show was crap. No surprise.

  • Chris

    I think USA is figuring out that lawyer shows are not their thing, and that’s very bad news for Fairly Legal.

  • Chris

    Oh wait a minute, I was thinking of “Suits”. Which sucks, but isn’t canceled. This one isn’t about lawyers, but it sounds like it is, so that was pretty dumb right there.

    Either way, Fairly Legal is toast.

  • Azzman

    I dug the show, but oh well..But yet Necessary Crapness stays on?! WTH!!

  • Blake Williams

    I liked Common Law….sorry to see it go……

  • SF

    NOOOO!! Both my Mother and I are really upset about Common Law being cancelled!!

  • Charlie Sheen

    WOW! This is actually a surprise, Common Law had no boost at all last season to help it out but it was still doing solid ratings. It seems like USA never really cared for the show, the delay was an early sign then they put it on Fridays with no help at all.

    It sucks because I never got a chance to actually watch the show but was planning on doing so if it got renewed.

    USA seems to be falling apart as TNT has caught up to them. They need to go back to the basics and bring out shows like Monk and Psych. Also help fix that awful WWE product on Mondays.

  • RyanCanada

    i loved this show

  • Chris

    USA had a great winning streak with new shows, but it seems to have run out a few years back.

  • rehabber

    No tears from me, but hopefully Fairly Legal will be back, Leo is my favorite character in the series.

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