How Will a Four-Month Hiatus Impact 'Revolution' - Poll?

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October 31st, 2012

Buried within NBC's lengthy mid-season schedule announcement was the news that Revolution will take about a four-month hiatus, from its last fall original on November 26 to its spring return March 25, 2013. The new drama Deception will air in the Monday 10pm time period starting on January 7.

The question is whether the long break will hurt the show. Much longer hiatuses have become standard for hit cable dramas, with the breaks whetting viewers appetites and allowing new viewers to discover (and marathon) the show via online streaming. But broadcast television is still a different beast. Big breaks did no favors for the ill-fated genre shows Flash Forward and The Event. Make your prediction about Revolution's fate, then explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • call me sy

    I will have a negative impact. NETWORK does not know how to build to the break like CABLE. Even though USA Network is an affiliate of NBC/Universal/ Comcast – NBC will not build up to the break. TO them it’s just a scheduling problem. A few years ago ABC had a long break with LIFE ON MARS. True the show ended sour anyway — but the new episode after the break had no continuity from the show before the break.

    CABLE networks are aware of the breaks, and know how to build, and more important — how to build interest. NOTE: See new ads for PSYCH on USA. Coming back in February.

  • Erin

    @Call my sy,

    I can’t speak for every network or show, but Eric Kripke (the showrunner of Revolution) at least is used to doing split seasons. Supernatural has a definite mid season finale although their spring premiers aren’t always well received. Shonda Rhymes also does midseason finales for her shows. So the writers might be able to handle it. However, broadcast audience might not quite be used to such a long hiatus. Having said that, if that means they can run uninterrupted from March to May, it might be worth it. …if they still have viewers when they come back.

  • Ultima

    Can anyone explain why NBC didn’t try to use Revolution success and use RVN like anchor show and after RVN 2 more NBC dramas. In wednesdays for example. That was most logic move for me.

    Because NBC can see that Revolution’s numbers are being significantly boosted by The Voice and they’re not sold on its ability to anchor a night yet.

  • Bob

    I don’t think it is fair to complain about Revolution’s help from the Voice. Sure it would be down in the upper 1’s if by itself and I don’t even watch the show. However, NCIS LA has had help for 4 years from NCIS. In fact, who knows if it would still be on if not for NCIS. And yes I LOVE NCIS!!!!


    The sheep (RVN followers) will follow the shepherd (The Voice)

    I think the strategy will work

  • kill00

    I voted for the tird option but the forth option could come true as well. It is definitely not a smart choice to put a show on a four months haitus but then again NBC executives dont seem to smart :)

  • Carmen

    Revolution was originally slated for 13 episodes. It then got a 9 episode extension order. That’s good but it takes time to write and film those additional episodes.

    It seems kind of amusing to me that the people who are (now)saying that it is a big mistake to have a long hiatus (17 weeks) between episodes because it will impact ratings when the show returns. ..

    Didn’t seem to have any such concerns when the show premiered a month early in the season and enjoyed good ratings – at least in part -due to the absence of competition from the other networks.

    They knew then – or should have known – that the show would be dry of new episodes sooner than other shows and that an extended mid season break was going to be a reality.

    The early premieres of NBC were a good decision because it gave their new shows a sampling that they might not otherwise have gotten. But the down side is that new series (with only 13 additional episodes ordered) are likely to run short early.

    Do I think that NBC would go 17 weeks without new Revolution episodes if they could “reasonably avoid it”. No, but that is part of the price they pay for the early premieres.
    This is the show that is hurt the worst by that strategy.

  • Ultima

    Didn’t seem to have any such concerns when the show premiered a month early in the season and enjoyed good ratings – at least in part -due to the absence of competition from the other networks.

    Revolution only premiered one week early…

  • Bern

    This is how ABC killed “V” it was getting great ratings at the beginning of 1st season until it took a long hiatus.

  • dryr

    flash forward, V, Terra Nova(?). Big-budget mediocre sci-fi doesn’t allow for patience.

  • hardline_pro

    NBC is dumb. They finally get a hit and the put it on a 4 month hiatus? They better advertise the hell out of it when it returns.

  • Pfw51

    Its the same logic that ruined “Jericho” several years ago. When you have a continuous story arc a long hiatus just causes people to lose interest in the story, so when it comes back no one will care any more. Especially with Revolution… the plot doesn’t seem to be advancing very much so a long hiatus will probably be the end of it.

  • IceCreamSunday

    I’m hoping this melodramatic, poorly acted, ridiculous program will vanish into oblivion along with the nearly dead Fringe.

  • Benjamin

    In all fairness…many of V’s wounds were self-inflicted. The series opened strong, but then dropped to a languid pace. And when the episode came on about Anna and the Visitors scheming to “steal the human soul,” I almost lost my lunch right there. Big, pointless detour into campiness. Toward the end, it began to firm up–some. But by then it was too late.

    Terra Nova, on the other hand, I think *was* a victim. True, there were about 4 episodes mid-season that could and should have been condensed into two. But by the last three or four episodes, the plotline was moving and it was on a firm footing. That show could and should have been salvaged.

  • spycomics

    A hiatus on the main networks is handled differently than on cable. Cable re-runs its shows at various time periods during the hiatus and uses marathons to try and catch new viewers or help old ones catch up and refresh the show in their minds. The networks don’t. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the problem on the networks and why ratings drop. No amount of commercials and hype will do the job keeping up the ratings than having the show on the air will. Re-run Revolution on Saturdays leading into March, along with promoting the show, and do a re-run March event leading into the new premiere. Keep the show relevant DURING the hiatus and the numbers won’t drop when it comes back.

  • steve

    It will kill NBC only hit in the scripted drama’s field lenghty breaks do nothing but damage

  • steve

    @carmen it only premiered like a week early. Most new shows get a 13 order then a back 9 so you can’t put that into it otherwise why do all new shows not take a 17 week break???????

    Elementery Vegas etc only got 13 at first then a back 9 you don’t see them taking a 17 week break do you? ????????

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I think it will drop slightly below 3.0 (and then get hit with the usual spring declines down to 2.5 or lower).

    But what will kill it is if they drag out the story line without getting involved with the actual conspiracy of how the blackout happened. The program really isn’t THAT well done that they can afford to take their time doing reveals. This is a constant complaint I have with producers is that they think they can drag out a premise for multiple seasons. Well, they can’t unless the show is exceptionally well done or the premise is exceptionally fascinating. Revolution is neither exceptionally well done and the premise is just stupid – unless they come up with a plausible explanation. Failing the latter, the show’s ratings will eventually collapse.

  • LMG

    A four month break is exactly what I need to get myself to stop watching this horrible show. I’m hate watching it right now because I hate stopping what I start, but a 4 month hiatus is a perfect excuse to wash my hands of this crap. It just isn’t fun anymore to even make fun of it.

  • KS

    @Richard Stevan Hack

    Kripke said in an interview that everything about black-out is gonna be revealed before season finale. And I think, next season will be about turning it back on.

    I agree with you that the episodes has become absolutely boring. Latest episode was one such example. And the lead actress is ridiculous. Family drama is not at all entertaining. But, I still have hopes on this show because its Kripke and I believe after the hiatus, the entire focus is gonna be on why the blackout happened.

    Dear Kripke, if you want to give a good family-emotional drama like Supernatural, the first important thing to do is to choose good actors.

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