How Will a Four-Month Hiatus Impact 'Revolution' - Poll?

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October 31st, 2012

Buried within NBC's lengthy mid-season schedule announcement was the news that Revolution will take about a four-month hiatus, from its last fall original on November 26 to its spring return March 25, 2013. The new drama Deception will air in the Monday 10pm time period starting on January 7.

The question is whether the long break will hurt the show. Much longer hiatuses have become standard for hit cable dramas, with the breaks whetting viewers appetites and allowing new viewers to discover (and marathon) the show via online streaming. But broadcast television is still a different beast. Big breaks did no favors for the ill-fated genre shows Flash Forward and The Event. Make your prediction about Revolution's fate, then explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • Carmen

    @ Steve

    “Most new shows get a 13 order then a back 9 so you can’t put that into it otherwise why do all new shows not take a 17 week break???????

    Elementery Vegas etc only got 13 at first then a back 9 you don’t see them taking a 17 week break do you? ????????”

    Different networks can have different reasons for doing many things.

    Things such as advance script readiness, quality of script, time to produce the show (especially on location), strength of overall network schedule, and how much they are trying to protect a show may come into play in the leadtime they are willing to take to produce the show.

    The other networks, especially CBS with a show like Vegas, has much more leeway in that regard.

    In the case of NBC (a network with few hits in recent years) and Revolution, I think they have decided that the best way to protect their only fall hit is to leave it protected behind The Voice.

    They have probably decided that this is a better alternative than rushing it forward and placing it behind a show which won’t benefit it at all in the way of lead in audience and . .. in point of fact. . . could damage it severely.
    But that’s just speculation.

  • Professor Doctor Count Victor Von FakeMeOut


    I think there are a number of issues at play here not just the long break.

    If NBC is afraid the show can’t stand on it’s own without the Voice, is the show really worth keeping around? I however don’t think it is dependent on the Voice, sure it helps but it’s not why the numbers have stayed strong … Smash didn’t stay strong despite a lead in from the Voice … other shows with strong leads don’t do well and fade away and still other shows grow from weaker lead-ins. Revolution has remained strong because it’s a pretty good show despite a few flaws. NBC has fallen because of bad choices … this is another in that series of bad choices.

    DST … 2013.March.25 is the 3rd Monday after DST begins … DST is apparently a noted ratings killer … on the bright side they dodged Easter by a week … on the down side their second episode back is Easter Monday … don’t holidays have a general dampening effect on ratings as well?

    ‘People’ have short attention spans … no, this is not an ‘All people are as stupid as me’ comment … it’s pointing out a fact. Never under estimate the stupidity of the masses. Ideally the median IQ is 100 so aprox. 50% of the population is below 100 … and not all of them just watch Faux news, some watch NBC too … something bright and shiny may come along to distract them in those 4 months. If they switch to Castle/H50 or something else, will they drop those new shows and return? Or will those shows be in reruns then and Revolutions return be well timed?

    Did the writers know enough in advance to write an appropriate ‘break’ episode or is this 4 month break a surprise to them as well? And if it was a surprise, did they have enough time to adjust storyline and filming? Plus there are still four episodes left this fall … plenty of time for a writing misstep to start driving away viewers.

    And finally there is properly managing viewer expectations (see The Killing for how NOT to do it). People have come to expect the short seasons long breaks on cable … how many people who started watching Revolution this fall were expecting a 4 month break? I’d wager the percentage is well under 5% and perhaps even under 1%. How many people here think it’s a good idea to anger/annoy/disappoint 95~99% of your viewers?

    ^.^ Boo! ^.^

  • IceCreamSunday


    I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with a single thing you’ve said on here as long as I’ve been visiting this site. Today however, you have turned the tide!

    And the lead actress is ridiculous.

    Never has a more accurate statement been made.

  • KS


    Are you a fan of Castiel?

  • Alex

    I don’t understand this fetish for taking shows off mid-season, especially when they are doing well. It’s bad enough to get them taken off for a month or two. There’s a momentum you get and when that momentum is lost, it’s lost. In my opinion Alias, Star Trek Enterprise, the Battlestar Galactica remake, Lost and the noted Flash Forward were hurt badly (and some never recovered) from lengthy mid-season splits. It’s one reason Doctor Who fans are worried right now after its new season ran 5 episodes, with the rest not scheduled to air until sometime in 2013. I also can’t help but wonder if this scheduling isn’t a sign of lack of initial confidence in Revolution – that the “hiatus” after Nov. 26 only exists because NBC assumed it would have been cancelled by then so scheduled it as such before it became a hit. I just hope we don’t see Once Upon a Time or Last Resort (if it survives) pull the same stunt.

  • IceCreamSunday


    Not really bothered by him one way or the other as long as he’s utilized correctly and his presence works for the show overall. But why are you asking me about Castiel?

  • silvit

    It will have lower ratings but because in the spring every show has lower ratings vs winter.

  • KS


    1.I am seeing you on this website for the first time but you said, you disagree with me many a times. I don’t remember having any debates with you in the past.
    2.I hate Castiel with passion and many Castiel fans are the ones usually disagree with me most of the time and I thought you are one of them.

    So, give me some instances where you don’t agree with me. I am actually surprised that you are NOT a hardcore fan of Castiel, but still disagree with me. I don’t usually post controversial stuff here, except for matters related to Castiel.

  • IceCreamSunday


    I’ve not had any open disagreements with you that I can remember. I just read your posts and usually do not agree with your views on this show or that show. Not specifically Supernatural. Don’t take it too seriously, I just wanted to point out how much I agree with your thoughts on Revolution. The acting is very poor.


    Its not like your going to watch Castle or 5-0.
    The Event, Flashforward, were already dead before long break.
    The best comparison is Heroes, ratings wise. It didn’t go on a 4 month break, i believe it took a 2month dec/jan break. dont remember.
    The show is already headed down hill, people are just going to forget, its NBC.

  • PV

    Well, I can’t see why people predict it will fall hard. Cause Walking Dead has HUGE HUGE HUGE hiatuses and it always come back stronger than ever.

  • jessica

    New Ownership. Same Old Management.

    Do they actually WANT Revolution to succeed? HBO split seasons of Sex & The City and The Sopranos with much success and it seems since then every channel and their bosses have wanted to do it. The thing is HBO did it with very well established shows late in their life-spans. Every split of a season is coupled with a noticeable drop in numbers that the show usually doesn’t recover from. Doing this with the first season of a show on a broadcast network is almost always a death sentence. So why do it with your most promising new show? Nothing But Craziness.

  • IceCreamSunday

    Revolution is not The Walking Dead.

  • jessica

    @ PV
    The Walking Dead doesn’t have “HUGE HUGE HUGE hiatuses”. The first season was 6 episodes. Sure that was really short by US standards but the season was complete. Next year, next season. Pretty normal. As for the December-January break in the second season, that is a time when most shows don’t usually have new episodes so it wasn’t anything abnormal and certainly not huge.

  • Caren

    NBC kills evry good show. They need a change in leadership!

  • Caren

    NBC kills every good show. They need a change in leadership!

  • Lord Seth

    It will have a negative impact. A lengthy hiatus killed Flash Forward. The show will dip below a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating.

    A lengthy hiatus did not kill Flash Forward. Look at the ratings from episode to episode in millions of viewers: 12.47, 10.75, 9.05, 9.07, 9.88, 8.97, 8.57, 8.28, 7.98, 7.07, 6.61, 6.49, 6.17, 5.04, 5.42, 4.98, 5.53, 5.17, 4.77, 4.75, 5.26, 4.96.

    Okay, 18-49 is what’s important, but the point is still made. Now, look at those numbers carefully. Now, based just on those numbers, where do you think the hiatus was? I mean, if a hiatus killed the show, there should be a pretty noticeable drop in viewership so you can easily figure out where it is, right? So see if you can figure it out.

    No, really, take a guess. Don’t cheat by looking ahead! Try.

    Okay, the hiatus was between the 7.07 and the 6.61. Yeah, that hiatus killed it all right, as shown by the fact the drop between episodes was about the same as the show was getting before. In fact, there was far LESS viewership dropping after the hiatus than before! (granted, part of that was the fact there were far fewer viewers, but the point remains)

    The same is true for The Event. The hiatus didn’t kill it, it was losing viewers each episode even before the hiatus.

  • 1123.6536.5321

    Im guessing 2.5 when it returns and sinking to 2.0 by the end of the season

    Still watching it but Im not in love with it as many of the characters are annoying. Especially Google guy. A guy like that would not last 15 years let alone be so fat. Looks like he has a secret stash of Dharma Initiative Ranch Dressing hes hiding in a hatch some place.

  • Angel

    People are going to forget this show ever existed that long of a hiatus. It’s going to join the Event in their 1 season club.

  • RS

    Honestly, I don’t think the break will hurt it more than the normal Spring attrition. We genre viewers have gotten used to the “long break” with the likes of cable shows such as the Walking Dead and Being Human. I looked forward to and came back for those as I will for Revolution. We fans followed SPN, not through excessively long breaks, but through scheduling on every weekday night of the week except Monday. In Kripke we trust.

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