FNC Was October's Number 1 Basic Cable Channel in Primetime Among Total Viewers

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November 1st, 2012

FNC was October's top basic cable network in primetime among Total Viewers (3,459,000). This is the first time that the channel was number one for an entire month since September 2005 when Hurricane Katrina dominated the news cycle FNC was the number two cable channel in Total Day behind Nickelodeon.

Several FNC programs hit record highs during October.

FOX & Friends had its highest-rated program in viewership since Sept. ’05 during Hurricane Katrina (1,431,000 in P2+ – up 40%; 377,000 in 25-54 – up 15%


  • · Both America’s Newsroom and Happening Now had their highest month ever in total viewers (AN: 1,746,000 – up 43%; 351,000 – up 30% in 25-54) (HN: 1,341,000 – up 40%; 301,000 – up 41%)


  • · America Live with Megyn Kelly had its highest rated month ever in total viewers and second-highest in 25-54 (1,423,000 – up 23%; 316,000 – up 37%)


  • · The Five finished October with its highest ever in both total viewers and in 25-54 (2,271,000 – up 52%; 461,000 – up 42%)


  • · Special Report with Bret Baier had its highest ever viewership since Baier took over in anchoring (2,470,000 – up 31%; 476,000 – up 35% in 25-54)


  • · FOX Report with Shepard Smith had its highest-rated month since September ’08 (2,271,000 -up 31%; 488,000–up 29%)


  • · The O’Reilly Factor had its highest-rated month since October ’08 (3,917,000 – up 33%; 772,000 – up 37%)


  • · Hannity had its highest ever month in total viewers since Hannity went solo (3,171,000 – up 55%; 695,000 – up 54%)


  • · Red Eye had its highest ever rated month in both total viewers and second highest in 25-54 (524,000 – up 17%; 216,000 – up 22%)





  • Mark2

    More Fox News propaganda, lol.

  • Joseph

    Why did Fox News Channel do so well in October??

    Two words: Presidential Campaign.

    And two more words: Hurricane Sandy.

  • b

    It is also very helpful when one is compared to the Bad News Bears of television CNN and MSNBC.

  • Mark2

    Meanwhile, MSNBC has strongest month in years. Of course this site won’t post that even though this Fox News story comes from the same site:


  • Mark2

    And CNN is also up Double-Digits accross the board but this site doesn’t mention that.


  • Sia

    Liberals keep hating we all know your jealous because the real propaganda Obama butt kissing news stations like MSNBC and CNN are failures ! Even during the debates Fox News beat them together hahaha … And Fox News will keep their ratings this high after President Romney wins !

  • Rick

    I just had to come in and see what the immature Mark2 was having to say. I think he is the biggest baby on message boards.

    I am sure if Bill or Robert had gotten press releases from those 2 sites they would have gotten posted on the site.

    I have never seen any bias on their part — thus why I still visit this site. Now Marc Berman’s site, I only go there to see how biased the man can be. He doesn’t even pretend to hide it — esp. in regards to his pro-soap opera agenda and anti-ABC agenda. He posts Katie’s ratings on weeks it goes down but a week like this one where Katie is up he doesn’t do a “new” syndicated talk show post or even syndicated TV ratings. So that he doesn’t have to mention that Katie is up.

    Anyway Bill and Robert has always printed stuff about all stations. I just find it funny that folks like you Mark2 claim to be so tolerant but yet you are always pointing fingers, crying foul, or just plain being so immature.

  • d.d

    I don’t read Mark2 at all any more after his Mormon postings. Pretty disgusting.

  • Rick


    I must have missed those. The only reason I read him is to get my daily dose of laughter. I laugh at just how pathetic and immature he is.

    I find it so funny that folks like him accuse “the right” of being the ones to call names and be so judgemental. Yet often they are worse in the things they say and do than anyone on the right ever is.

  • AppleStinx

    Another triumph for fair and balanced news. :grin:

  • Muffy

    I love how people seem to have this big problem with Fox News, but ignore MSNationalBarackChannel and the countless other Barry butt kissing outlets. This website talks about ratings and the fact of the matter is Fox News beat those channels in the ratings department.

    President Romney. Has a nice ring to it.

  • Danny

    Hey FOX news haters, if you want a feel good story go to Huffington Post and you can get your MSNBC, CNN fix there… Example “MSNBC DOUBLES THEIR VIEWERS” now instead of having one viewer, they have two…. When FOX blows the competion out of the water month after month, year after year, there is a legitimate reason for that. If you need your liberal fix and you don’t mind the lies, by all means tune into the alphabet channels;just remember it doesn’t change reality.

  • Judy register

    Fox is the only network that you can get any amount of unbiased news. I’m a common person without biases. I feel that fox reflects good common sense.

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