'Hell on Wheels' Renewal on Hold After Departure of Showrunner

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November 1st, 2012

Monday, AMC's drama Hell On Wheels was  renewed for a 10 episode third season. Now the network has put the show's renewal on hold in the wake of the departure of showrunner John Shiban. The series third season renewal is now in limbo until the two companies that produce the show, Entertainment One and Endemol hire  a new showrunner who is  approved by the network. More details are available on Deadline.


  • Kevin Somerhalder

    It’s not Endermol I believe. It’s Endemol from John de Mol (creator of The Voice).

  • Martin

    If they don’t renew it now after saying they already did, that is so unfair on the cast and crew. – for rte record I don’t watch the show but think that that would be unfair.

  • Sammo

    There are misspellings and spacing issues all over this post… is she typing on the iPad Mini or something? A quick spell check would’ve caught most of the problems.

  • The End

    Quite a few things are on hold lately. Such as a half dozen tv shows and movies having their filming permits revoked in the New York area for a short time due to Sandy. Like Person of Interest.

  • Cory

    So basically, if it ends up coming back next year, its going to be a complete mess. I have enjoyed this show, so this is a shame.

  • MJDB

    I don’t watch this show, but if I were a fan I would be very teased. Who renews a show and then says never mind?

  • Tom

    Cory’s right. The show had already abandoned it’s original storyline. Then they turned it into a gore fest by wiping out all the main supporting cast members. So, what’s the point in bringing it back? AMC really wasted an opportunity here.

  • Peace Love Pie

    Its a great series, but its another case of AMC’s chief, Joel Stillerman, killing the creatives he works with. He needlessly screwed around with MAD MEN. Then cut the budget of the hit Show, The WALKING DEAD, so poorly he forced out Frank Darabont when he dared to try and protect his series.

    Now he does his thing with HELL ON WHEELS. AMC has a rogue exec who is lethal to any creatives. He needs to go!

    Best conclusion here… AMC firing Stillerman. Will that happen? it remains to be seen.

  • richard

    dude, cut joel slack, some actually say its because they raised the budget to mad men so much is why they had to cut walking dead. joel was put it a tough spot, where either way, he might come out looking bad. idk really mcuh about it, so i could be wrong so idk.

  • richard


    anyway, maybe john shiban left to return to the last batch of breaking bad? we can only hope!

  • Ram510

    @ Richard

    Who is this “some” you speak of? Cause that statements doesn’t make any sense

    But this show wasnt good and forgettable anyways and didn’t get good ratings on its own. I was surprised to hear it was even getting a third season to begin with

  • Guardian Owl

    I can see why, a similar thing happened at the end of Dexter Season 4, the finale blew up the show in a pretty significant way and the showrunner apparently didn’t want to stick around to figure out how to pick up the pieces, so he left the show. They killed or neutralized so much of their main cast season 3 is going to be a mess of new characters and storylines.

  • City Kitty

    Ya’ll can come to Texas to film some arcs while the Big Apple is digging out! We’re very friendly! And LOVE POI!!!!

  • Conspiracy Brother

    This show is still recoverable. The five best characters are still alive: Cullen, Elam, the two irish brothers and the Swede. Losing Colm Meaney and McElligot wont kill this show, in fact, it gives Anson Mount a real chance to shine as the leader of the railroad. Chris Heyerdahl is a great antagonist as the Swede and his ending was ambiguous enough that he could still play a major role.

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