NBC Shuffles Friday November 2 Schedule, Bumping 'Dateline' for 'Revolution' Repeat

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November 1st, 2012

In the latest (and perhaps final) instance of the Storm Sandy Scheduling Shuffle, NBC will air a telethon, Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together, at 8PM. The previously scheduled repeat of Monday's episode of  Revolution moves to 10PM , bumping Dateline. Grimm will air in its regular 9PM time period.

  • B plus

    Good choice to put a repeat of Revolution (to those who didn’t have power on Monday that now have power or will have it by Friday) after Grimm. They could be a compatible combo this Spring if it succeeds.

  • Baqinardo

    Why not just bump Rock Center and prove that Thu 10PM is not a dead slot for NBC. It could beat Elementary too.

  • Ram510

    It seems like they do some sort of last minute change every week now

  • Ram510


    That’s true they could easily bump Rock Center. Nobody’s going to miss it

  • Oliver

    NBC needs to stop changing their schedule at the last minute. It confuses viewers.

  • Max

    NBC stop changing you’re schedule!! It’s annoying!

  • RG-X

    I Called it! I said I predict repeats this week for REVOLUTION & VOICE

  • RG-X

    Rock Center might have been considered to be pre-empted tonite – but NBC’s Special ealier this week was received well – so they are going to continue to cover Sandy Aftermath

  • Baqinardo

    Right? And it’ll have The Voice as lead too. Easier to promote.
    Not that Grimm isnt a great lead. Also Just curious how it’ll do in NBC’s “dead slot” and how Elementary will do with competition from NBC.
    Rock Center isnt a competitor. Haha.

  • SarahL

    NBC trying to widen Grimm’s audience so I approve. Kudos to NBC for going the distance for Grimm!

  • Dan T

    What was originally scheduled at 8pm before the Revolution rerun was slotted there?

  • catocony

    Dan, I believe it was a “Go On” repeat and another 1/2 comedy.

  • Josh

    Any chance that with all this re-shuffling that NBC might pick up Mockingbird Lane as a series?

  • F.R.

    The CW just bumped Nikita’s fifth episode, which was scheduled for November 16, for America’s Next Top Model. The previously announced episode of Nikita (“The Sword’s Edge”) “will be rescheduled for a later date”.

  • groove365

    If you’re going to change your schedule NBC (and other networks) make sure you help the cable companies update their guides too.
    Our cable company guide never is up to date with these changes and I keep missing shows.

  • Fake Me Out

    Perhaps this can be how NBC does things in the future? They’re looking for ways to be different, be hip, attract viewers back to their net … rebrand and relaunch … These are our new shows this fall … when are they on? we’re not telling! tune in and see what’s on! NBC, Nothing But Changes!

  • Oliver


    Repeats of Go On and Guys With Kids.

  • Marcus

    I have read that a lot of television production and studios in New York have shut down this week because of power and transportation problems in the area. Thia has likely causes so many last minute program changes this week.

  • Joe D

    And yet I just saw a promotion on NBC this evening for the telethon tomorrow night at 8 followed by Grimm at 9 and Dateline at 10 with no mention of Revolution.

  • Ray

    When will the air the pre-empted eps of Go On and New Normal that never aired on the East Coast?

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