'Fairly Legal' Canceled By USA

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November 1st, 2012

Nellie Andreeva at Deadline.com is reporting that sophomore drama Fairly Legal has been canceled by USA and will not return for a third season.

Here's what our very own Robert Seidman had to say about Fairly Legal's chances back in June:

I won’t be very surprised if it gets canceled, but I’d probably be slightly more surprised by cancellation than renewal. It hasn’t been in USA’s DNA to cancel shows without giving fans time to grieve, so based on past history I’d lean towards guessing USA will announce a third and final season, perhaps with fewer episodes.

Read everything Robert wrote at the time here.

  • tj

    I hope USA didn’t get comfortable with having instant hits as of late.So in turn any show they put out has to have huge ratings in it’s 1st season or it is gone. I’m sorry but I understand Common Law had a slow start but it’s finale showed its potential, they could have at least gave it a 6 episode order and experiment with it on a different night. It is what it is though. I know canceled means canceled I don’t want to turn into one of “them”lol. Don’t get greedy USA, it will slowly turn viewers off.

  • ender650

    Not a loss- I thought the show was terrible, and the ratings were not that great.

  • Joseph

    The Cancellation Bear doesn’t just feast on broadcast-network shows!

  • Aeiouy


  • rehabber

    My favorite character was Leo, sorry he will not be back.

  • jessica

    The bad righting of the second season was bad. But there wasn’t much good lefting either. The writing wasn’t that bad but whomever thought to add the new guy needs to find a new profession. If they could un-blow-up her boat and continue from season 1 the show might have a chance. But i am told it is really hard to un-ring a bell.

    Later today USA will announce that all that is pending of Burn Notice is all there will be.

  • Demonstrable

    It seems like it has been a long time (if ever) since USA has cancelled two shows (three if count Political Animals) in a year.

  • thesnowleopard

    It deserved it. Season two was awful. It threw away any potential season one had. And I liked “Common Law,” but it was thrown into a bad time slot, didn’t rise above it, and took too long to come together. I’m a big fan of Weaver and Hinds, but “Political Animals” was godawful. It deserves the axe, too.

    I hope “Necessary Roughness” survives, but if it doesn’t, I won’t weep.

    People seem surprised that USA would axe shows as quickly as this, but there was a time when USA canceled shows faster than FOX.

  • Chris

    No, not another good USA show cancelled. Fairly Legal was great! :(

  • torpeau

    Hmmm, we always enjoyed Fairly Legal. We didn’t realize it was so bad. We bad!

  • sandys

    I am sorry to hear that u have cancelled the show. I only started watching it last fall, and played catchup through the summer. I really like Sarah,s acting as well.

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