The CW Subs 'America's Next Top Model' Special for 'Nikita' on November 16

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November 1st, 2012

The CW has opted to bump its struggling 9PM Friday night series Nikita on November 16. It will be replaced by an America's Next Top Model special. The AMNTM season finale will air at 8PM, Here's the CW's description of the night's programs:

via press release:


“AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

“The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model” (Content Rating TBD)


THE COMPETITION IS DOWN TO THE THREE FINALISTS AND THE WINNER IS CHOSEN! – Judge Kelly Cutrone meets the models on the streets of Jamaica to mentor them through their official Nine West photo shoot.  Then, the girls pose across Half Moon Bay for their Nylon Magazine photo shoot.  Finally, the battle for the fiercest will be fought at the most famous – yet infamous – property in all of Jamaica, the mysteriously haunted Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay.  The previously eliminated contestants return to join the finalists and their families for an unprecedented runway show that embraces all the beauty, culture, history and music of the island as the winner of America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 19 is revealed (#1912).

“AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL” (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)

“The Girl With The Best Top Model Freakout” (Content Rating TBD)


NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN FOOTAGE OF THE CYCLE 19 COLLEGE EDITION Behind-the-scenes confessions and catfights among the co-eds are revealed in the never-before-seen footage from AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL Cycle 19 (#1913).

  • Brittney

    And so it begins…

    No but this will most likely pull better ratings than Nikita would anyway.

  • Shanna

    NO why the CW touch our Niki?

  • Michael

    No loss for the CW. It will most likely have higher ratings.

  • George

    And it sounds like they’re bumping the following week as well for holiday programming (along w/several other shows)

  • F.

    Nikita is so dead.

  • DougF

    The Cancellation bear has caught Nikita’s scent from a far. Will it catch up to it is the question.

  • Kavyn

    It’s not surprising, they screwed Nikita when they paired it with ANTM anyways…

  • DougF


    Well to be fair that week is Thanksgiving and normally networks run reruns or special that week.

  • Jesus

    It’s the only way someone would see the clip show. If that was at 8 (clip show) then a new Nikita @ (9) ratings would be way lower. Ratings always suffer from the clp show. So it’s for the best.



  • DW

    they are just pulling it once. calm down everyone. and its the following week thats thanksgiving.

  • Simon

    Doesn’t this just mean that Top Model’s ending soon? Meaning the CW might move Nikita BACK to the 8:00 P.M time slot.

  • Michael

    Lets be honest, are people even going to notice? Lol.

  • Tim


    You are right. Michael .Not many people watch Nikita .It is lowest rated show on network .

  • Joseph

    Chances are that the CW will stop programming first-run scripted fare on Fridays. It will be “Top Model” followed by either a rerun or another reality show

  • robin


    oh sit seems like a good fit

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Well there are not that many Nikita fans to bother telling about the schedule change. I have been to Italian weddings with almost as many attendees as there are viewers for a Nikita episode these days.

  • Jared

    After ANTM finishes they need to move Nikita to 8pm. Its really struggling at 9.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Actually it’s not Thanksgiving week – that’s the following week.

    All in all, it makes perfect sense for the CW to bump its lowest-rated show for a special reality show. Obviously the ratings will be higher.

    The only problem for Nikita fans like me will be if they start doing it regularly. Which they might, because once the shows are in the can, the CW gets the eventual syndication benefit even if they never air them all or burn them off later in the summer, just replacing them frequently with higher rated shows. Since the ratings are so low already, it won’t really hurt the show much more than it already is.

    Nikita could still get a fourth season, but relegated to a “replacement” show or burned off in the summer, in order to get to syndication levels. The problem for us fans is we’ll never know when the show is really going to air.

  • JJA

    Don’t get too excited all you disgruntled Secret Circle fans!! This schedule change takes place TWO weeks from now. This week and next week’s episodes of Nikita will still air as scheduled. They haven’t yanked Nikita …… not yet anyway.

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