The CW Subs 'America's Next Top Model' Special for 'Nikita' on November 16

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November 1st, 2012

The CW has opted to bump its struggling 9PM Friday night series Nikita on November 16. It will be replaced by an America's Next Top Model special. The AMNTM season finale will air at 8PM, Here's the CW's description of the night's programs:

via press release:


“AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

“The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model” (Content Rating TBD)


THE COMPETITION IS DOWN TO THE THREE FINALISTS AND THE WINNER IS CHOSEN! – Judge Kelly Cutrone meets the models on the streets of Jamaica to mentor them through their official Nine West photo shoot.  Then, the girls pose across Half Moon Bay for their Nylon Magazine photo shoot.  Finally, the battle for the fiercest will be fought at the most famous – yet infamous – property in all of Jamaica, the mysteriously haunted Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay.  The previously eliminated contestants return to join the finalists and their families for an unprecedented runway show that embraces all the beauty, culture, history and music of the island as the winner of America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 19 is revealed (#1912).

“AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL” (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)

“The Girl With The Best Top Model Freakout” (Content Rating TBD)


NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN FOOTAGE OF THE CYCLE 19 COLLEGE EDITION Behind-the-scenes confessions and catfights among the co-eds are revealed in the never-before-seen footage from AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL Cycle 19 (#1913).

  • Kavyn

    @Brandy Regardless, Matt Davis is likely to get a good amount of TVD fans tuning in. Whether or not the show starts to decline depends on the quality of the show.

  • xNikitax712

    stupid America’s top model -.- NIKITA RULES!

  • rob60990

    LMAO Love it!!! :D

  • MJDB

    I’m just guessing, because I know that Twilight and Nikita skew overwhelmingly female. I was also looking at May 4, but The Avengers was also very male. And plus, don’t act like an a-hole acting sarcastic saying stuff like did you survey your besties, because that is from my head and for your information I am a heterosexual male.

  • MJDB

    …if you were trying to imply something.

  • Tom

    @ Kavyn All those Friday night changes you’re proposing are the equivalent of shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. Nikita would receive low ratings regardless of its timeslot because it’s a lousy show. And forget this fantasy that Grimm is taking an unspecified number of viewers from Nikita. By midseason, B&B will have completely tanked and the early reviews of Cult are primarily negative.

  • david

    It will help the CW have better ratings that night overall. So it makes since why they decided that.

  • davie

    With Nikita pulling 0.2 this really isn’ t that much of a surprise.

    Even if CW either pulls more episodes or waits to air Season 4 until Summer 2014 (ala Unforgettable on CBS) either way it just doesn’t make sense to cancel the show nearly 67 episodes in.

    Love Nikita though, really is a great show.

  • MJDB

    I really don’t watch much on The CW, but I’m really enjoying Arrow and Beauty and the Beast.

  • Kavyn

    The changes were designed to aid Nikita and Cult. They could keep Nikita at 9pm and put BTB at 8pm Friday, but I still think Cult needs to air after TVD

  • Bizarro

    They aren’t going too cancel Nikita unless it gets worse. They will probably put it in the summer, especially since ANTM did so well for them.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)


    Not I wasn’t trying to imply anything though you insecurity on the issue may be telling.

    Saying that Nikita skews heavily female is absolutely wrong BTW. Who told you that one of your besties?

  • Gus

    A timely move and a very good one I say.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    DougF: My bad, I didn’t read George’s comment and didn’t do the math.

    As for splitting with Twilight fans, that may have some merit since the only shows that do well on the CW are vampires and monsters (with vampires – especially this season on Supernatural where a main character is a vampire).

    The Avengers? Not so much – although since Arrow is doing better than the usual CW fare, there may be some overlap there, too, but I suspect not as much as vampires.

    Also, the notion of getting Nikita out of competition with Grimm and Fringe might be a good idea.

    Still, this sort of thing really isn’t going to get Nikita much beyond a possible boost to a .4-.5 rating. Still dismal.

    As I said earlier, this bump isn’t significant – unless it becomes chronic. Which it might.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Oh, and putting Cult on after TVD won’t necessarily help it. They put TSC after TVD ast season, assuming a very similar ambiance – and it didn’t work.

    I suspect Cult won’t go anywhere. The premise is wonky and confused, and the actors aren’t that impressive (especially Jessica Lucas, late of the Melrose Place remake – although she is impressively hot), although Robert Knepper is a pretty good character actor. I think Cult will “die very badly”… :-)

  • MJDB

    @Anthony Parello (AP076)

    No I wasn’t telling anything, but you’re right because my screen name MJDB does not confirm my identity, and nothing I have ever commented implied that I am male or female. Let’s just end this argument, and move on alright?

  • thesnowleopard

    SPN did well in the Thursday 9pm slot, so they put Nikita there. Nikita started out well and then tanked. The show got moved in front of SPN the following season and tanked even more. SPN did well in the 9pm slot, so Nikita fans wanted Nikita there to do as well as SPN. Those who were not Nikita fans understood that SPN did well *in spite* of being in the worst slot of the week, so were not shocked when Nikita tanked at 9pm.

    Now Nikita fans want Nikita to get SPN’s new slot because two strikes are apparently not enough to convince them that Nikita’s ratings are going to suck wherever you put it.

    Now, that’s just crazy talk. If putting Nikita after the top-rated show on the network (TVD) in its first season didn’t help it, how is the CW sacrificing its current second-top-rated show, or a brand-new show, as Nikita’s lead-in on Friday going to help Nikita, let alone the network?

  • Operations

    The fact of the matter is, this is is the CW we are talking about. The network is geared mostly towards tween and teen girls, not the demo of a show like Nikita, which attracts mostly men.

    Nikita could have been a hit on cable, as it is, it’s on a network that barely merits notice with Nikita’s target demo.

  • MJDB

    Hey @Anthony Parello (AP076), this is MJDB here. I’m just writing this because I wanted to say I’m sorry for the silly feud that has been going on between us the past few days. I just want to stop acting immature and childish, and move on, especially on something very silly. OK?

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