'The Walking Dead & 'Once Upon a Time' Lead GetGlue Broadcast & Cable Ranking for Week of October 22

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November 1st, 2012


There's no correlation between GetGlue & Trendr numbers and actual ratings, but Nikita fans might take a little comfort from seeing the show in the top ten.

  • ZmaX

    CW with a bunch of shows on the list now, the previous chart was just too early. I bet the CW would love to have shows rated based on GetGlue activity instead of Nielsen ratings XD

    CW shows get a lot of attention online, but it’s practically dead on TV…I wonder what percentage of CW viewers just illegally watch the episodes online.

  • tj

    I cannot say for sure but I think it’s the hi def. I’d rather watch my only CW show, Supernatural online or on netflix, or my boxset. CW is not aired in hd here and I don’t know about anywhere else. After watching everything on hi def it’s hard to sit through one of my favorite shows without all the enhancements of technology.

  • tj

    Bill or Robert do you have any idea the percentage of cable providers or dish that don’t have cw in hi def or is it all across the board. If I were CW I’d at least experiment on WED night perhaps and make sure it’s aired in hi def to see if viewership goes up slightly. This could be part of their problem. We Americans have gotten picky as of late.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @tj, no idea.

  • Justin121

    Grey’s Anatomy Revenge

  • Martine

    I can’t keep watching walking dead for the same reason i can’t watch revolution. The survivors seemingly spend their time acting like idiots too much, and try to figure out exactly how a retrovirus got distributed that broadly and how it can be neutralized too little. After all, if you have a virus, you can always introduce a vaccine. Its too bad. If they did something other then hack and slash it would make it easier to watch. But I did like it when I was watching it, and its nice to see a strange show do so well.

  • Martine

    Its still less then a million people for a show. So how does it really matter? Even if you added them in assuming they didn’t wacth tv, which you don’t know, they wouldn’t amount to that much.

  • Martine

    @ Zma X; They don’t have to watch illegally. Supernatural, at least, shows its episodes about a week after they air. However, most people still watch it on tv the regular way. Why wait a week when you can just watch it? Besides, the quality on the computer isn’t great for most people. As for those who view illegally…..well, that happens to everybody, but probably mostly to HBO, Cinemax and the like, as the CW comes with the lowest based cable package.

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