Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Survivor', 'The Neighbors', 'Modern Family', 'CSI' & 'Chicago Fire' Adjusted Up; '30 Rock', 'Guys With Kids', & 'Supernatural' Adjusted Down

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November 1st, 2012


Survivor, The Neighbors, Modern Family, CSI and Chicago Fire were each adjusted up a tenth while 30 Rock, Guys with Kids, and Supernatural were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.


Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, October 31, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 ABC It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown - RS 2.7/9 7.99
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 2.7/8 7.60
CBS Survivor: Philippines 2.5/8 9.83
NBC 30 Rock 1.1/4 3.38
CW Arrow 1.0/3 3.05
8:30 ABC The Neighbors 1.9/6 5.78
NBC Guys With Kids 1.3/4 3.62
9:00 ABC Modern Family 4.2/12 10.62
CBS Criminal Minds 2.9/8 11.99
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.7/5 6.05
CW Supernatural 0.8/2 1.78
9:30 ABC Suburgatory 2.4/6 6.32
10:00 CBS CSI 2.4/7 10.91
ABC Nashville 1.8/5 5.74
NBC Chicago Fire 1.6/4 5.62



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  • POI

    No i was hoping for an upward adjustment for arrow i love the show and want it to go up and not down but i think the game or something was up that night i read somewhere that there where some places where they did not air arrow that night for something and i hope that this is why its gone to a 1.0 and i hope that it goes up next week because this show is the best new show this season and its kinda close to the quality of POI this season but for a beginning its better than POIs first few episodes for now i dont want this show to end i want it to go on as smallville went on.

  • Bobby

    Happy to see Chicago Fire go up! It’s not great numbers, but it’s at least good to see it not match the series low. Really psyched to see how it does next week with The Voice.

  • AniMatsuri

    Nashville is getting too soapy. It’s only a few episodes in and everyone seems to be sleeping with everyone else.

  • EnAmi

    Nashville gets constant promotion but the slide continues. Personally I find it quite boring but figured the country music thing would work in it’s favor. Apparently not. Hope Chicago Fire continues to hang in there, it’s a good show but a slow-burner. Networks have little patience for slow burners these days.

  • iggy agrimotor

    “Michael Madsen has booked a two-episode arc on Fox’s The Mob Doctor, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.”

    Mob Doc still hasn’t shut down production.

  • Chelle

    Arrow is doing great so far, doesn’t have a lead in and still managing to maintain more than 3 million viewers each week and consistency in it’s demo’s. I don’t think the CW or the fans should be concerned at this moment in time.

  • Marcus

    I almost missed 30 Rock last night. My online TV Guide along with the program guide on TV both said ‘Animal Practice’ was scheduled for that time slot. I only knew about the last minute schedule change after reading about it on this site.

  • HGFM

    Last week Parenthood and SVU got the same ratings (along with Grimm). Why should NBC move SVU back to Tuesday when they already have something there that is doing just as well?
    SVU is on Wednesdays at 9 because it is the only show NBC has that they think can get anything against Modern Family and Criminal Minds. And it’s propping up Chicago Fire. That gives them better numbers overall than moving SVU anywhere.

  • RandomCommentor

    The bigger problem with Arrow and CW in general is that people still think it’s a tween network. Arrow is actually a decent enough show, but it is targeted to include much more mature audiences. It doesn’t help that basically every other show on that network is still targeting the Dawn-era demo (SPN of course being one of the few exceptions being before the Dawn era) – in B&B’s case unintentionally I’d imagine.

  • Leon W.

    Last night was my LAST episode of watching NBC’s Chicago Fire, why? Not because of it’s rating or cast, but because it’s a misrepresentation of the actual Chicago Fire Department, proof that art doesn’t always need to imitate life, especially in television.

    Chicago Fire is a retooled/”Dick Wolf-ised”, if you will, version of the already NBC canceled series, Trauma which was based on fire/EMTs. And on Trauma, they did some of the same things that Chicago Fire is doing now. There is not ALWAYS drama in fire departments, especially not on what’s going on, on CF. If this was to be done in actual life, there would be a criminal investigation and charges would likely be filed and Matthew Casey would likely risk losing everything and going to jail, nobody would get away scott-free and the FD (fire department) would be under the microscope.

    Dick Wolf should be ashamed at what he’s “conceived” and NBC should be ashamed for bringing such a pilot to series.

    If Chicago Fire keeps this slow but steady dipping, NBC has other dramas waiting and this series will be gone, it’s the lowest on the totem pole as of this moment, and I don’t see NBC fighting to hold this series. Revolution might make season 2 like Smash, but CF will likely be gone after this season, it has yet to get an official episode order anyway.

    You fans jumping up and down claiming it’s a good show, you better step back and do some hard research, Chicago Fire is just another version of Trauma and it’s taking the exact same path it did.

    I’m honestly not going to miss this series when it’s canceled, not if, WHEN.

    Dick Wolf also has other projects for NBC as well:
    * Injustice (U.S. adaption of the UK legal drama of the same name)
    * The Church (which is a satanic-ritual drama revolving around a cult)
    * Unnamed Law & Order spinoff (Sans Wolf in interviews – will likely replace SVU if ratings keep dipping)

  • Leon W.

    One thing I also have a pick about is Jesse Spencer’s portrayl of Casey on Chicago Fire, he keeps slipping his accent. I’d rather FOX renewed House a 9th season and Spencer stayed there as the loveable Dr. Robert Chase.

  • robin


    um TVD never lost its “throne” arrow never beat it once

  • MeMe

    @Roco I say no to swapping Scandal and Nashville. I wish they could come on the same day. Like I said before if Scandal, Revenge, & Nashville could come on the same day it would work out. The only problem I don’t consider Scandal to be a prime time soap. It might have some romance but there are more elements involved so I don’t consider it to be a prime time soap.

  • Tessa

    @Fake Me Out

    I don’t think they bother that much with our ratings up here. Who cares what a bunch of parka wearing Canadian igloo dwellers watch? :)

  • AniMatsuri

    Chicago Fire would be a lot better if try to shove the usual politic issues like Dick Wolfe does in his L&O shows. Why does he think we care about homosexual issues in a show like this?

  • Ultima

    Random question, does anyone know what FOX is airing this Sunday?

    FOX is airing new episodes of their Animation Domination line-up (the episodes originally scheduled for 21 October, but preempted by baseball).

  • Candy


    NBC needs a BIG shake-up on Wednesday nights and the first step in the right direction would be to STOP “DICK WOLF/Law & Order night”! L&O has been canceled for 2 1/2 years now, it’s time for NBC to move on from that same old Wed. night schtick they are using with SVU & CHICAGO FIRE.

    I think CHICAGO FIRE needs to go ahead and bite a bullet, or move to cable one and SVU needs to go back to Tuesday @ 10PM and be renewed a 15th season, labeled “the final season”.

    NBC can rebuild Wednesday night, they don’t need LAW & ORDER: SVU and CHICAGO FIRE to do that! They only time you DON’T move a series is if it’s been doing what NCIS is doing and what CRIMINAL MINDS used to do on CBS!

    SVU has gone down and a new slot might regenerate it’s audience, and SVU doesn’t need to be used as a lead-in for anything but the local news because it has gotten older now, despite Wolf’s feeble attempts to make it younger (Danny Pino/Kelli Giddish/Warren Leight supervisor).

    CHICAGO FIRE and GUYS WITH KIDS, I don’t see 2nd seasons out of them. SVU should stop on NBC after season 15, move it to cable (TNT could use another drama).

  • Ultima

    How much did Ringer and TSC dropped by this time?

    First four episodes

    Arrow – 1.3, 1.3, 1.1, 1.0

    Ringer – 1.2, 0.9, 0.9, 0.6

    TSC – 1.3, 0.9, 1.0, 0.8

  • DenverDean

    CSI is the real story for Wed nights. Despite hyperpromotion for Nashville and, to an extend Chicago Fire. It’s killing both in demo AND almost doubles audience of two shows combined. Plus, it also faces AHS, which definitely took a little bit from it last year. It will be renewed and cross 300 episodes early in S14.

  • Leon W.

    “Chicago Fire would be a lot better if try to shove the usual politic issues like Dick Wolfe does in his L&O shows. Why does he think we care about homosexual issues in a show like this?

    Like I said, “Chicago Fire = misrepresentation of actual Chicago Fire Department”, too much drama and other unrelated things, not enough facts like Law & Order.

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