FOX Cuts 'The Goodwin Games' Episode Order

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November 2nd, 2012

Is the FOX midseason comedy The Goodwin Games already scared of  the Cancellation Bear? The network has cut the show's episode order from 13 to 7, reports TVLine. FOX claims the cut has nothing to do with the quality of the show. It's simply a scheduling issue. Since the network has ordered two extra episodes of New Girl and The Mindy Project, there is less room for Goodwin Games.

  • r0ckmypants

    Not to mention the fact that they (needlessly) ordered a full season of Ben & Kate…

  • Starship

    That sucks, it seemed like a promising concept.

  • Baqinardo

    FOX should have cut Mindy instead.
    The rating only will go down.

  • hammard

    +2 New Girl, +2 Mindy Project = -6 Goodwin Games? What are they doing with the other hour?

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Damn this show actually looked interesting/heartwarming! This could be a good thing though, since a new show looks better with 7 strong episodes than 7 strong episodes and then 6 weak ones. So if it can do good in that short amount of time, it’ll get a season 2 easily.

  • John A

    Just axe Ben and Kate or that Mindy show. Keeping those losers is stupid.

  • Greg

    I really hope FOX are planning to air The Goodwin Games after American Idol, because there’s no way it will succeed after Raising Hope.

    As far as I know, FOX will be able to air 22 episodes of Mindy after New Girl. The other two could fill in for Ben and Kate once that show is over. They could air one episode of The Goodwin Games after Raising Hope as a tryout and now that RH finally received a 24-episode order, it could double up in one week or two.

  • Blake

    Ben & Kate will only get 19 episodes this season, so Goodwin Games will likely air in its timeslot.

  • kiwi

    Oh well. I didn’t think the show looked interesting when I watched the preview but I remember others anticipating it.

    I am really starting to think FOX will come to regret putting faith in Mindy. It ain’t gonna make it; not without a pity renewal in my opinion.

  • Charlie

    Couldn’t people see that Ben and Kate is awful? And Mindy is irritating.

  • Jared

    Fox’s scheduling this season has been horrendous. No wonder everything on the network is flopping. How much could a comedy possibly do with 7 episodes? Sounds like DOA to me.

  • Ultima

    Fox’s scheduling this season has been horrendous. No wonder everything on the network is flopping. How much could a comedy possibly do with 7 episodes?

    The Office did pretty well with only six…

  • Dan S

    This is bad news for Goodwin Games. Sounds more like its now filler to pad out their schedule after Ben & Kate finishes its run. Not too likely it’ll post numbers any better than what B&K now gets after RH.

  • POI

    i hate FOX they cut the order of TGG for that sucky TMP i will not watch a show on Fox again if they cancel B&K and TGG and renew TMP i will watch new girl and raising hope until they end but after that im done with fox.

  • Ultima

    Don’t discount the possibility that they’re not going to alter the Tuesday block and will instead air The Goodwin Games in April/May after 90-minute episodes of Idol.

  • Mindy

    Mindy Project rating this week was so bad that Vulture, Mindy Kaling’s personal promotions department, could not bother to spin it in a positive manner.

  • POI


    i agree with u on the Mindy Project thing but you should give Ben and Kate a chance its really good now its like New Girl and Raising Hope combined into one. atleast i think so. Also i did not expect to like Ben and Kate but i did and its awesome.

  • Justin121

    New Girl: 24
    Mindy: 24
    Raising Hope: 24
    Ben & Kate: 19

    Goodwin Games: 7

    Seems obvious…

    BUT all 3 — Goodwin Games, B&K, Mindy — should be able to earn a renewal.

  • matthew

    @Jared Seinfeld only had 5 episodes its 1st season and that show turned out just fine oh I was never a fan the next show I am about to mention but The Goerge Lopez Show had 4 episodes its first season and it lasted 5 more seasons

  • Cyrax86

    Unfortunately this is a familiar scenario for Becki Newton. Let’s hope this one actually airs during the regular season and won’t be pushed to the Summer like Love Bites was!

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