FOX Cuts 'The Goodwin Games' Episode Order

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November 2nd, 2012

Is the FOX midseason comedy The Goodwin Games already scared of  the Cancellation Bear? The network has cut the show's episode order from 13 to 7, reports TVLine. FOX claims the cut has nothing to do with the quality of the show. It's simply a scheduling issue. Since the network has ordered two extra episodes of New Girl and The Mindy Project, there is less room for Goodwin Games.

  • Austin

    I don’t know why everyone hates Ben and Kate. It’s way better than the irritating Mindy Project. This show will fail. Its premise will not stretch out to more than one season. Fox has been down this year. The reason is because they didn’t order enough replacement TV shows.

  • Gleebo

    I’m not sure what is stronger on these boards. The undeserved hatred for B&K or the confidence people have in Goodwin Games to become the next big comedy for FOX. I’ve liked Ben and Kate a lot more than I have the Mindy Project so far. Doesn’t make much sense for Fox to cut the order for Goodwin Games before even seeing what it could do for ratings. I’m guessing not any worse than B&K or even Mindy. Would it do what New Girl did out of the gate? No but FOX isn’t gonna get too many people excited for it when they know they don’t even have a desire to get 13 eps as a mid season out of it.

    Does anyone else have the numbers for the success rate of a mid season sitcom surviving to a second season as compared to a fall launched one? All the Life on A Sticks that at one point were given post AI times slots make me lean towards thinking mid seasons have a lower survival rate especially on FOX.

  • ToXiX

    LIFE ON A STICK!!!!!!!!

  • Oliver

    I don’t understand the hate for B&K either. It’s easily the best of this years fall sitcoms (which, admittedly, isn’t saying much).

    That said, I understand why it’s doing badly: it’s tricky to market and it’s in a tough timeslot.

  • joel

    I don’t hate B&K. IMO it’s the best of the new sitcoms, and that includes Go On.

  • Emily

    really hope it does get to air, the previews looked by far the best

  • Mark

    I’m convinced that those who go out of their way to hate on Ben & Kate haven’t even watched it. If they have and still feel that way, then I’m glad that I don’t know them because I’d be tempted to repeatedly punch them in their throats.

  • I’m here for you Scott

    Please watch this show when it airs, you will be glad you spent the time. It is heartfelt, warm, clever & funny. A nice way of saying it is nothing like anything else on Fox. I worked on the nonsensical “New Girl” last year and this year I was on “The Goodwin Games”. “The Goodwin Games” is all good people and probably the best work environment I’ve ever been around. Yes, “New Girl” has some good people, but also so many horrible people that it was, let’s just say, the opposite kind of work environment. One more thing; if the people at Fox don’t care about this show, why not let the people that created it shop it to the other networks?

  • Phil

    I want Touch back soon!!

  • forg

    I wish CBS or ABC got this one instead

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