FOX News Channel Announces Election Night Coverage Schedule

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November 2nd, 2012

FNC will provide live continuous coverage of election night.. At 6PM, America's Election Headquarters anchored by Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly will feature analysis from senior political analyst Brit Hume, FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace, as well as contributors Joe Trippi, Juan Williams, Karl Rove, Kirsten Powers, and Stephen Hayes.

At 7PM, Shepard Smith will anchor FOX Broadcasting Company’s live election night coverage .  Commentary and analysis will be provided by FOX News contributor Ed Rollins, Democratic Strategist Mary Anne Marsh, and A.B. Stoddard, associate editor of The Hill.

Correspondents, who are reporting from the battleground states across the country, include: Alicia Acuna (Colorado), Shannon Bream (Iowa), Steve Brown (Ohio), Peter Doocy (Virginia), Mike Emanuel (Virginia), Steve Harrigan (Florida), Phil Keating (Florida), Molly Line (New Hampshire), Doug McKelway (Wisconsin), Dan Springer (Nevada) and Mike Tobin (Ohio).

Bill O'Reilly, Greta Van Susteren will also provide commentary. Van Susteren will interview Sarah Palin. Eric Shawn will report on voter fraud issues.

  • Coffee Steve

    Wheres Rats at? Does he have the runs again :mrgreen:

  • Coffee Steve

    Thursday is open by the way

  • Survivor Fan

    They should have someone in Pennsylvania.

    Mark my words… Romney will shock Obama by taking PA.

  • Steve

    Ah, to spend a whole night blissfully nestled in the fantasy world created by FoxNews… It must just be so relaxing to be able to turn your brain off and live in a dream world…

  • 1966

    for you steve you big loser.

  • 1966
  • AppleStinx

    Coffee Steve wrote: “Prediction? 15 Million? And can you imagine the shock waves Apple if Fox leads all Networks on Election Coverage again?”

    That could well happen when Romney is declared the winner, but I think most people will find it hard to stay with one channel for extended periods of time with the constant result updates to be had everywhere, and that would affect the hourly averages. Assuming that Nielsen family members are like most people, of course. :smile:

  • sharinlite

    More than a decade and there is still a large group of ignorant people as it relates to FOXNews cable:
    @Dave Posted November 2, 2012 at 11:26 AM
    “The most ignorant people believe FOX is a news network.”…
    Since Fox News has been the #1 cable station for more than a decade, and all of the studies and statistics fall in their favor as having the most unbiased, no hate, intelligent and highly educated viewers must be right because people like you don’t watch it.
    For the thousandth time, FoxNews is a news station until the opinion/commentary portion starts with The Five. Geez, Dave and people like you need to get a clue.

  • CG

    I will be watching Fox News for one reason only. Michael Barone. No one knows more about each county and district, historically. I think he knows what I had for lunch today

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Dave: I have to go along with nearly everyone else: You’re a sleazy a-hole who couldn’t be more than 12 (or at least mentally).

  • Ralph Hahn

    @CG: Barone DOES know what you had for lunch today. You should be scared. Very scared! lol

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