'General Hospital' is Daytime’s Number 1 Program for 4th Straight Week in Women 18-34, Boasting Biggest Competitive Edge Over 'Young & the Restless' in 14 Months

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November 2nd, 2012

via press release:

ABC Stands as Daytime’s #1 Network for 8th Consecutive Week in

Women 18-34, and 4th Week in a Row in Women 18-49


“General Hospital” is Daytime’s #1 Program for 4th Straight Week in

Women 18-34, Boasting Biggest Competitive Edge Over “Young & the

Restless” in 14 Months and 2nd-Largest in Nearly 4-1/2 Years


“The View” Ties “”General Hospital” as Week’s #1 Daytime Program in Women 18-34 With 22-Week High; “The Chew” Spikes to 23-Week High

in Women 18-49 and to Season Highs in Women 18-34 and Women 25-54



Daytime Programming Highlights


  • ABC stood as Daytime’s #1 network for the 8th consecutive week in Women 18-34 (0.6 rating/211,000), and for the 4th straight week in Women 18-49 (0.9 rating/584,000 – tie).


  • For the 4th consecutive week, “General Hospitalranked as the #1 program in Daytime in Women 18-34 (0.7 rating/248,000), posting its largest competitive advantage over “Young & the Restless” in 14 months and its second-biggest edge in close to 4-1/2 years (+31% – 248,000 vs. 189,000), since weeks of 8/22/11 and 6/23/08, respectively. Moreover, the series recorded its closest finish to “Young & the Restless” in 14 months in Women 18-49 – since week of 8/29/11.


  • “The View” tied “General Hospital” as Daytime’s #1 program in Women 18-34 (0.7 rating/237,000), spiking to a 22-week high in the demo – since week of 5/21/12.


  • “The Chew” soared to its most-watched week in 23 weeks in Women 18-49 (421,000) – since week of 5/14/12 – and registered season highs in Women 18-34 (149,000) and Women 25-54 (536,000).



Following are the Daytime lineup averages, plus Top 5 Programs ranks among key Women, sorted by Women 18-49:







Source: NTI, Week of 10/22/12, Live + Same Day; “Price is Right” is average from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. All ranks/ties based on rating unless otherwise noted. Excludes specials/gapped programming.


  • Joshua Landers

    so basically all this talk and Y&R is still the number 1 soap. Every website in America is boasting about GH like its the greatest thing when in reality, it’s still not the number 1 or number 2 soap. SMH. SOoo sad. Y&R is the best soap on the air. GH is overhyped, overrated, and just plain nonsense. And I watch all 4 soaps by the way

  • Sean

    GO GH!!!!!!! And all the haters will never shut up….but I love GH!

  • Nunya

    I see Satan is here and still mad as hell about the crossovers. Didn’t you tire of that over on SOC? Lol, stay pressed and mad and hating.

  • moblover

    I agree with both Satan and Joshua L., and think it’s sad that GH was taken from a serious, thought-provoking show, and turned into the class clown. The stories are ridiculously cliched or just plain insulting, ie: back from the dead, mental illness as a joke, rape as a means to find love. Please, if it weren’t for the casting stunts these idiots have been able to pull off, probably by pushing one highly paid veteran off the show, the ratings would still be at the bottom of the heap. I don’t believe GH has beaten Y&R or B&B in the ratings, no matter what this press release wants people to believe. November is a sweeps month and ABC wants the ad money, period.


    You are all are idiots for stating Cartini are morons. They pracitcally saved GH from cancellation. Last winter GH was supposed to be cancelled. It had zero hope as they were launching Revolution. Then Revolution bombed and they were testing Good Afternoon America which was slated to replace GH. ABC/Sweeney no USE for soaps at all. Then a funny thing happened not only did Revolution bomb but so did GAA. Then all the sudden GH moved into a new timeslot and is flourishing. Highest numbers in almost two years, highest ABC daytime rated show, its helping the Chew bump its numbes and its helping Katie. Plus the show had great climaxes, returning vets and a return to old. A year later GH went from a dead man walking to showing it has much life in it and it could live on past 2014. ABC is now promoting it, promoting through press releases its like a MIRACLE HAPPENED ALONG THE WAY. ABC wasn’t promoting GH at all when OLTL/AMC were cancelled now it is.

  • Angie

    GH is the best it’s been in years thanks to Frank & Ron. The hates must want gloo
    & doom because that is what it was before. Now it is fun witty must see TV. Loved John McBain on GH & like Todd who I never liked on OLTL. I have watched GH & OLTL all my like & I’m so glad GH is doing so good again.

  • Rob R

    I am not a hater at all, I love soaps. But ABC is bragging about 211,000 people between the ages of 18 and 34 watching GH last week. That is not a lot of people for a nation our size. Remember that some 30 million people watched Luke and Laura get married 30 years ago.

  • Chandler75

    ABC is obviously behind General Hospital once again. The big tip-off is that the show is doing the Nurse’s Ball again. It stopped being done because of the expense and it’s so difficult to tape and goes into overtime, which is now verboten by ABC for General Hospital.

    Now the Nurse’s Ball is back so apparently the expense of it plus overtime has been okayed. I’d say it’s making more money for the nerwork.

    ABC seems to have a good afternoon lineup. Let’s hope if it isn’t broke they won’t try to fix it.

  • Chandler75

    As far as the comment that 30 million people watched Luke and Laura get married, those days are gone – for all soaps – and they’re not coming back. They’re not coming back to afternoon shows, period. Today 211,000 people is a big deal. And let me also say that there are some networks – like Oprah’s – who would love to see 211,000 people of any age watching anything.

  • Sierra

    Okay I want to know when General Hospital was “thought provoking” over the last 10 years. Guza relied on one sweep stunt storyline after another and all it did was drive the audience away. I suppose it was thought-provoking when he decimated the core families on the show to write a bad Sopranos imitation. General Hospital has not been “thought provoking” since the days of Claire Labine.

  • mcbamfan

    They are refocusing the show on the Quartermaine family and bringing back the Nurses Ball. Back from the dead has been going on on soaps forever and the recent return of A.J. brings real drama back to the table that is not mob-related. It brings Sonny and Cary into a real human interest story for once. This show needed a breather from the Jason/Sonny crapfest it had turned into. No one is using rape as a love story so I don’t know what some posters are talking about; I know the mob and Jason loving crowd love saying the show is a piece of junk but it is much better than it was. The Guza/Sonny lovers are just pissed off that the ratings are up when they were the same ones on other boards predicting the new writers would sink the show forever. Saying the ratings wouldn’t be up if they didn’t have casting stunts is really whining. No one knows that for sure. Apparently the Sonny/Jason lovefest wasn’t working so try something else.

  • Danielle

    To the 30 million viewers/ days of Luke and Laura comment: which show exactly, including in primetime, currently brings in 30 million viewers? Or even 20 million? Technology has changed so much. Not everyone watches on TV, so not everyone gets counted. Even those who watch on TV are not all counted with the current ratings system– it’s practically a sample of the population who watches on TV that gets counted in the ratings. That being said, GH’s ratings, and OLTL’s ratings last year rivaled some primetime, cable shows we consider hits. Ironically though, we only celebrate those ratings for other shows. But it’s about darn time we celebrate these ratings. After 40+ years for OLTL, and nearly 50 years for GH, over 2 million people are still tuning in ON THE TV!!!

    And to the person who left a comment as ‘Ron Carlivati’ that’s incredibly offensive and disrespectful, especially considering how hard Ron and the current regime are working to bring the GH we know back, and also add a bit of pizzazz with the OLTL characters. This isn’t the first time in soap history that we’ve seen crossovers, so stop attacking Carlivati, OLTL, and the new GH regime as if they did something wrong or out of taste. In too many ways, OLTL saved GH. You don’t have to acknowledge it, but appreciate it and respect it. Soap operas are ensembles. There’s no way they can please everyone, but Carlivati, Valentini, and crew are doing a darn fine job of trying.

  • tony curtis

    I watch all the remaining soaps too and unlike a few posters above I think the creative team has made GH watchable again. OLTL was ans will always be my favorite. Thank god the character of Jason is gone, hope Carly and Sonny follow. The crossovers are believable. I fast forward thru much of Y&R, 90% of B&B, DAYS is my #2 soap. The reruns of OLTL are rocking on soapnet.

  • moshane58

    Great news for GH.I have come back to watch it since its changed.regargless if your fan or notb its still a soap and want the genre to survive and Neilsen made to update there ratings.they are getting to many shows canelled day and night.As far as the Chew and Katie Neilsen most think all we soap fans are watching.Don’t think so.Mario’s a theif and Katie is in love with herself.Can;t stand either one.Alot of us soapers are not watching and don’t like Neilsen saying we are.For those soap fans who do watch be ashame for wathing a thief like Mario who has just paid off threee law suit from workers he had skimmed off of.let get sexually harrased and refused to pay overtime,sick days and vacation days.He’s been out millions on law suits.He likes slave labor.Maybe ABC can call Bernie Madoff and offer him a job to,have cooking with the theives and then Love myself Katie.

  • Tim Howard


  • moshane58

    For those who think the soap genre is dying remember Neilsen doesn’t count people over 54 on ratings but they do on Katie.Her average veiwer is 60.That means cancellation for any other show.We baby boomers are worthless on ratings on any other shows or talkers.Soapnet is not counted in these ratings and other countries.Don’t believe other ountries or tuning in for the Spew and love myself Katie.Millions are not included in ratings everyday.With cable now it will never be the high ratings like it was before but there is still a genre people love.As far as cost,Katie cost more then two soaps a year before she even started.They made good money on soaps its just Anne Sweeney hates soaps and has had her eye set on canelling the day she join Disney.Disney could care lew about the viewers becuase they have to many bigger adventures they are interested in.They can use ABC as a tax right off of they need to.They care more for there Movie studios,Apple and now Lucas Films.We people who enjoy our TV’s are just screwed.Disney needs to sell ABC to someone who gives a damn.Neilsen makes billions and need to update.There 25,000 boxes have no clue what 100,000,000 million Tv’s are watching and but still they have total control of what will stay and what will go.we have lost good shows day and night over Neilsen and everyone needs to do something about it.I’m damn tired of them deciding what I am watching.I have seen good shows get canelled over neilsen and damn sick of it.I am sick of baby boomers are worthless when we watch more tv the anyone and we spend more.What really pisses me off is Katie’s average veiwer is 60 and any other show would be cancelled over that.ABC is not letting that count on soaps.Its all a bunch of crap.

  • Rick

    Moshane, Total viewers which are posted every week by Soap Opera Network includes all viewers who are over the age of 54.

    You can come on here week after week and post that Nielsen does not count them all you want, but it is not true. Total Viewers means total viewers. They are counted for all shows — all soaps and all talk shows and all primetime and cable shows.

    And Nielsen just reports the numbers they don’t say what viewers are watching what shows.

    I am sure despite what you and others say there are talk show watchers that watch soaps and there are soap watchers that watch talk shows.

    I for one watch a mixture. I also am smarter than it seems the average soap fan these days. I do know that poor ratings got the soaps cancelled — not a replacement show. I watch The Talk, Lets Make A Deal, The Chew and Katie and I don’t feel bad about it.

    I never watched OLTL and AMC and if they were on that wouldn’t change. I didn’t like them and I wasn’t going to start liking them. I do like The Chew and Katie and I am happy that both are up in the ratings. And I hope both continue to go up.

  • Rick

    Oh and as to GH, their average viewer is over 60 too or a man.

    GH had this last week 2,751,000 total viewers. Of those only 701,000 were women between the ages of 18-49. Of those 248,000 were women 18-34.

    That leaves 2,050,000 other viewers for GH. That means that some of those are men, some are teens, and the rest are all 50 and over. The teen numbers have always been low now so Nielsen doesn’t release those numbers. Advertisers don’t care about the male viewers so they don’t release that anymore. Even when they were counted they only amounted to a small number. The majority of GH viewers for years have been over 50.

    I don’t know where you got the idea that viewers over 54 were not counted but go to sites that know the truth like SON and you will find out the truth. Right now you just post a bunch of lies when you post as nothing you posted in regards to what is and is not counted is true.

  • moblover

    I will never understand why it is so hard for the people who love GH now to get it that some people loved GH the way it was under Guza. Robert Guza won many Emmy’s for his writing, and it kept GH at the top of the ABC soaps in ratings for many, many years. Along with the actors who made the GH characters come to life for the viewers. Without the influence of Jill Phelps and Brian Frons, who knows how much better the show would have been? I judge a show on how memorable the stories are, and whether they had an impact on me emotionally in such a way that I remember them years later. I watched all three ABC shows during the past decade, and I remember the stories on All My Children and General Hospital, even some that I remember for how bad they were, but I don’t remember very many from OLTL because they were not fully told stories of interest to me. Now the stories on GH are the same way, due to Cartini, and it seems to infuriate their fans if anyone says they don’t adore Frank and Ron’s version of GH.


    Guza was only good when he had Wendy Riche as his boss who he depised because she didn’t take his BS at all. She pushed him to do great work but I mean even in the end of Riche/Guza it tanked. Guza/Phelps were stunts city. I don’t think JFP had tons of control over Guza. It was Guza’s show and it was awful. The Claudia stuff was the most sadistic disgusting garbage I have ever had witnessed. It was verging on complete SICKO material. I don’t miss Guza at all. In the end he took away GH’s heart and soul. Now Lynn Herring is returning it seems Ron/Frank love GH vets.

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