'General Hospital' is Daytime’s Number 1 Program for 4th Straight Week in Women 18-34, Boasting Biggest Competitive Edge Over 'Young & the Restless' in 14 Months

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November 2nd, 2012

via press release:

ABC Stands as Daytime’s #1 Network for 8th Consecutive Week in

Women 18-34, and 4th Week in a Row in Women 18-49


“General Hospital” is Daytime’s #1 Program for 4th Straight Week in

Women 18-34, Boasting Biggest Competitive Edge Over “Young & the

Restless” in 14 Months and 2nd-Largest in Nearly 4-1/2 Years


“The View” Ties “”General Hospital” as Week’s #1 Daytime Program in Women 18-34 With 22-Week High; “The Chew” Spikes to 23-Week High

in Women 18-49 and to Season Highs in Women 18-34 and Women 25-54



Daytime Programming Highlights


  • ABC stood as Daytime’s #1 network for the 8th consecutive week in Women 18-34 (0.6 rating/211,000), and for the 4th straight week in Women 18-49 (0.9 rating/584,000 – tie).


  • For the 4th consecutive week, “General Hospitalranked as the #1 program in Daytime in Women 18-34 (0.7 rating/248,000), posting its largest competitive advantage over “Young & the Restless” in 14 months and its second-biggest edge in close to 4-1/2 years (+31% – 248,000 vs. 189,000), since weeks of 8/22/11 and 6/23/08, respectively. Moreover, the series recorded its closest finish to “Young & the Restless” in 14 months in Women 18-49 – since week of 8/29/11.


  • “The View” tied “General Hospital” as Daytime’s #1 program in Women 18-34 (0.7 rating/237,000), spiking to a 22-week high in the demo – since week of 5/21/12.


  • “The Chew” soared to its most-watched week in 23 weeks in Women 18-49 (421,000) – since week of 5/14/12 – and registered season highs in Women 18-34 (149,000) and Women 25-54 (536,000).



Following are the Daytime lineup averages, plus Top 5 Programs ranks among key Women, sorted by Women 18-49:







Source: NTI, Week of 10/22/12, Live + Same Day; “Price is Right” is average from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. All ranks/ties based on rating unless otherwise noted. Excludes specials/gapped programming.


  • TJS517

    The demographic is not the demographic that spends all the money. When are these people going to step into the 21st century???

  • moshane58

    Rick for all your info shows have been cancelled lefted and right because of age.ABC is bragging about the ratings for Katie and her average veiwer is 60.We lost soaps.Harry’s law for that reason.So get your facts straight.When you read ratings they never have the count on there for anyone over 54.The network and advertiser do not want to see them.Thats a known facts.As for as the Chew I would totally be ashame to admit I watch a man who skimmed 5,25 million dollars in tips from his workers.He was sued for not stopping sexual harrsement and refusing to pay over time,sick days and vacation days.Google it.Its not a big secret just how bad Mario is in the real world.even one man posted on Mario’s board how rude he was on an airplane.He doesn’t like the everyday person and he let the guy no he was beneath him.He also needs to wash him damn greasy hair you can fry on egg on it and it wouldn’t stick.So from even Neilsen they did write an article how the network where being stupid for ignoring baby boomers on ratings since we are there biggest veiwers.there article admits to it.So talk to Neilsen how we are discreminated on ratings.They should know they keep the ratings.Don’t see that theif Mario and Katie having other countries begging for there shows like the soaps.Some countries are 4 years behind and hope this is resolve before they caught up.but we don’t wanna talk about the millions from other countries they are making money off of.Its not even about money its about Anne Sweeney from day one at Disney let it be known she doesn’t like soaps.didn’t the cooking channel phase Mario out for all his conteversy?Think I read that.HUM!!!Oh hell lets give poor Bernie Madoff a job ABC.And how many talk and cooking shows do you need a day.One’s enough for me.Get it all the first time.Don’t need to watch someone go from show to show to promote there movie,book,lifestyle or diet all day long.Thats talker.Cooking I got two 24 hour cooking channels on already.Plus ABC here already has Racheal Ray to.So I’m just kinda sick of watching that to.All the talkers have cooking segments to.Geez how exciting.
    now ABC is even working on a nighttime cooking show.WOW..So exciting another damn cooking show.Let Anne Sweeney get what she wants and we can have 24 hours of talk,cooking and news on ABC.I like my scripted shows in the daytime.Breaks up all the zillion talk shows.Kinda boring watching people go from talk show to talk show.Neilsen boxes do determine what people are suppose to be watching.And that is 25,000 boxes.Where have you been its not a secret.They choose who gets a box and they have to puch a button every 40 minutes so neilsen does figure our ratings by there boxes.It seems unfair DVR boxes are not included in ratings.At least they know what people are watching instead of what few neilsen boxes.But they do keep data for advertisers so they can get a more accurate count.Kinda dirty if you ask me.


  • MBmomof3

    I know this is a press release, so spin is expected, but GO GH!! GO SOAPS!!!

  • Rick

    When you read the ratings on this site or most sites you don’t see the ratings on Harry’s Law or any show for the viewers over 49 either.

    The list 2 ratings — Total Viewers or HH or 18-49. That does not mean that those over 49 are not counted. They are they just are not released or reported.

    With Harry’s Law since you mentioned it they always reported how many total viewers they had and then they told how many were in the 18-49 range. It was always low.

    This site and Soap Opera Network reports total viewers every single week. That includes all viewers — even those over 54. That is what total viewers means. Or are just too blind to see that.

    You can believe me or not, but it is the truth. Ask anyone.

    As to what you say, yes many shows are cancelled because their viewership is high in older viewers. But only if they have too many older viewers and not enough younger viewers.

    NCIS is a show that it’s average viewer is high in age too but they also have a lot of younger viewers.

    Right now Katie is building a younger audience even though they have a lot of older viewers too.

    But GH also has a lot of older viewers. They are not much higher than Katie in the younger demos but yet they have more total viewers.

    As far as what you watch or don’t watch, like or don’t like — that doesn’t mean that everyone else feels the same way you do. If they did then talk shows wouldn’t be rising in numbers. And several of them are up higher this year than they were last year.

    You say that you don’t like Nielsen saying and deciding what everyone else watches. But you and other soap fans come on to boards last week and say what fans want and don’t want. It is not okay for Nielsen to do that but it is okay for you and soap fans to say what every other fan wants or don’t want.

    Well you aren’t speaking for me because I like variety in my day. I like my talk shows, I like game shows, I like B&B and Y&R (hate GH and days), I like reruns, I like reality, etc. And a lot of fans feel the say way I do.

    Why do you think that shows like Judge Judy do so well during the daytime hours. They are way ahead of what soaps are doing? It gets double and triple the number of viewers of some of the soaps. Shows like Live with Kelly and Michael get higher ratings than GH does most weeks. Obviously someone likes them.

    As far as Nielsen and what it reports and what shows are cancelled for. Nielsen doesn’t decide any of that. Nielsen only tallies the numbers and gives them to the advertisers. They advertisers are the ones who say what demographic matters and what doesn’t matter. CBS and some of the networks have tried to change their mind, but they haven’t. CBS would love for older viewers to count more, but advertisers say no. The CW would love for online viewers and DVR viewers to count more, but advertisers say no.

    And advertisers are the ones who put out the money. They and the networks are the ones that pay Nielsen to collect the data. And the advertisers want to know specifically how many 18-49 viewers are tuning in to a show. The other folks are counted and looked at but it is that number that matters the most. It may change in the future but for now it is what it is. And every show has to deal with it. They know the business and they know what it is.

    And all the lame brain conspiracy theories and excuses that fans come up with online won’t change that.

    Shows like Harry’s Law are not cancelled just because they have too many older viewers or that the networks don’t care about older viewers. They were cancelled because they didn’t enough younger viewers to balance out the older viewers. Shows like Katie and GH right now are still attracting a younger audience, but as that audience grows older if the younger viewers are not replaced and balanced then it becomes outweighed by older viewers. That is when they get into trouble.

    And finally if once again you will read posts and ask questions at sites, you will find out that DVR boxes are counted. The weekly ratings say that they include the live ratings plus 1 day of DVR viewers. The season to date ratings tabulate live viewers plus 7 days of DVR viewing. If a person does not watch it within 7 days then they are not counted. But that is the only time they are not counted. The rest of the time they are.

    It looks like you are the one that needs to get his facts straight before you post. Because sir you have posted a whole lot of things that have nothing to do with facts at all in this thread and other threads.

    You keep mentioning Katie and that her average viewer is 60. If you got the facts straight about GH I am sure you are not going to find out that their average viewer is any younger. GH skews just as old as Katie — if not older. And ABC brags about it’s ratings every week here lately. And as I pointed out with the numbers it has a whole lot of older viewers too.

  • Rick


    That is what they get paid for. LOL

    Any increase is good. Even though I don’t watch GH — never have — I do enjoy GMA, The View, and The Chew (occassionally) & Katie and I for one am glad that ABC finally has a lineup that works for them like CBS has now.

    I detested the changes that CBS made at first as they took 2 of my shows, but I do like that CBS seems more behind this lineup than they ever were before. And they seem to promote it and use it for the benefit of all the shows.

    I see ABC trying to do some of that now as having the ABC shows work together to promote one another, and then this day of thanks thing they have. I am sure that the new lineup is affording ABC more money to promote the shows as they have more profit now.

    CBS seems to do more of that now too than they did before. It just seems they are behind the lineup more and as CBS soap fan that makes me feel more comfortable with watching B&B and Y&R. And not fear that they targets for cancellation with even small ratings drops.

  • MBmomof3

    Rick, indeed that is what they are paid for. As a soap fan, I’m glad to see ABC finally promoting their lone soap.

  • moblover

    @Rick….”As far as what you watch or don’t watch, like or don’t like — that doesn’t mean that everyone else feels the same way you do. If they did then talk shows wouldn’t be rising in numbers. And several of them are up higher this year than they were last year.

    You say that you don’t like Nielsen saying and deciding what everyone else watches. But you and other soap fans come on to boards last week and say what fans want and don’t want. It is not okay for Nielsen to do that but it is okay for you and soap fans to say what every other fan wants or don’t want.” Thank you!!! I don’t know why there’s such a concerted effort to stop any crticism of ABC & Cartini, but it is obviously there. The fans of Frank & Ron, the merger of OLTL/GH, are alarming with their personal attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Since January, if anyone doesn’t want to watch or doesn’t like what they do, they use insults and ridicule toward posters to marginalize opposing opinions. I don’t know when having a preference in TV shows made people the target of bullying!!

  • Troy Turner

    @moblover-Wow, paranoid much? We real GH fans have been fighting for the show’s existence since Black Thursday, but it is clear that there are GH “fans” that would rather see it cancelled than to fight to keep it on the air-THAT’s where our anger comes from. Like it or not, the ratings have increased under Cartini, and they’re even growing in the key 18-34 demo-so these same fans need to just shut up and accept the fact that Cartini are here until GH’s endgame-whenever that is. It’s not bullying, it’s trying to make people accept common sense

  • AjahnisMom

    I think people need to consider the change in our demographic and socioeconomic statuses since soap operas have been created. More women are working and are not at home to watch. The creative team has breathed life, excitement, drama, and variety into GH again. I look forward to each day with great anticipation. I’m rooting for you GH!

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