Thursday Final Ratings:'The Big Bang Theory' Adjusted Up, 'Person of Interest' Adjusted Down

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November 2nd, 2012


The Big Bang Theory  was adjusted up a tenth and Person of Interest was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings. FYI, this is a new season high for The Big Bang Theory.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday,November 1, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.2/15 15.90
ABC The 46th Annnual CMA Awards - Live (8-11:01PM) 3.8/10 13.68
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 2.3/6 6.24
CW Vampire Diaries 1.5/4 3.27
NBC The Voice (8-10:01PM) 1.3/3 3.78
8:30 CBS Two and a Half Men 3.6/10 12.65
9:00 CBS Person of Interest (9-10:01PM) 2.9/7 13.66
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.6/2 1.70
10:00 CBS Elementary 2.4/6 10.49
NBC Rock Center  With Brian Williams 1.3/3 4.85

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  • ally

    It’s also such a shame that a good show like Secret Circle was cancelled while shows like Beauty and the Beast are on air. Shame shame shame.

  • Brian J

    @Survivor Fan:

    If you are a Fox executive, you have got to be worried that the live “Idol” ratings will be just awful.

  • thesnowleopard

    Like it or not, if Beauty and the Beast keeps that rating, it will probably get another season. The CW will move it off Thursdays to make way for a new show, but it will do that, anyway. HoD will probably survive, too, if it doesn’t drop.

    What is up with the influx of psycho Secret Circle fans on these threads the past few weeks? Where were you guys when your show was, you know, being canceled because nobody was watching it? I seriously doubt even the CW will miss all of five of you and your sockpuppets if you stop watching the entire network in protest.

  • Josh

    Great result for Person of Interest, The big bang and Vampire diaries. Though out of the 3 i am loving Person of interest the most atm. The Vampire diaries i believe this is the best season as far though. But i am getting quite sick of the whole romance crap. They need to tone that down as there is so much i can take of Her and Step ( Yes i am team Damien) anyone in there right mind would go him lol it is
    Starting to go down the twilight route.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Like it or not, if Beauty and the Beast keeps that rating, it will probably get another season. The CW will move it off Thursdays to make way for a new show, but it will do that, anyway. HoD will probably survive, too, if it doesn’t drop.”

    If the CW follows the pattern they’ve used the last several seasons, they’ll cancel 2 shows in addition to Gossip Girl’s exit, so they can premiere 3 new shows next Fall. Even with the Pedowitz talk of more investment in programming, I don’t think they try and premiere 4 new shows in the Fall.

    Emily Owens is a goner.

    My assumption is 90210 gets a short final season, but could easily be wrong. If 90210 is canceled everything else on the schedule now gets renewed.

    However if 90210 survives for next season, the only way that both HoD and BaTB survive is if Nikita is kept off the Fall schedule. And even though I think Nikita gets a 4th season, it may not premiere in the Fall.

    If Cult or Carrie Diaries survives (who knows), more shows will need to be canceled that are airing now.

  • cros

    well surprisingly CW did pick up 5 new shows this fall, there is no telling what they will do. They seem to have a good crop of new scripts in development for 2013, so will see.

  • Joseph A

    CBS did really well , so did ABC , and the CW

  • Martine

    I didn’t see that. POI is at 3.0 in my mind. WHY??? Is it always adjusted down??? Oh well. Still quite alright.

  • Jon

    I’m always surprised that Person of Interest isn’t higher than the 3.0 it usually gets. Where are all the people that watch the Big Bang Theory turning their channels to when POI is on?

  • Martine

    @ Joseph A; They did? The CW is dead last with one show, and pretty near last with another. This is good? ABC isn’t represented here at all. I don’t get you. But I don’t really know a lot about this stuff. Still how can you say by looking at this that ABC or the CW did well? Thats impossible.

  • javier


  • Martine

    I still don’t get how the CW survives at all. People are delighted as it beat a rerun from NBC. Barely. HOW DO THEY STAY ON AIR? Is it not obvious to everyone but me that their shows don’t sell? Has anyone ever read that story about the king that has no clothing? Well, I feel like thats happening here.

  • Chris

    It’s far more impressive seeing 2.5 men chugging along after 10 seasons and all its been through with Charlie Sheen.

  • a good boy

    The Kardashian curse is effective as X Factor is falling fast. Who are these main players anyway? Demie? Mario? Simon has ruined this show . . .

  • POI


    i agree that B&B its that good but it is better than TSC and i was kinda a fan of TSC.


    I am a Britney fan. And looking at these ratings, I understand that XFactor isn’t doing as well as predicted. But, I really don’t blame Britney or Demi. I blame Fox & Simon Cowell for the overproduction.. The tacky editing at auditions was cringy. Who are they kidding thinking that the show is just about the judges too. I love Britney, but sometimes when they had her appearing it’s like they were milking her presence too much. Also, the xfactor did not hype it up well before it launched. Where was the promotion? And the last worse thing was when they kicked xfactor off during the game. At that time, their ratings was stable before. If Simon & Fox wants to save this show they need to treat their audience like actual people who want to watch an AUTHENTIC show.


  • Dan S

    Even with GA taking the night off POI still can’t break through to 3.0. It obviously has a good viewer total & will be around for awhile. Elementary on the other hand is getting a free ride with little network competition & it’s chances of seeing a 2nd season is a tossup at this time. I sure do miss the previous show Johnny Lee Miller did Eli Stone.

  • Brian J

    @Dan S:

    If “Person” gets the post-Superbowl slot and sees a nice if not huge increases in the ratings, does CBS keep “Elementary” behind it? I can see the argument for moving it, but then, what does it put in its place? “CSI”? “The Mentalist”?

    Or does it just wait until next season?

  • eridapo

    LMS 1.9 7.840
    MC 2.2 8.896
    shark tank 2.2 7.191/ 2.3 7.543
    20/20 1.6 5.698/ 1.5 5.140

    UB 1.3 7.452 / 1.6 8.447
    CSYNY 1.5 9.723 / 1.5 10.199
    BB 1.3 10.916 / 1.4 10.895

    Grimm 1.8 5.903 / 1.8 5.445
    Dateline 1.1 3.914/ 1.0 3.745

    KN 1.0 3.013 / 1.0 2.842
    Fringe 1.02 2.703 / 1.0 2.508

    ANTM .4 1.265 / .4 1.237
    Nikita .4 1.222 / .3 1.126

  • Justin121

    HUGE numbers for ABC

    Thanks @eridapo

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