USA Declines to Order a Second Season of 'Political Animals'

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November 2nd, 2012

In news that should come as no surprise to people who paid attention to the ratings, USA will not order a second season of Political Animals. Though billed as a limited series, there was a possibility that it would continue. The show had an A-list cast and good reviews, but the audience wasn't there. In retrospect, maybe the show should not have aired on Sunday night, which is jam-packed with prestige cable shows.  More details are available on TV Line.

  • David

    Airing on Sunday night and against the Olympics on some of those nights was a dumb move on the part of USA Network. When I read elsewhere that USA has been ordering some reality series, I figured they will be transitioning away from scripted series to cheap shows like A&E has. Let’s hope that James Wolk will get a permanent gig someday.

  • Martin

    Thank you USA network, YOU S-U-C-K!!

  • John A

    The show was awful no loss.

  • City Kitty

    Good! After Tuesday, lots NOT have any political type shows for a decade!!!

  • bsp

    If this show couldn’t draw viewers in a prez election year, it certainly wouldn’t draw them in the year after an election. Love me some Carla Gugino, though… hope she’ll show up elsewhere.

  • Ram510

    Aww man I was really hoping this show would get at least a few more episodes

  • Steve

    I just don’t get why Carla Gugino can’t end up in a series with legs… But this is definitely disappointing. The show had problems, but definitely improved with each episode. Great cliffhanger finale too. Sigourney Weaver truly brought class to the series with her performance.

    And yeah, USA DEFINITELY made a mistake scheduling this on Sunday nights. Even with DirecTV’s 5-tuner DVR, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with Sundays, if you’re into drama.

  • groove365

    USA is definitely cleaning house this year. They canceling errybody!
    I hope David isn’t right and they’re going with cheap junk instead of scripted shows.
    The fact that all of their shows were work centric got old quickly for me so I hope they’re just trying to add in a little variety instead of going for the low rent reality dollar.

    I watch a reality show every now and then but if USA goes all/mostly reality I won’t be watching their network much anymore.

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