'Malibu Country' Opens at 5-Year Time Period Highs, 'Shark Tank' Hits New Series Highs

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November 3rd, 2012

via press release:

With comedy premieres (Last Man Standing/Malibu Country), Shark Tank and 20/20, ABC towered over Friday night in Adults 18-49, leading CBS by 43%, NBC by 43% and Fox by 100%. In fact, the Net ranked #1 in all 6 half-hours of the night.


  • · In Total Viewers and Adults 18-49, ABC posted season highs on Friday evening.


At 8pm, ABC’s second season premiere of Last Man Standing opened at #1 in its half hour with viewers and young adults, beating CBS’ season opener of Undercover Boss and Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares.


  • · Last Man Standing drew the series’ biggest audience since February and posted its highest Adult 18-49 number since March – since 2/7/12 and 3/20/12, respectively.


Building on its lead-in at 8:30pm by over 1 million viewers and by 16% in young adults, the series debut of Malibu Country soared to the top of its half-hour.


  • · In viewers and young adults, Malibu Country scored ABC’s highest numbers in the half hour in almost 5 years – since 11/30/07


Moving up into its new 9 o’clock time period, ABC’s Shark Tank built on its lead-in to dominate its hour in Adults 18-49, beating runner-up NBC’s Grimm by 28%. In fact, Shark Tank finished as Friday’s definitive #1 TV show in the key young adult sales demo


  • · Building week to week in Total Viewers (+7%) and Adults 18-49 (+28%), Shark Tank once again achieved new series highs on both measures. In addition, Shark Tank generated ABC’s top Adult 18-49 number in the hour in more than 2-1/2 years – since 3/26/10.


ABC’s 20/20 ranked #1 during the 10 o’clock hour in Adults 18-49, defeating CBS’ Blue Bloods by 15%. Anchored by Elizabeth Vargas, 20/20 featured an hour on heroes, including some of the amazing stories from Hurricane Sandy. The program also gave viewers the latest information on the aftermath the storm.


  • · Up 7% week to week, 20/20 marked its best Adult 18-49 rating in 7 weeks – since 9/14/12.


  • · Continuing to grow its numbers year to year, ABC’s 20/20 surged over year-ago broadcast by double-digit percentages in Total Viewers (+13%), Adults 18-49 (+36%) and Adults 25-54 (+40%).
  • Jason

    lol, I knew ABC would send out a press release super fast.

  • a p garcia

    Smart move by ABC. It makes me wonder if even Reba(her self) can save Nashville!


    ABC fast w/ PR but really have something to crow about. Here’s hoping they can revitalize Friday nights! Good start.

  • Zed

    Malibu Country/Nashville crossover! :o

  • cb

    Happy for Malibu, love Reba (and Lily Tomlin and Sara Rue!) I wonder what the ratings would have been like if it was given the post Modern Family slot to help establish a strong new star driven Sitcom for the net while also serving as a much stronger and compatible lead in for Nashville at 10. I am ecstatic for the show and Reba, only wish ABC had a little more sense in schedule. But if this can be a way to bring Comedy back to Friday, I’ll take it.

  • Joe

    Malibu Country was great last night, glad the ratings were good and I hope it stays that way

  • Gerald

    I bet with the way Chicago Fire is going to start owning Nashville now if Reba will have to save Nashville.

  • Doug

    We’ll see what happens next week. Like mentioned here, ABC should have scheduled Reba Wednesday at 9:30 to lead into Nashville, and moved Suburgatory to Tuesday, perhaps paired with LMS. The problem with that scheduling was DWTS Results. But now that DWTS is under a 2, perhaps it’s not a problem anymore. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Doug

    Just to add, and this is off the wall: if ABC wants to really shake things up (and they probably should), Shark Tank might be good to lead-off Mondays – it could probably do in the mid 2s at 8pm. DWTS would likely bring most of its declining audience to Fridays.

  • Matt

    Does ABC realizethat they had the top three shows of the night in the demo? Malibu Country was the #1 scripted series and Shark Tank was the #1 Friday show overall. Last Man Standing premiered well and do did MC. I NEVER expected 8.9m!

  • rob60990

    “Shark Tank might be good to lead-off Mondays – it could probably do in the mid 2s at 8pm. DWTS would likely bring most of its declining audience to Fridays.”

    What exactly would be the point of this move?

  • Dan S

    I strongly feel Shark Tank would do well on Thur before GA. That could allow ABC to expand TGIF to 2 hr comedy block on Fri. Neighbors could be 1 of the shows moved to Fri & get Happy Endings back on Wed & sadly say farewell to Apt 23 & Last Resort.

  • cb

    Assuming they stick with all shows listed to keep expanding their Comedy Blocks I wouldn’t mind seeing this as an ABC scheduling option:

    7:00 AFV
    8:00 OUAT
    9:00 Revenge
    10:00 666 Park Ave / New Drama

    8:00 Bachelor/DWTS/Reality
    10:00 Castle

    8:00 – DWTS Results / Wipeout / New Reality
    9:00 – Shark Tank – Reality vs. Comedy on NBC and FOX and vs. Drama on CBS/CW
    10:00 – Body of Proof – If it can match is end of season numbers..high 1’s, low 2’s got it renewed for 13 more this year..

    8:00 – The Middle – if it ain’t broke.. has proven to be a strong night opener
    8:30 – Last Man Standing – put 2 stars of 90s sitcoms back to back..
    9:00 – Modern Family – if it ain’t broke..
    9:30 – Malibu Country – a star with a large draw who could retain more of the MF audience and grow with her own fans and also provide a bridge to…
    10:00 – Nashville – with a Malibu Country / Reba lead in, it could help boost into the mid 2 range if Malibu can grow to Mid 3’s after MF..

    8:00 – Cheap Reality – No competing against Big Bang AND Idol in Spring
    9:00 – Greys Anatomy
    10:00 – Scandal

    8:00 – Suburgatory – Build its audience behind MF enough to launch TGIF night?
    8:30 – Neighbors – If it can sustain Weds numbers on Fri it would be in MC/LMS range
    9:00 – Happy Endings – 3rd season.. Syndication possibility, Lower expectations of Fri..
    9:30 – Apt 23 – A good pair for Happy Endings on Fri, and I really like it so I want it to continue.
    10:00 – 20/20 or Nightline Prime

    Tues and Fri could easily be switched if they don’t want to do TGIF relaunch, but it would be a good way to build up enough episodes of some middle range sitcoms to sell into syndication when they reach eligibility. Friday offers them protection to continue to run with less Comedy competition. I know HE and Apt23 both skew younger, but they aren’t working on Tuesday… too much Comedy competition.

  • David

    Why would ABC move LMS, MC & ST of Friday if they now know it works. LMS & MC don’t have any comedy competition on Friday. Shark Tank always performs well so why put 2 multi-cams on the single-camera Wednesday night, and why move ST to the dreaded Thur 8 slot where it will be killed by TBBT and (possibly?) Idol in spring.


    David you hit the nail on the head. Why move all these shows to different nights where they might fail? Lets remember CBS tried Blue Bloods one time on a Wednesday night and I think it had lower viewership. ABC finally has hit a Friday night that works. Just because its a lower viewing night. I think these are great Friday end of the week shows. Shark Tank has been on different nights and failed. It wasn’t until ABC moved it to Fridays and nurtured it people started discovering it and how brilliant it is. IMO Shark Tank is the most brilliant reality show on TV. Its unique, original and SMART. So much more money invested for that garbage X Factor and Shark Tank actually beat it last night. No it didn’t have a huge budget, Britney Spears, and all the bells and whistles. What it is just simply a great show people are disovering. Reba used to do really well on CW Fridays so this is like a homecoming for her. This is great for Malibu Country. Honestly ABC has a winner on Friday nights, why move any of it and risk the other shows being lost in the shuffle?

  • forg

    Yeah while ABC has problems on other nights I agree that they should not move any of the Friday shows at least this season.

  • cb

    I agree with you all that Friday works, ABC should leave it be. But we all know how Networks like to move things around and play musical time slots. I was only suggesting an alternate scenario that could help one of their struggling Dramas and give Happy Endings and Apt 93 the similar lack of Comedy competition on Friday, a night that allows for a smaller number in the demo. Especially if they want to get Happy Endings to syndication and try something else on Tuesday at 9/9:30. I had forgotten that Reba was on WB on Friday nights, good call there! Either way very happy for Malibu/Reba. Any thoughts on swapping MC and LMS time slots? Having Malibu Country lead off the night and shift LMS to 8:30 if Malibu Country continues to draw bigger numbers than LMS.

  • Chris

    LMS isn’t going to last long if the executives continue screwing it over with their new direction. What’s frustrating is that people say a 1.9 for LMS is decent. I know without a doubt that had things stayed the same for that show as in season 1, it would have gotten like a 2.3 or something higher. The shows received major backlash and I’ll be surprised to see it get anything close to a 1.5 next Friday. It’s just not going to happen. ABC better get another show in the works to replace LMS or at least fire Tim Doyle and get Alexandra Krosney back. ABC has proved that Friday comedy works but now LMS is will get snake bit. They shouldn’t let LMS’s failure change their opinion of what Fridays can be.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “What’s frustrating is that people say a 1.9 for LMS is decent. I know without a doubt that had things stayed the same for that show as in season 1, it would have gotten like a 2.3 or something higher. “


    The show finished last spring with ratings of 1.8, 1.6, 1.5, 1.7 and you figured it was coming back with a 2.3 or higher?

    Considering how it finished last season, a 1.9 for the premiere is almost startlingly good, particularly on Friday.

  • RyanCanada

    they should pair Nashville on firdays as malibu as its lead in.

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