Olympic Diving Legend Greg Lougains Signs on as Judge for ABC's Diving Competition 'Celebrity Splash'

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November 3rd, 2012

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Four-time Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis has signed on to serve as a judge on ABC’s new reality diving competition show based on the hit international format, “Celebrity Splash,” produced by Eyeworks USA (formerly 3 Ball Productions).


Louganis made history in the 1980s by becoming the only male to sweep the diving events (3M Springboard and 10M Platform) in consecutive Olympic Games. In total, Louganis earned five medals – four of them gold – in three separate Olympics (1976, 1984 and 1988).


The series will feature celebrities performing dives from heights of up to 10 meters, increasing in difficulty each week. A professional diving instructor will train each celebrity for several weeks leading up to the competition. Louganis will serve as one of three judges who will rate dives that include backflips, somersaults and other gymnastic feats.


Said Louganis, “There is nothing more gratifying to an elite athlete than to see his or her sport excite audiences and resonate with fans. Diving is one of those unique disciplines requiring fitness, physical strength, precision and artistry. I am thrilled to be part of bringing the sport that I love to a large TV audience – which won’t have to wait until Rio 2016 to see some pretty incredible diving!”


Executive producer JD Roth, added, “Doing a celebrity diving show without Greg Louganis would be like producing a celebrity basketball show without Michael Jordan. In the world of diving, Greg is simply in a league of his own.”


The format “Celebrity Splash” was the breakout hit of summer 2012 in the Netherlands, where it broke ratings records, and has since been sold to major international markets including the UK, France and Australia.


The series will premiere on ABC in 2013.

  • Silent Hunter

    “Celebrity Splat”?

  • a p garcia

    Hope it is a hit here.

  • EatMorePez

    I predict this will be just as successful as “Skating with Celebrities.” What’s that you say? You don’t remember “Skating with Celebrities”? Exactly.

  • Fake Me Out

    Are they gonna work their way through all Olympic events?

    ‘Celebrity Fencing’ … ‘Celebrity Synchronized Swimming’ … ‘Celebrity Horse Jumping’ … ‘Celebrity Drug Testing’

    Just pay the fee and have the ‘Celebrity Olympics’ because we need more shows with ‘celebrities’ where the majority of people look at the line and go “Who?”


    PS: ‘Celebrity Rhythmic Gymnastics’ because who doesn’t want to see Hulk Hogan in leotards jumping around with ribbons

  • Tyson

    I remember Fox’s Skating with Celebrities. I also remember ABC’s Skating with the Stars that made Skating with Celebrities look like a hit.

  • Brian

    Was the title supposed to be a Freudian slip?

  • JulieDawn

    I opened this article only because I got the giggles when I read Celebrity “Splat” in the title. I’m almost disappointed that’s not the real name (I wouldn’t have put it past them though!).

    Please DON’T change the typo, my brain has been working overtime thinking of all the D-list celebs I’d like to see ‘go splat’, and I’d like to continue to have a nice chuckle every time I log onto the page for the next day or so.

  • JulieDawn

    Oh….just noticed “Louganis” is misspelled too, as “Lougains”. lol

  • Babygate

    Good Lord! ‘Celebrity Splat’??? Who’s going to watch that and be able to keep a straight face? ABC just has a knack for show names that really turn people off. When they get it wrong, they get it really wrong. I hope this is slated for the summer since I never watch network tv during the summer. I would hate to see this clutter up the fall/spring season slate.

  • rob60990

    It’s called Celebrity Splash, LOL. I’m guessing this will premiere in the summer.

  • Ashley

    Really? Who that heck is going to watch that? You’re trying to get famous people to do something that athletes spend most of their lives perfecting and could possibly injure their health? Brilliant.

  • Kim

    Dumb idea.

  • Tom

    In Germany it is one of the biggest TV events. Love that show

  • Spence

    In Holland it was a hit in ratings, but it was such a awful show.

  • Laurence

    Thank you commenters EatMorePez and Fake Me Out for making me LOL on this dreaded Sunday morning…

  • cas127

    re: Comparisons to “Skating with Celebrities”

    This time the “stars” will be hot, wet, young actresses in bathing suits. (Nobody was ice skating in a bathing suit).

    This is practically the definition of successful television (and a male-skewing demo).

    After this hits, we’ll see “Celebrity Jello Wrestling”

  • Laurence

    Also, I kinda like the idea of “Celebrity Drug Testing”, especially if one of the “Celebrities” is LiLo – they could do a test every week and get contestants to bet, in a “Deal or No Deal” way, on which drug will be found the most on her body.
    The same idea could be applied to “Celebrity STD with Paris Hilton”.

  • Joseph

    Can’t we just go back to having Circus Of the Stars one night per year, and the rest of our shows scripted? Please?

  • ann

    Does anyone still work at ABC? Seems like they’re just phoning it in now.

  • Fake Me Out

    While I wish everyone who tries to break their addictions the best of luck and will power … reality is not everyone makes it … and therefore I give you the next Celeb reality series … “Celebrity Falling Off the Wagon”. Six “celebrities” who are now clean & sober after rehab are locked in a house or isolated island with numerous locations/rooms. Sprinkled through out are various drugs, drinks and smokes. The public through calls or the web then guess ala Clue (Professor Plum In The Library With The Candlestick) who falls off the wagon next, where and with what (Lindsay Lohan in the bathroom with coke) for cash & prizes!


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