Will 'Revolution' Rebound This Week?

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November 5th, 2012

Update: Revolution scored a new low last night with a 2.9 adults 19-49 rating. You were too optimistic!

Last week, Revolution earned a 3.0, which could have been low due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. However, the series has hit a 3.0 before (three weeks ago), and did only hit a 3.3 the week after that. Is the series going to go lower this week, or will it rebound?  Let us know how you think Revolution will perform tonight and tell us why in the comments.


  • KS

    I am finally glad that, the number of negative comments about Revolution are reducing.

  • omabin

    A 3.1/3.2 is my guess. I went with 3.1

  • AniMatsuri

    Revolution still has The Voice coming before it. No reason it can’t bump back up to at least a 3.2.

  • B.C. SHIPP

    The Series will go down for sure…. even with that really good story… the main character is missing something… she does not conect with the audience…. J.J. is great in what he does; and as a Producer he should pay attention to this. the Director does not have the fault, at least not all of it… But Miles is more likeable than Charlie… this will go on like Pirates of the Caribbean, where Jack Sparrow took ownership of the Movie and no the Orlando Bloom Character
    What I saying is that the writers have to do something with he main character or Revolution will reval against her own creators. It has a Future; but for now is quite uncertain.
    Rght Now the story is the only that keeps the raiting up… but if they only pay attention to this, it will fall…. like TERRANOVA. As an spectator I love te Story and the mistery, but you got love or at least really like the characters.. Pay Attention to Homeland, Last Resort or the amazing The Walking Dead… all the Stories are Really good… But the characters are the ones who really make the connection between the Story and the spectator…

    This maybe sound like a Moron speech. But I wannna be in the industry one day… and it´s just my opinion… Revolution it can be a Great tv series, or just another who fail trying to.

  • cj

    Best show I have seen in a long time.

  • John A

    Ratings have stabilised? Helps that it has a big lead in people. Im more curious about Mob Doctor im hoping 0.6.

  • KS

    @B.C. SHIPP

    You are absolutely right. Agree with you. There is not a single person so far, who has told me that he/she likes that lead. Everyone hates Charlie with a passion. I personally hope they kill her soon, or replace the actress with another actress who has acting skills like Kailey Cuoco.

  • Lisa

    Charlie is a chore to watch, but I’m getting more interested in most of the other characters. I’m going to hope for a rebound this week to 3.2.

  • The End


    For some reason, some of the names aren’t sticking with me with regards to the characters but a good existing character to replace Charlie with, would be that younger guy who Charlie had some encounters with, the one they ended up capturing before that train mission. You know the son of whats his name.

    Thought he was a much more interesting character, with better acting too. He has a good side to him, as he saved Charlie by throwing her off the train before his dad could shoot her, which kinda proves he has his doubts about the way things are going in the Militia.

  • a p garcia

    The real question should be if Revolution will rebound after a 4 month haitus?

  • BD

    Last week the NBC Stations played the news covering Sandy over Revolution if that means anything

  • Nightwalker

    John A
    Ratings have stabilised? Helps that it has a big lead in people. Im more curious about Mob Doctor im hoping 0.6.

    we all new from the start that it has big lead yet many of you said it will be already cancelled by this time so big lead is no excuse.

  • iggy agrimotor


  • Tim

    I’m w/ @feariam (less than 3.0). Last week’s episode was dreadful. Huge fan of J.J. Abrams, but losing interest with each passing episode.

  • Hugh

    Up a bit 3.1

  • Kyle

    Mike & Molly’s series low is a 2.3, not 2.8

  • Oliver

    Aww, I was hoping for a poll about The Mob Doctor, the show that won’t die.

  • Kyle

    I voted for 3.2, but I think it could be about 3.3 I’m just being cautious.

  • martin

    too many people still without power so i think it will be 3.0

  • Fordayz

    I don’t like ANY of the characters in Revolution, but Charlie, especially makes me physically ill. The blackout Mythos is not strong or compelling enough for me to keep watching, either.

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