Will 'Revolution' Rebound This Week?

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November 5th, 2012

Update: Revolution scored a new low last night with a 2.9 adults 19-49 rating. You were too optimistic!

Last week, Revolution earned a 3.0, which could have been low due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. However, the series has hit a 3.0 before (three weeks ago), and did only hit a 3.3 the week after that. Is the series going to go lower this week, or will it rebound?  Let us know how you think Revolution will perform tonight and tell us why in the comments.


  • Richard Steven Hack

    I think it will go lower. But not by much…yet.

    The show is dragging. It’s pace is about as bad as The Walking Dead was last season. If they don’t pick up the pace and get more into the electrical power conspiracy, the ratings will begin to drop faster and faster.

    It’s supposed to be a sci-fi show, but every week I think I’m watching a Civil War drama – complete with old-timey uniforms and muskets. Seriously?

  • Jon

    Nothing surprises me anymore with this show. I must admit I was wrong, when I said it would be cancelled by November sweeps.

  • Jon

    I thought Terra Nova was a much better sci-fi show.

  • POI

    i hope it goes up

  • peterpan

    a new low this week, with the evil kid mob. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD SO HARD!!!

    complete rubbish. why is this still on???

  • bluejays

    I’ve heard people keep saying how bad Revolution is getting but still it pulls a great demo. I think it’s due to the Hunger Games vibe. So I think it will be above a three, sadly. I don’t even dare to think what HFO’s numbers will be. It hurts too much.

    As for Revolution, long term, it might be hurt by the long hiatus. If it’s core audience are a bunch of Hunger Games/Twilight type late teens and young adults, their attention span might not hold out….one can only hope :)

  • a p garcia

    The explanation does not make too much sense to me as to why the electricity went out. It doesn’t make too much sense because electricity is make up of moving electrons and since I studied Physics, electrons also have Mass and therefore they have weight.

  • The End

    @a p garcia

    The reason why the electricity went out hasn’t been revealed yet in all fairness, it could simply be a technological one, or a light in a cave that Charlie ends up having to protect in the end. Heck they might go the whole mile and cast Terry O’Quinn and go the whole mile there :)

  • erwan from france

    I hope for a 5.0 for The Voice, a 3.5 for Revolution, a 2.2 for Bones and a 1.0 for Mob Doctor

  • erwan from france

    NBC’s promotes it pretty well !

  • iggy agrimotor

    I got it right.

    I am finally glad that, the number of negative comments about Revolution are reducing.

    Because they stopped caring?

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