Monday Final Ratings: '2 Broke Girls', & 'Revolution' Adjusted Down; No Adjustment for 'The Mob Doctor', '90210'' or 'The Voice'

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November 6th, 2012



Revolution and Two Broke Girls were adjusted down a tenth  among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, November 5, 2012

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 4.5 10 11.93
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2.8 7 7.22
ABC Dancing With the Stars: All Stars (8-10PM) 2.1 5 13.48
FOX Bones 2.0 5 7.30
CW 90210 0.4 1 0.85
8:30 PM CBS Partners 2.1 5 5.67
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.2 8 9.01
FOX The Mob Doctor 1.0 2 3.40
CW Gossip Girl 0.3 1 0.66
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 2.8 7 8.78
10:00PM NBC Revolution 2.8 7 7.34
CBS Hawaii Five-O 2.0 5 7.53
ABC Castle 1.9 5 10.02

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • POIFanatic

    @USAmerica1st: I’ve the same complaint against Elementary every week.

  • bk109

    Not really unless the actor’s playing an anti-hero or an antagonist. In the case of an idealistic protagonist – you’d want the opposite ;)
    That put,yes,they’re terrific actors (especially Colm Feore who seems to really shine in ‘baddie’ roles :) ), but still – that’s still a bit of a misfire when arguably the center of the show is this annoying,whereas the baddies are more fleshed out and interesting (even the recurring ones). Hopefully,either Tracy will grow more comfortable into the role, or the show gets slightly retooled during the hiatus with her getting killed to make a point to the viewer that sh..stuff just got real(sorry,but I actually hope this actuallyhappens). In the meantime,I’ll continue to cringe every time she does a variation of the ‘Because we’re familyyyyyyyyy’ speech.

  • Leoben Conoy

    All I will say is this.

    If Last Resort had been an NBC show and got the pimp slot following The Voice instead of this dreck Revolution, it would not be dropping in the ratings week after week.

    This piece of garbage show (of which I have watched every episode, but am now officially out) is only a success because of The Voice. Not based on any of its own merits.

    If a ‘real’ quality television show had been put there, you have may had your first true genre hit since Lost.

  • Sam

    7.53 million viewers for Hawaii 50. LMAO. That is terrible.

  • GKDude

    Leoben, if you had actually paid any attention, you’d have seen the multitude of character inconsistencies and fatal flaws on Last Resort. It even requires more suspension of disbelief than anything on Revolution. It has a shiny package, with insanely beautiful actors which generally make people overlook or completely miss the flaws. Placing it on a pedestal just to trash Revolution is foolhardy.

  • Leoben Conoy


    Well I can trash Revolution without putting Last Resort on a pedestal if you want.

    But that would be waay too easy.

  • CBSviewer

    How Castle can have so much viewers with so bad episodes ? Go Hawaii Five-0 !

  • Jared

    I really like Mob Doctor..I wish it wasn’t the laughing stock of primetime.

  • Verus

    Not long before Castle and H5O wins the late night hour again since Revolution keeps sliding. Shame since I enjoy that show.

  • @Sam

    “7.53 million viewers for Hawaii 50. LMAO. That is terrible.”

    Apparently you didn’t look at ALL the numbers for the night, especially on CBS. HIMYM got even LESS with 7.22m.

  • @Sam

    Hawaii is safe for now.

  • lucas

    mmmm! tonight is a big night for both shows, maybe the voice go down below 4 and x factor go up and get steady in 3 again! who knows, tomorrow the ratings are going to be really interesting! I only care that XFacto back to 3 again! i don’t care if the voice wins the night!

  • Alexa

    By its 6th and 7th episodes, “The Event” was already down to a 1.7 rating and five and a half million viewers. “Revolution” is very strong compared to the plunge that “Event” took. Also, it did go up in the ratings the week before this one. I’ll wait until next week’s episode to see if it continues to drop.

  • Mike

    Posted November 7, 2012 at 11:26 AM
    “7.53 million viewers for Hawaii 50. LMAO. That is terrible.”

    Apparently you didn’t look at ALL the numbers for the night, especially on CBS. HIMYM got even LESS with 7.22m.”

    So I guess that makes Hawaii the big CBS winner . LOL

  • Marie

    Revolution gains a lot of viewers and demos when the DVR numbers kick in.

    Here are the numbers from EW with DVR added:
    Revolution (NBC) 13.5 million, 5.4 adults 18-49 rating

    5.4 is huge for demo

    I am scared the hiatus will hurt it, but so far I don’t think it is in any danger.

    I am really loving the show, except for the young actors playing Charlie and Jason. Danny is actually pretty good and the young actors playing Michael and Peter this week, especially the one playing Michael, really impressed me. So I hope Tracy can improve.

    Right now, the characters that are the most interesting are Miles, Monroe (which they don’t use enough), Rachel and Neville.

    I am thrilled they added Colm Feore, which is an amazing Canadian actor to the cast. He is a great actor.

  • Marie

    I also happen to enjoy Beauty and the beast. It is a fun show and the two leads have good chemistry. I think it gets better with each episode.

    There are some shows I don’t like but would never wish for a show to fail and people working on it to lose their jobs. I don’t get the glee at falling ratings especially when all shows are down this week and have been going down for a long time now.

  • Phill


  • Alex

    Not concerned about Revolution. It has its full first season. If it’s still being “Adjusted down” after it returns from its hiatus and as we get closer to spring then I’ll start getting worried about its prospects for season 2.

  • Tom

    Please get rid of Tracy, the whiny Hunger Games wannabe, on Revolution. She is driving me nuts.

  • Josekun

    Please not cancel the serie Partners. :( I love the serie Partners.

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