Sunday Final Ratings: 'The Amazing Race' & 'Revenge' Adjusted Up; '60 Minutes', 'The Mentalist', '666 Park Ave' & 'American Dad' Adjusted Down

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November 6th, 2012


 The Amazing Race and Revenge were adjusted up a tenth while 60 Minutes was adjusted down four tenths and The Mentalist, 666 Park Ave. and American Dad were each adjusted down a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus Sunday's preliminary ratings. The final ratings for Sunday Night Football are also below.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Sunday, November 4, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
7:00 PM CBS NFL Overrun 8.3 22 24.24
ABC America's Funniest home Videos 1.7 4 6.97
FOX The Simpsons-R 1.4 4 3.10
7:30 PM NBC Football Night in America 4.5 11 7.82
CBS 60 Minutes 3.4 8 16.30
FOX The Cleveland Show 1.9 5 3.95
8:00 PM NBC Football Night in America 4.6 12 12.07
ABC Once Upon a Time 3.5 8 10.15
FOX The Simpsons 2.6 6 5.54
8:30 PM NBC Sunday Night Football (8:30-11) 8.5 21 21.76
CBS The Amazing Race 2.6 6 10.20
FOX Bob's Burgers 1.8 4 3.92
9:00PM ABC Revenge 2.7 6 7.94
FOX Family Guy 2.5 6 5.11
9:30PM FOX American Dad 1.8 4 3.99
CBS The Good Wife 1.7 4 9.93
10:00PM ABC 666 Park Avenue 1.3 4 3.99
10:30PM CBS The Mentalist 1.8 6 9.11

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Dinaminjo

    The haunted are coming for 666..

  • Dan S

    This is getting embarrassing watching 666 continue to hit new lows. A cancellation announcement should be coming anytime in 3,2,1…Otherwise good for Revenge adjusting up & OUAT holding steady at 3.5

  • Overdamoon

    Nice for Revenge!!!

    Sad for 666, I really like that show!

  • AA

    LOL @ Max

    I bet you’re crying yourself into big macs and ice cream right now.

  • LT

    I see all the old people watch people during the day. The Sunday night game is past their bedtime.

  • HB


  • BigBrotherFan


    AGREE 110% The British guy needs to be axed STAT he offers nothing and is just dragging the show down! I also think Daniel needs to go. Hes an awful actor the character is just around for the sake of being around and giving slight glimpses and reminders that YES Victoria does have a heart she loves her son!

    I really wish the go back to the whole point of the series and drop all these stupid side plots. Honestly, I just be happy if they killed off the new BRITISH GUY I seriosly go do something else and just turn up the volume anytime hes on screen! boring! boring! boring!

  • frodo

    Go Revenge, that is a nice adjustment up.

    so far 3.2, 2.6, 2.6, 2.8, 2.7, 2.7

    4th highest rated show on ABC, doing better than season 1.

  • OERM

    Scandal should be moved to Sundays, Prívate Practice final episodes should air after Prívate Practice on January, and after the Season Finale a new drama should take the lead in of Grey’s Anatomy.

  • OERM

    PP after Grey’s …

  • Valerie

    Revenge is pretty steady :)

  • Gregg

    What I find interesting is that The Amazing Race gets 10.2mm viewers, while The Good Wife only drops down to 9.93mm, yet the 18-49 demographic plummets from 2.6 to 1.7. There must be a lot of young viewers switching out at the same time an almost equal number of older viewers are switching in, like musical chairs.

    Is it possible that these are the same households watching both shows, but the younger family members get up and leave the room to do something else when The Good Wife starts?

  • Renven8er

    Max, why do u hate so much Revenge?
    You keep saying it’s crap, but YOU are the crap. Revenge is the show #4 of ABC, so deal with it, Revenge is not going anywhere.

  • POI

    yes revenge went up so happy rite now.

  • Jeff_in_LB_

    People who critique viewership levels for programs like Revenge should keep in mind that it consistently shows up among the top programs in DVR, downloads and on demand watching. The networks are certainly including these alternate viewing sources as part of their decision making.

  • MeMe

    @ Max
    Leave Revenge alone. I love both Scandal and Revenge. Quit giving Scandal fans a bad name. Many is us watch Revenge as well and love it. Stop putting down Revenge when Scandal needs to improve in the ratings. Your argument is invalid and ridiculous.

    I happy Revenge was adjusted up. Love Revenge. Once Upon A Time was good well.

  • Kavyn

    Poor 666 :(

  • MeMe

    I meant Many of us in my post. Sorry people. Max is crazy and don’t give him the time or day.

    Love Revenge and Scandal.

  • rob60990

    Revengeeeeeeeee :D

    @MeMe, yet you keep responding to his nonsense.

  • MeMe

    I have only responded twice. Believe I won’t any more. How long has this craziness been going on?

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