'Nikita' Moving Back to Friday at 8pm Beginning November 30

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November 7th, 2012

Nikita is moving back to its old stomping grounds at 8pm on Fridays beginning November 30 and Arrow repeats will air at 9pm according to The Futon Critic.   This Friday, Nov. 9, Nikita will still air at 9pm (America's Next Top Model airs at 8pm on Nov. 9 and from 8p-10p for its season finale on Nov. 16). After this Friday, Nikita will take the following two Fridays off before returning on November 30.  The Nikita/repeat Arrow pairing will run until at least January 18 excluding  Nov. 23, Dec. 14 and Dec. 21 where holiday specials are scheduled.

  • Brandy

    Networkman, 90210 has a full season this season and Likley to possabily get a shortened final season next year and Emily Owens and Beauty won’t make it past this season but are Likley to get full seasons just cause cw has not enough shows to replace them with-Beauty will move,Cult premiere after VD and Carrie Diaries takes GG spot in Jan.
    CharlieSheen, no way with the Arrow/SpN sucsess on Wed does SPN get moved, Beautynwill either move or be cancelled at Midseason to premiere Cult after VD.

  • James

    For all the Nikita fans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkGJn3JU8dQ&feature=showob Please watch Nikita on Friday at 9/8c on the CW! Nikita deserves better ratings than 0.3!!

  • kalena_henden

    Thank goodness! Who’s idea was it to put it up against Fringe and Grimm in the first place? It was the worst hour of the week for me trying to decide which genre show to watch live.

  • thesnowleopard

    Oh, Nikita, you are so very, very, very screwed.

    Well, the network’s problem is that they are trying to reach syndication numbers. But yes, if the show continues to plumb new ratings depths, stretching things out like this does give the network the option of not ordering a back-9, stretching the 13 it has into the spring and then calling it a day.

    Drawing things out like this with no reruns is not a good sign on the CW. They did the same thing to Gossip Girl before they gave it a grudging final ten.

  • Brandy

    Dumont,Nilika has a full season this season and CW I doubt would reduce that as its trying to get to 88 for syndication

  • Brandy

    SnowLepoard ,But then what would be the point of that?If it dosent have a full third and fourth season, it won’t have 88, but Vericonica Mars didnt & it’s syndicated on SoapNet, Community won’t either(a 13 episode season four,which is Likley to be its final) but its going to be syndicated on ComedeyCentral.If theyre not giving it a full season three and four to get 88, they should just wrap it this season and syndicate it instead of having two 13 episodes seasons.

  • Bern

    Good news b/c
    1. Nikita paired with Arrow is a great choice. A lot of ACTION!
    2. Nikita might have it’s old Fridays ratings from last season.
    3. Now I can watch Nikita at 8pm then switch to NBC to see Grimm at 9pm.
    4. CW still have faith on Nikita

  • Chelle

    ‘Just cancel it already. No one wants to watch the skinny skank jump around and show off her panties.’
    @Martine: Have you actually seen the show? Nikita hasn’t revealed any flesh on the show since the season 2 premiere(which was over a year ago). It isn’t your typical CW show and if you actually knew anything about it, you’d know that before commenting your silly comment.

  • robin


    yes because airing their lowest rated show with their 2nd highest rated show makes sense. what if they had paired another show with the same ratings as nikita with arrow would it have made sense to you. the fact is nikita did not deserve the post arrow slot

  • Alexis

    Well… not expecting miracles since even in the 8pm slot, Nikita was eventually down to 0.4’s last season, but it’s a good move by the CW. No more competition with Fringe and Grimm, which are genre shows like Nikita, and Arrow (even repeats) is another action show that fits Nikita much better than ANTM. I really don’t get the Nikita/ANTM pairing they did – it probably hurt both shows, being so different.

    I’ve given the CW a LOT of crap for their poor management and scheduling of Nikita all along (and I’m not taking it back), but I’m also giving them credit for at least trying to help the show now. They saw the disaster that was Nikita/ANTM and course-corrected IMMEDIATELY, going as far as to pull Nikita’s November 16 ep in favor of a two-hour ANTM finale (thus ending the pairing one week earlier). Let’s hope it helps.

    Honestly, I don’t care that much if Nikita get a fourth season or not – if it ends satisfyingly this season, that’s great – but the cast and crew deserve better than to see those awful numbers. They work their asses off every week to deliver a great show, and get little recognition for it.

  • JJA

    The move may help the ratings a little bit, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Regardless, I think season 3 has been great so far.

    If the CW decides to order a full season for B&TB, don’t be surprised if they move Superantural back to Friday @9. It is their only show that can perform well in that slot.

  • thesnowleopard


    The point is to save money. If it’s more expensive to produce and air the show than the projections for syndication, they’ll just go with what they’ve got.

    There is no way in hell they are sending one of the three shows they’ve got that can still make a 1.0 back to Fridays. They’d sooner give up Fridays. Or stick 90210 or HoD there.

  • vikrammangat@yahoo.com

    9pm has 3 police procedurals to compete with.
    8pm not so much. I watch both Fringe & Grimm.
    Sadly CW every bit counts.

  • Jen

    Thanks cw! You’re finally thinking and trying to save this show. Amen!

  • Dahne

    Well with all the people on this site who have blamed Nikita’s poor ratings on the 9 pm slot, it should be interesting to see if they have a case. Of course last season Nikita fans were blaming the poor ratings on Nikita being at 8 instead of 9.

  • Lisa

    It’s still going to crap out in the ratings.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Moving it back an hour is probably a good idea, but it’s just a minor adjustment. They’d obviously like the show to show ratings a little higher than .2-.3. They’d be happy with last season’s .4-.5 since it’s fairly clear the ratings are not important to the CW for this show. They fully expect – right or wrong – to make their money back on international syndication, especially in Asia where Maggie Q is a huge star.

    As for cutting the order, highly unlikely. There’s no other possible reasons for renewing it last season except syndication. They need 22 episodes this season and another 20-22 next season to get to the minimum 88.

    As for showing off her body, I DO note that this season Nikita has been wearing a LOT of VERY tight and short skirts (along with Alex) – at least while she’s at Division. This is probably because we used to see Amanda so dressed at Division (Amanda returns this week, BTW.) So while she’s isn’t appearing in bikinis (the premiere episode was stupid in that regard and Maggie has said so publicly), she’s still showing how hot she is. And I approve that message! :-) And she’s not “skinny” – she’s TONED! :-)

  • thesnowleopard

    When it was renewed with the possibility of syndication last season, the ratings weren’t sucking quite as horribly as they do now.

    If syndication were really that sure a factor, shows that survived a second season would simply get a two-in-a-row renewal. They don’t. The network has a hard decision ahead of it and it sounds as though they’re trying to figure out what to do next. Otherwise, they’d just keep airing the show and letting the ratings fall where they may. Cutting the show loose at 13 episodes *is* an option that lets them move on with 57 episodes to sell in syndication. Shows with less than that have been syndicated. Moving it to summers is also an option. Moving it to Netflix could be, too.

    It all comes down to how the numbers balance out. If producing and airing more Nikita at what is basically a loss costs more than projected future syndication profits, syndication will not save it.

  • John A

    OMG Nikita might get Wait a 0.4. WOW wont that be Great. LOL What a Mess.

  • Richard Steven Hack


    “the ratings weren’t sucking quite as horribly as they do now.”

    The difference between .2-.3 and the .4-.5 it was doing is not significant – because it’s the CW. The fact that it’s a fifty percent difference is irrelevant in this case. If it wasn’t making money at .4, it’s not making less money at .3. The CW obviously has already figured this out. Otherwise it would not have been renewed last season.

    “If syndication were really that sure a factor, shows that survived a second season would simply get a two-in-a-row renewal.”

    We’re not talking about “shows” – we’re talking about Nikita. In general, you might be correct. Clearly the CW doesn’t think so in this case.

    “57 episodes to sell in syndication. Shows with less than that have been syndicated.”

    Citation please. Also, as was pointed out for Fringe last season, more episodes means more money in syndication, up to some cross-over point at least.

    “If producing and airing more Nikita at what is basically a loss costs more than projected future syndication profits, syndication will not save it.”

    Duh. Again, clearly the CW has worked the probable numbers and concluded otherwise.

    Face it, folks – Nikita is on for four seasons because the CW says so, and the ratings are irrelevant.

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