'The Voice' vs. 'Survivor' vs. 'X-Factor': Who Will Win Tonight? (Poll)

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November 7th, 2012

Update: The Voice did beat X-Factor and Survivor, but maybe next time we should include The Middle on this list...in came in a solid #2, beating both X Factor and Survivor. For more, see the overnight report.

Because of election night coverage, The Voice has been moved to Wednesday this week, putting it back in direct competition with X-Factor for the third time this season (the first was an early audition special, and the second time was during an out-of-pattern airing of X Factor). The first two times, The Voice triumphed, but will it still be a ratings juggernaut when you add Survivor to the mix? Could the "talent" audience be split with X-Factor and Voice going up against each other and automatically hand Survivor the win? Cast your vote  and tell us why in the comments.



    Voice: 3.9
    X-Factor 2.5
    Survivor 2.6

  • SJ

    @CJ Morton

    Yes, but the last episode of The Middle rated higher than the last episode of The X Factor. And keep in mind that two-hour shows tend to go lower in the first half hour to 60 minutes into the telecast. So The Middle actually has a great chance at coming in third at 8pm and outright beat The X Factor.

    Overall, Modern Family wins the night, there’s no doubt about it whatsoever, but that wasn’t the question.

  • Jon3993939393@hotmail.com

    Most of you are WRONG!!! The answer should be Something Else = Modern Family!!!

  • Samunto

    I expect a series low for X factor. 2.1

    And more interesting will be to see if Chicago Hope gets a series high after having a strong lead-in. Chicago Fire should win the 10pm hour tonight with about 2.9.

  • Brad

    I will be watching ARROW. But look for the Voice to win.

  • senor chang

    Voice: 4.2
    Chicago Fire: 2.6

    X-Factor: 2.0

    Middle: 2.6
    Neighbors: 2.0
    Modern Family: 4.2
    Suburgatory: 2.5
    Nashville: 1.9

    Survivor: 2.5
    CM: 2.9
    CSI: 2.3

  • Travis

    Modern Family will beat them all, but of course that airs at 9:00, whereas Survivor/Voice/X Factor start at 8:00. It would be interesting to see Survivor win at 8:00. Not sure it’s going to happen, but it’s what I’LL be watching…

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’ve already seen tonight’s Arrow – somehow it got posted on the sites early, maybe a Canadian release? It’s an excellent episode – Deathstroke makes his appearance and there are several reveals. The show’s pace is really picking up which bodes well for future episodes.

    There’s also a promo out that showcases more DC villains piling on including Huntress and the Royal Flush Gang in upcoming episodes. The promo was really well done.

    This show might actually stop its slow slide down and stabilize north of .8-.9. as the episodes improve.

  • Maximillian

    I think most people forgot about X Factor last week because FOX had the schedule out of whack for weeks. They promoted it hard this past week … im saying it’ll be up to 2.7 even with the competition. FOX has nobody but themselves to blame if this show fails.

  • Max

    How can you forget about The Middle?? That’s what I will have on.

  • Ashley

    The Voice-4.5-4.8

  • Joey C

    The Voice – 3.5
    Survivor – 2.6
    X-Factor – 2.3

  • Nick

    Can you change the question to “what will win the timeslot?” It’s really confusing.

  • Honey Badger

    The Voice 4.8
    The X-Factor 2.5
    Survivor 2.5

    Chicago Fire: 2.9

    Middle: 2.1
    Neighbors: 2.0
    Modern Family: 3.1
    Suburgatory: 2.0
    Nashville: 1.6

    CM: 2.9
    CSI: 2.6

  • Nick

    The Middle: 2.5
    The Neighbors: 1.5 [series low]
    Modern Family: 4.1 [season low]
    Suburgatory: 2.3 [season low]
    Nashville: 1.6 [series low]

    Survivor: 2.3 [season low]
    Criminal Minds: 3.0
    CSI: 2.5

    Arrow: 1.0 [series low]
    Supernatural: 0.8

    The X Factor: 2.0 [series low]

    the Voice: 3.9
    Chicago Fire: 2.0 [series high]

    The Voice will win the 8 pm timeslot, but Modern Family will win the night.

    1. NBC: 3.3
    2. CBS: 2.6
    3. ABC: 2.3
    4. Fox: 2.0
    5. CW: 0.9

  • Honey Badger

    @ SJ
    “Posted November 7, 2012 at 3:34 PM
    The Voice will win. The X Factor will lose to The Middle”

    If this happens Fox is in a lot of trouble.
    Also I think Modern Family will tank tonight, the show has really been slipping lately and has not been nearly as funny as it used to be. So The Voice will crush it.
    And ABC will have more troubles as Nashville continues its slide 1.6

  • Craig

    I will say though, that the Survivor episode tonight was probably one of the best episodes in the shows history.

  • ICBBsFuture

    The Voice 3.1
    X Factor 2.1
    Survivor 2.5
    Modern Family 4.2

  • s0303

    the voice will win…duh :) the better question would have been what will come in second…

  • Tony ^_^

    “The Voice” will crush “The X-Factor” and “Survivor” and probably “Modern Family”…

    But “Modern Family” will probably still be the #1 Wednesday show. :p

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