'The Voice' vs. 'Survivor' vs. 'X-Factor': Who Will Win Tonight? (Poll)

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November 7th, 2012

Update: The Voice did beat X-Factor and Survivor, but maybe next time we should include The Middle on this list...in came in a solid #2, beating both X Factor and Survivor. For more, see the overnight report.

Because of election night coverage, The Voice has been moved to Wednesday this week, putting it back in direct competition with X-Factor for the third time this season (the first was an early audition special, and the second time was during an out-of-pattern airing of X Factor). The first two times, The Voice triumphed, but will it still be a ratings juggernaut when you add Survivor to the mix? Could the "talent" audience be split with X-Factor and Voice going up against each other and automatically hand Survivor the win? Cast your vote  and tell us why in the comments.


  • bluejay72

    I would actually believe it if people had chosen other shows to win but seeing the poll with people voting for The X Factor, all I can say is LOL! :)

    In the reality shows, NO DOUBT, The Voice will win!… But against Modern Family, there is a tough competition. II will still stick with The Voice but I’m not sure…

  • soso

    the x factor may win

  • CrimTV

    @Honey Badger

    The Voice can’t crush Modern Family because they aren’t in the same timeslot

  • erwan from france

    1 The Voice : 4.5
    2 X Factor : 2.5
    3 Survivor : 2.2

  • Justin121

    The Voice: 4.3

    Modern Family: 4.2

    Criminal Minds: 3.0

    Survivor: 2.8

    The Middle: 2.6

    The X-Factor: 2.3 (Ouch)

    Chicago Fire: 2.1-2.5

  • erwan from france

    I hope Chicago Fire to get a 7.50 and a 2.2 rating !

  • bluejay72

    @ The X Factor might win — LOL!!! :D

    Seriously LOL!!! :D

  • Justin121

    What does everyone think of my guesses?

  • bluejay72

    @ Justin121

    I somehow think you’re guess is as good as mine.
    The issue is not even between X Factor and The Voice.
    It’s between The Voice and Modern Family.
    X Factor has already flopped big time. It’s out of the equation.

  • Jon23812

    @bluejay, what are you talking about? People voted for The Voice, not X Factor.

  • peter

    Modern Family is going to fall under 4.0

  • Roberts

    Of course the Voice will beat the X-factor, but I do believe that because of the competition The Voice could go below 4s. Modern Family could also be under 4s, The X Factor would be lucky to get anything above 2.6

  • Paul

    I watch all three so my dvr will be working overtime. The problem I have with The X Factor and The Voice other than I can’t stand Britney or Christina is the fact that the purpose of these shows is to find a hit recording artist. I understand that American Idol has been on longer but at least they have produced some hit makers. As far as the judges go, Fox should ask Britney for their money back because she is useless and I am sorry someone who can’t sing shouldn’t judge those who can and Christina will take any opportunity to talk about herself. She is a good singer but annoying to watch. I watched Survivor and will watch the others this weekend while doing laundry.

  • Tanja

    X-Factor, it is amazing show, best candidates ever, it is so cool and amazing talents, one of the best talent ever is in XFACTOR Carly Rose….
    Britney is really amazing mentor, she did epic job with her team, she is good judge too, this week is better and it will be better and better, it i her first time in this role, i mea she is pop icon, legend….
    and dont compare her with xtina bcz brit sold 100 million albums and 100 million singles, and had #1 album in 2011 and #1 singles WW in present, xtina is past, and didint have hit song in last 5 years.

  • semy

    guys u need to give chance for X FACTOR, it is really good show this year, better then voice and flop xtina….
    on youtuve: CARLY ROSE X-Factor that is girl better then all voice show

  • Honey Badger

    “Posted November 8, 2012 at 12:16 AM
    @Honey Badger

    The Voice can’t crush Modern Family because they aren’t in the same timeslot”

    they were last night

  • Honey Badger

    @ Amanda Kondolojy Could we have another poll for tonight?
    I just noticed the schedule, very interesting, a lot of things will be settled based on last night’s results and tonight’s results.

    FUN, Fun Fun times at tvbythenumbers.com

    Tonight: The X Factor on Fox vs. The Voice on NBC vs. The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men on CBS vs. The Vampire Diaries on CW vs. Last Resort on ABC.
    All new and all on at the same time.

  • soso

    i watched the xfactor the problem is that the panel or the judges are not connected to each other and brintey spears even her look is not helping like before.demi seems to be smart also and working hard

  • Justin121

    Voice Vs. Big Bang Vs. X-Fac Vs. Vamp Die

    Voice: 3.5
    Bang Bang: 4.4
    Half Men: 3.5
    X-Fac: 2.4
    Vamp: 1.2

    Grey’s: 3.5
    PoI: 3.1
    Office: 2.6
    Parks: 2.2
    Glee: 2.4
    Beast: 0.4

    Scandal: 1.7
    Elementary: 2.5
    Rock Center: 1.6

  • senor chang

    Conparitively low number in the overnights for Voice (6.9 HH versus the high 7s/low 8s it normally does), but that should still shake out to a high 3 in the demo. The real question is how much of that demo Chicago Fire will hold (4.9 HH, a series high).

    Another pressing concern is Voice’s battle with Big Bang Theory tomorrow.

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