'The Voice' vs. 'Survivor' vs. 'X-Factor': Who Will Win Tonight? (Poll)

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November 7th, 2012

Update: The Voice did beat X-Factor and Survivor, but maybe next time we should include The Middle on this list...in came in a solid #2, beating both X Factor and Survivor. For more, see the overnight report.

Because of election night coverage, The Voice has been moved to Wednesday this week, putting it back in direct competition with X-Factor for the third time this season (the first was an early audition special, and the second time was during an out-of-pattern airing of X Factor). The first two times, The Voice triumphed, but will it still be a ratings juggernaut when you add Survivor to the mix? Could the "talent" audience be split with X-Factor and Voice going up against each other and automatically hand Survivor the win? Cast your vote  and tell us why in the comments.


  • JHON

    x factor !

  • bluejay72

    Lol @ the FLOP FACTOR & Britney lunatics!

    Fool yourselves! Sh*tney is no where close to being a “great” much less a “good” mentor! Are you kidding me? That lip-syncing/play back/auto-tune wash up b***. She can’t even give an intelligent comment. She needs a script writer. Lol! She’s useless because she FAILED to bring in viewers. FLOP FACTOR was decent in the ratings with Paula last year. That lip syncing b*** did not do any help to the show.

    FLOP FACTOR is already DEAD in the ratings as dead as your miniscule brains. Lol!~ :)

  • Harry K

    Where is the “I don’t give a F*&^ button”

  • Fey

    The Voice’s coaches are at another level compared to XFactor’s. No comparison there.

  • forg

    the voice 3.7 and x factor got a 2.6 per https://twitter.com/franklinavenue

  • Darryll

    The Voice – 4.1
    Survivor – 2.4
    X Factor – 1.9

  • Rarly Cose

    Some of The Voice viewers will probably thought wednesday was another repeat like always, but I still think The Voice will do a lot better than XFactor. Basicly because they have better contestants (can you really compare anyone on XFactor with someone like Trevin and Amanda lol) and a lot more eloquent constructive criticism. All Britney says is “it was amazing” & “you are a true star” and she gets paid 15 mil..


    I think I had the best numbers of all…

    Yesterday I posted
    3.9 The Voice (0.2 to high)
    2.6 Survivor (0.1 to low)
    2.5 X-Factor (0.1 to low)

    not bad…;)

  • Patti

    Definitely the Voice, (recording Modern Family) I have not watched X-Factor this year. Britney Spears, in my opinion does not have the experience needed to judge singers. I think Simon chose her knowing he can influence her decisions.

  • Steve

    X-Factor has great talent, but lose the dual hosts. Ditch Chloe & keep Mario Lopez…..too awkward & forced with the two trying to keep the show moving. Tate Stevens & Carly Rose are AWESOME!

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