FOX Business Earns Top Ratings Spot in the Demo on Election Night

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November 8th, 2012



FOX Business Network scored another ratings win in the demo on election night with Special Report: Election 2012, besting  CNBC’s Your Money Your Vote by 2%. The special, which was anchored by Neil Cavuto, grew 176% in the demo vs. 2008.  CNBC, on the other hand, was down 13% this year vs. last election year.



-          FOX Business Network topped rival CNBC in the demo on election night from 7p-1a by 2% scoring 138,000 viewers in A25-54 to CNBC’s 136,000.

-          In total viewers, FBN earned 284,000 while CNBC took in 322,000

-          FBN’s ratings were up 226% in total viewers and 176% in the demo compared to election night 2008 while CNBC’s ratings were down 27% in total viewers and down 13% in the demo



-          In addition, FBN’s special editions of Varney & Co (5pm) and Lou Dobbs Tonight (6pm) beat CNBC’s special edition of Squawk Box Your Money Your Vote (5-7p) by 48% in the demo with 49,000 to their 33,000 A25-54 viewers.

-          In total viewers, FBN averaged 149,000 for the two hours compared to CNBC’s 239,000 total viewers.


  • doug

    Wow, they beat CNBC by 2k viewers in the demo during election coverage…and that warrants a press release? And I love how the authors of this site (Fox fans without question) publish the huge % gains FBN saw vs. 2008, but failed to mention that the network was only 1+ year old at that time.

  • Cinda Kay

    Doug, this isn’t a “press release.” This is a site that gives out viewer stats. If you aren’t interested in the viewer stats, why are you here? Actually, in the ad world, 2k on these 2 sites is a big deal.

  • Stan T

    Doug, the increase was for Neil Cavuto NOT FBN…before making an attack, atleast know what they said…lol

  • XYZ

    ^ What? The increase WAS for Neil Cavuto, who anchored coverage on FBN.
    Get a clue, Stan.

    2,000 demo viewers is just laughable. Certainly not worthy of even a moment of thought, let alone a pathetic press release.

  • Kyle

    People love a trainwreck and Fox certainly provides it

  • beached

    FBN is a joke. Look at their ratings during normal days. Larry Kudlow is a buffoon.

  • b

    FOX wins again, NBC falls to the bottom again, period. Brian William’s “Rock Center” trails The O’Reilly Factor. FOX again tries something new like, “The Five”, it immediately CRUSHES the competition. The bottom line is this- Mainstream Media outlets have and continues to die, like The New York Times as well. NBC IS DYING, FOX IS GROWING… have two choices- accept these as facts, or go on ahead and deny and believe your lying eyes…..

  • david

    so martin basher that big nose foreigner has the gaul to make fun of charles on fox.comon martin have ya looked in the damn mirror annnd by the way what foreign country are ya from. do me a favor go back there.ole martin just like chrissy fighting to see who can kiss a bigger part of baraccccks ass.

  • Pete Mak

    I had to laugh when I read this. FBN is an uber joke. Ever notice how Cavuto never let any Democratic analysts finish their complete thought before jumping on them with something else? And Lou Dobbs? Give me a break.
    About the only fun thing about watching FBN on election night was seeing how all the enthusiasm came sucking out of them as it became clearer and clearer that Obama was going to win.

    CNN and CBS had WAY more balanced coverage on the night.

  • Mark2

    Fox News lost what little credibility they had left on Election night.

  • Jayson

    I agree. Why is this site touting a 2k win by Fox Business over CNBC on election night? Who the f–k cares?

  • AppleStinx

    Congratulations to Fox Business channel for the victory, done with 70% of CNBC’s HH coverage and fewer years on the air. :grin:

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