'Glee' Returns Tonight: Can it Re-Capture the Magic? (Poll)

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November 8th, 2012

Update: in the preliminary ratings, Glee averaged a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating.

Glee returns tonight from a month-long hiatus with a Grease-inspired episode that will bring back some old cast members and has been heavily promoted. Though the current season premiered to a decent 3.1 adults 18-49 rating, its has been falling pretty steadily every week, ultimately dropping to a 2.4 at its lowest point before hitting a slight rebound for its last episode (which scored a 2.6). Will Glee experience a much-needed boost tonight, or is it headed for a new low? Cast your vote and then let us know why in the comments!


  • Joe

    If it were for the hardcore fandom it would probably have a new low
    In reality I think that is likely, the break up was heavily promoted and featured the most popular cnsouples(lbr glees viewers are mostly shippers) and still it didnt go so well. Add the fact that glee tend to go down after long hiatus, is not looking good for that show.

    I’m gonna say 2.3 – 2.5

  • Gabe

    Glee has one more year at best after this season.

  • Art Woll

    Will scrape a 2.5 because the writing is dreadful and was for S3 as well!!

  • Amy

    I’m expecting it to be pretty low, especially since this episode focuses on the new kids and Kurt and Rachel aren’t even in it. The new kids haven’t been bringing old fans back and the focus on them has alienated many old fans.

  • Anna

    Who cares about the numbers? Rachel, Kurt, and Santana aren’t in the episode AT ALL. What’s the point?

  • Louise

    Back from hiatuses, Glee always drops. Then they have a habit of coming back with weak episodes. Then there are reports that this episode focuses on the newbies (weak, bland and boring) and Blaine (um… same) so probably it’ll drop more.

    I cannot understand why they aren’t focusing GOOD (not re-hashed old) stories with the best actors. The excellent Chris Colfer is being wasted whilst they allow the very weak Darren Criss to hog screen time; Naya Rivera has hardly been seen; Cory has been afflicted with an increasingly annoying character who whines all the time and Lea is just being given mainly love stories with a weak new screen partner after being wasted on Finchel for 2 seasons.

  • vern

    I think it will go 2.6 or 2.7. Voted for the 2.5-2.6 range

  • Bee

    it would be nice if it did 2.4-2.6 again, which is possible. but i’m expecting a new low in the 2.1-2.3 area. there was a HUGE ASS break. last year it went from 3.6 to 3.0 and this year’s break was even longer. and now x-factor is weaker than it was when the show was on. the only thing in its favor is that the last episode was AMAZING and the ratings went out on an up note.

  • Prim

    Despite the fact they’re avoiding to mention it in the promos, the episode is centered around the new characters, and Finn. I bet it’ll be a new low.

  • Sara

    @Prim the fact that they’re avoiding to mention how it’s focused on the newbies and instead are promoting the actual Glease episode could bring viewers or not get their ratings that low

  • Samunto

    Remember that it’s lead-in The X Factor has been on free fall and there’s more competition from The Voice tonight. If anything, we’ll probably see a few more eyeballs check out The Office to see what’s happening after they left the show in droves.

    It’ll have around 2.2 -1.9 with XF averaging around 2.4.

  • Jon23812

    2.7 or 2.5

  • Kleine

    Last year it dropped from 3.6 to 3.0 after one month hiatus due to baseball. It would be lucky if it gets anything above 2.0. Definitely a new series low tonight.

  • Tim

    Basically Glee is falling because of the change in format. Viewers (myself included) don’t like the switching from NYC to Ohio, the new characters are B-O-R-I-N-G and the whole pro-gay thing got very old. I understood the shows stance on how being gay is ok from the first season. By now its time to let that major aspect that headlines most of the episodes go.

    I still like the show enough to watch it, but it wont last much longer.

  • Nick

    Last Resort: 1.6
    Grey’s Anatomy: 2.9 [season low]
    Scandal: 1.8 [ties series low]

    The Big Bang Theory: 4.8
    Two and A Half Men: 3.5
    Person of Interest: 2.9
    Elementary: 2.2 [ties series low]

    The Vampire Diaries: 1.2 [season low]
    Beauty & The Beast: 0.5 [series low]

    The X Factor: 2.1 [season low]
    Glee: 2.7

    The Voice: 3.5
    The Office: 2.5 [season high]
    Parks & Recreation: 2.0 [season high]
    Rock Center with Brian Williams: 1.4 [season high]

    I think this site is being pessimistic, as 3/4 of the commenters are obvious haters. I guess 2.7.

    1. CBS: 3.1
    2. Fox: 2.4
    3. NBC: 2.4
    4. ABC: 2.1
    5. The CW: 0.9

  • bob

    Ryan Murpny destroyed the character Cory played and that makes glee seem like a waste of time. He made season 3 seem like a waste of time kill finchel if you like but to make his character so unliked is what killed this show. This is also more upsetting when he stunt casts the new york storyline and pours money into two characters that he says are basically him making glee the biggest ego trip on television.

  • LoriB196

    At least a 2.6 (hopefully higher). The new kids are growing on me, but I love me some Klaine!

  • senor chang

    Promotion + DST benefits – Hiatus = A slight bump?
    Going with 2.7.

  • Brian

    2.5. Grease might get a few more eyeballs, but don’t hold your breath.

  • Pepper


    will hit 2.0 by the end of the season

    Glee’s best days are behind it

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