NBC Orders Five More 'Whitney' Scripts

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November 8th, 2012

Last May Whitney received a second season order of 13 episodes causing some anti-fans' heads to explode. Originally scheduled for Friday (though it always seemed that the Friday scheduling was merely a placeholder) Whitney was shifted to Wednesdays where it will make its season debut next week. Now, NBC has ordered 5 additional scripts for season 2 according to Deadline. While scripts don't always equal actual episodes, Deadline says in this case that it makes a full backend pickup more likely.


  • rob60990

    maybe they wanna wait until it at least airs 1 episode…

  • Longshanks

    One word:Why?

  • sam

    why? because whitney cummings has a talk show on E! to produce and star in and writes 2 broke girls, the girls a work horse. The scripts are probably ordered now because it fits into her schedule as of now

  • omabin

    this is random… without even a single data point?

  • Dan

    I have a feeling Whitney and Chicago Fire will both get full seasons, with Fires recent uptick thanks to the voice BBC will likely give it a full season and maybe by March another show may replace it. Whitney will get a full season of 22 episodes and GWK will likely get 18. GWK will finish up by March and then the final five Up All Night episodes will likely pair with Whitney through May

  • Leondre

    I like this show, so this is could news for me.

  • Ram510

    They need additional episodes for Guys With Kids NOW!!!!! I expect after Thanksgiving that they both will get additional episodes assuming they don’t flop in the first 2 weeks together

  • TVDude

    It looks like NBC is considering paring Whitney and the returning Up All Night at the end of the season. I think it will be an interesting move to say the least.

    I doubt NBC has unrealistic expectations for Whitney. The promotion has been small and its first season was lackluster at best. It’ll be neat to see if it works out this season.

    Whitney has plenty of anti-fans, but it also has some fans. They do exist.

  • Samunto

    The show got better as the season went progressed and the ratings were alright too. Then the repeats in the summer were quite impressive too. NBC sure can’t be bothered to have a possible ratings winner but slammed by critics.
    Yes, NBC has spoilt critics with it’s high-end single cams but along comes a multi showing some potential and the net will surely not let it go to the dump just because the critics and fans of the Thursday single cams don’t find it savvy enough.
    I liked the latter half of last season and look forward to seeing it get better.

  • John

    Yeah, seriously, the show did get better creatively toward the end of last season. It’s a shame it was written off as terrible so early on by the critics and the Internet at-large (granted, the first few episodes were terrible). Ratings were sort of decent against some crazy competition on the spring… I think this show could surprise next week.

  • SJ

    I actually expected this. GWK has five more episodes to air if my calculations are correct, which means that Whitney should have an order of at least 18 to be able to air 13 episodes alongside the mid-season comedy it’s paired up with (at this point I’m 100% sure it’s going to be paired up with Save Me).


    So, is NBC just gunna give every show a full season except Community? Cuz it sure seems that way. smh

  • PinoyTVCritic

    Proposed NBC mide-season schedule


    7:00 Fashion Star
    8:00 The Celebrity Apprentice
    9:00 Save Me
    9:30 The New Normal
    10:00 Do No Harm


    8:00 The Voice
    10:00 Revolution


    8:00 The Voice
    9:00 1600 Penn
    9:30 Go On
    10:00 Hannibal


    8:00 Smash
    9:00 Chicago Fire
    10:00 Deception


    8:00 Community
    8:30 Parks and Recreation
    9:00 The Office
    9:30 The Biggest Loser


    8:00 Guys With Kids
    8:30 Up All Night
    9:00 Grimm
    10:00 Law and Order: SVU


    8:00 Dateline
    9:30 Saturday Night Live

  • kidosee

    Come on, there is only one reason she’s on national television. She’s no Mary Tyler Moore, not even close.

  • Kevin

    WHITNEY is going to get canceled after two seasons and we’re going to party like it’s no tomorrow.

  • Hyper Ghost 92

    Not surprised as NBC has to plug at that 8:00p hole on Wednesdays the rest of the season so they can secure GWK and CF to making it to season 2.

    It still puzzles me though why NBC wasted 5 weeks of the season with Animal Practice instead of just starting Whitney on time like everybody else.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Pinoy – Not only has NBC already released a schedule for many of their midseason shows which is completely contradictory to yours, that schedule makes absolutely no sense. Like, the only night that makes any sense is Mondays because you didn’t change anything.

  • Ultima

    Proposed NBC mide-season schedule

    You know they have an actual midseason schedule already, right?

  • Oliver

    No surprise. If Whitney does okay on Wednesday then the network needs to be ready to pick up additional episodes. Still, it’s depressing that frickin’ Whitney gets an expanded order and Community doesn’t.

    @Hyper Ghost 92

    It still puzzles me though why NBC wasted 5 weeks of the season with Animal Practice instead of just starting Whitney on time like everybody else.

    Easy to say in hindsight, but if AP had got UAN ratings then it would have been a smart decision. Whitney isn’t a hit.

  • Lee

    @ Pinoy- plus the Biggest Loser is an hour long, not half an hour. That’s only if they stop with the 2 hour special episodes. Most likely, they’ll save that show for the summer to compete with hell’s kitchen.

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