NBC Orders Five More 'Whitney' Scripts

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November 8th, 2012

Last May Whitney received a second season order of 13 episodes causing some anti-fans' heads to explode. Originally scheduled for Friday (though it always seemed that the Friday scheduling was merely a placeholder) Whitney was shifted to Wednesdays where it will make its season debut next week. Now, NBC has ordered 5 additional scripts for season 2 according to Deadline. While scripts don't always equal actual episodes, Deadline says in this case that it makes a full backend pickup more likely.


  • Lindsay

    NBC’s given Community 3 seasons to make an impact and it hasn’t. It needs to re-focus its priorities. Get over it already.

  • SJ


    I hope they at least give them four more episodes so that we get an “even” 88.

  • John

    Makes sense…so the show can remain in continuous production in the event that NBC wants to order additional episodes.

  • tv#1

    NBC likes Whitney. I think that is clear. And honestly I think they want to make 88 episodes of this show, and will do everything in their power to make that happen.

  • Oliver


    Community has been up against TBBT, the #1 comedy, for two straight seasons. How well do you think Whitney would do against TBBT? Only Community’s first 3 episodes ever had a lead-in and it’s been trapped in the 8pm Thursday death slot ever since (and yet still, despite all that, has still managed to do well enough to justify renewal!).

    Meanwhile, Whitney got the best slot on the network, wall-to-wall advertising, and then landed in a surprisingly strong timeslot against a fading Idol (with another round of wall-to-wall promotion to boot). All this despite being an awful show.

    Is it any wonder people get frustrated?

    Community is a genuinely great show that NBC has continually treated like crap and not given any opportunity to grow.


    Completely true.

    NBC’s comedy development is a disaster, run by people with no taste whatsoever. Evidence: Whitney, Up All Night, Guys With Kids, Animal Practice, The New Normal.

    Only Go On is half-way watchable and that’s a shameless half-assed rip-off of Community. Scott Silveri is a hack writer who has been relying on his Friends credentials and connections for years.

  • Oliver

    Holy crap, NBC’s promos are pretending that the Whitney laugh track is all audience?

    Who do they think they are kidding, exactly? That thing is sweetened to within an inch of its life.

  • Kenny

    I only have one word….BLOWJOBS????

  • TJ

    Oliver I went to a Whitney taping back on September 19th and I can assure you that the laughs are real and legit. I think they probably even edit out the over laughter that happens sometimes. I was real lucky to get tickets to that show as there was a huge line to see the show that night.

    They said that we saw the 3rd episode for this season and that was a very good one can’t wait to rewatch it on NBC.

  • Oliver


    Watch an episode of Cheers and then watch an episode of Whitney (or LMS, or a Chuck Lorre show).

    Either people laugh harder than they did in the 80s, Whitney is much better written than Cheers or the editing has become much more aggressive.

    I know which one I’m betting on.

  • kyle

    I want my Community damnit

  • TJ

    Dude you’re talking to someone whose attended television tapings since the 70s the first one I ever went to was a Carol Burnett taping during its last season.

    I’ve attended Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, you name it I probably been to it multiple times during its run.

    I’m telling you right now from experience that the Whitney crowd was one of the most energetic ones that I ever been to. Cheers had a really good crowd too but Whitney was much louder probably because most of the crowd was younger but it was great. I like how in-between takes they interact with the fans too. LMS is pretty good as well I’ve been to one this season the one I went to airs on November 16th but nothing like Whitney. I can’t wait to go to Whitney again I have to wait until December 5th though. Damn her tickets are hard to get she tapes on Wednesdays at 4:00pm.

    I’m working on going to Reba’s new show and Guys with Kids hopefully. I heard from my friend that the GWK crowd is really loud so I’m excited to go.

  • Waka


  • Eddy

    Whitney seems to be a show since its produced by the home studio at Universal that there’s a lot of value towards getting it to 88+ episodes. Whitney is literally only a couple of more seasons away starting in fall 2015 from starting its run in syndication. Multi-cams have been so valuable in the syndication market that Universal can make some big-time money off of it. I think with Guys with Kids being in the same situation their probably heading towards that same route since Guys with Kids will be ready for syndication in 2016.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Okay um @Eddy GWK needs to make it to episode 13 first.

  • J

    What a back-ended stupid idea!

  • ronnie

    i am a big fan of girly sitcoms like apartment 23,2 broke girls,suburgatory.
    they are funny and sexy.
    but i HATE HATE HATE Cougar Town more than anything in the world because it is not funny to me.(no offense to cougar town fans).now that u guys know what kind of shows i enjoy,WILL I ENJOY WHITNEY?

  • POI

    Go On is amazing its the best new comedy, not the best comedy on television but the best new comedy.

  • Networkman

    @Oliver, I agree with you. I don’t like NBC’s treatment of Community. It has had the hard task of facing Big Bang Theory and still did ok. It did better than any other comedy could do in that timeslot. Yet, it still does not get the respect it deserves. Community should of not had its episode order reduce while Parks & Rec continues to get full season pickup. And now with Whitney getting additional episodes, this is simply a slap in the face. I really hope NBC wise up and give Community additional episodes as well.

  • Cassius

    Sometimes, internet people just suck with their (lack of) personal opinions. Whitney had a really bad premiere, with lots of bad episodes at the first harlf of the season. The audience have just abandoned the show based on what critics said about it and… THAT’S IT. You guys are completely incapable of watching a show without putting the critic’s opinion above it all.

    Whitney’s not the next best wonderful damn thing on television – far, far away from that, but it’s a sitcom totally ok to watch and enjoy it.

  • Chris L

    ronnie, if you like 2BG you’ll like Whitney. Whitney’s got the same humor POV minus the painful racial stereotypes.

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