NBC Orders Five More 'Whitney' Scripts

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November 8th, 2012

Last May Whitney received a second season order of 13 episodes causing some anti-fans' heads to explode. Originally scheduled for Friday (though it always seemed that the Friday scheduling was merely a placeholder) Whitney was shifted to Wednesdays where it will make its season debut next week. Now, NBC has ordered 5 additional scripts for season 2 according to Deadline. While scripts don't always equal actual episodes, Deadline says in this case that it makes a full backend pickup more likely.


  • @TJ

    Outside of Cheers, Seinfeld, and occasionally Friends, everything else reflects poor taste.

  • joel

    Yes, I like what you like and hate what you hate. You’ll like Whitney.

    I see Whitney as a throwback to the Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld type of show. It’s NBC’s best shot right now at a breakout hit.

  • RyanCanada

    Whitney is a very funny show! just bought the season 1 dvd! i hope season 2 does well

  • boogke

    I love Whitney too, am excited about this news and can’t wait for its return!

  • CrimTV


    The Biggest Loser will air when The Voice is on a break!

  • Max

    This is the best news I heard all day! I love Whitney!

  • Jiji Moran

    “Whitney” has found an audience, so congratulations.

    I personally don’t consider myself an anti-fan, I consider myself a hater… of this horrid horrible horror of a “comedy”…

  • CJ

    It seems I’m one of the few Whitney fans out there (yeah, I know, roll your eyes. In fact, you can point and laugh if you’d like, I can take it) so I’m pretty happy to hear this.

  • jeff

    Why? This show is horrible. Not even my wife, who likes stupid female driven shows, wont watch this show.

  • Jon

    I think Whitney is one of those short shelf life shows. I could see it going in the tank much as Up All Night has. For what it’s worth I think UAN is a far superior show.

  • Chantal

    Horrible Show I’ll Pass

  • Waxwork

    One thing I learned about Whitney is that once it moved to Wednesdays in January it got better and it clearly has grabbed fanbase pretty quickly for a show that was so heavily criticized in the beginning.

    I think the fanbase is only going to get bigger this season, that rating on Wednesday will be interesting.

    @ Jon

    That’s where you’re wrong, UAN never had a true fanbase that would stick with the show, Whitney does and plus Whitney has a lot more going for it in the future than UAN does. You’re comparing UAN with the wrong show, UAN is comparable to New Normal.

  • Kavyn

    I imagine it’s because they’re subbing it in for Animal Practice, so they need to give Whitney what they intended for AP minus the weeks in which AP aired?

  • joel

    UAN was never out of the tank so it was impossible for it to go into it.

  • Skyfall 007

    @ joel

    good point bro, Whitney has life in it, UAN never has.

  • sixseasonsandamovie

  • david

    Witney is a pretty good show. I have watched it a few times.

  • davie

    where’s those extra Community scripts, NBC?

  • Bob

    They should focus on Community and not on this travesty

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