Report: AMC & Netflix Close to Deal That Would Un-Cancel 'The Killing'

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November 8th, 2012

'The Killing' was cancelled by AMC a few months back. Deadline did its obligatory "Netflix eyes 'The Killing'" post (just as it did with Pan Am, Terra Nova, The River and others that never saw the light of a Netflix stream!). But perhaps this time those whispering in Nellie Andreeva's ears were onto something. Ms. Andreeva reports on Deadline today that The Killing is close to being revived in a deal involving both AMC and Netflix (where it would first air on AMC).

  • Laura

    hahahahahahahahaahahahaha. Of all the shows???

  • Cool Ethan

    F this noise… bring back Jericho. Let’s go.

  • brittney


  • omabin

    these are some very good news. I love the show. It’s totally different from all the other shows I watch but I really appreciate it. It’s not for everyone though. I hope it comes through.

  • lethargic

    Thank God. And by God I mean Reed Hastings.

  • tv#1

    No offense to the creative people behind the show or the fans, but this show wasn’t very good. I only watched season one, and I had to force myself to get through it. The pacing was extremely slow and the story was poorly planned out. The series itself was one of the most depressing series I have ever seen. I generally love serialized character-driven stories. I will tolerate almost anything if it falls into that category. But I just couldn’t enjoy this show. Of all the great cancelled TV series out there I don’t see why this one deserves to be revived or continued.

  • NBC is awesome

    a few month ago?

  • merrranga

    oh god, why wont you let it die???

  • melbye

    Why, no one wants it back

  • DenverDean

    That would be awesome! While the show wasn’t perfect (by any means), it did have some great moments – particularly on the character development side. If it weren’t for the “promise,” I don’t think reax to S2 would’ve been so bad. Standalone – one season murders could work.

  • Steven Leitner

    Netflix wouldn’t revive Terra Nova, but they would rather revive this show?

  • AH

    Yes! This is my favourite show in years! Tremendous, tremendous news!

  • Malamute Dad

    Great news! My Malamutes and I are ecstatic!

  • Colin

    So does this mean Season 3 will air on AMC and Netflix??

  • Name

    Get rid of Sud, the Native American chief, and Rosie’s family and I’m in.

  • suga

    I agree with Cool Ethan…

    F this noise… but uncancel Breaking Bad

  • HarryW

    Netflix likely chose reviving this over the likes of Terra Nova and Pan Am because it takes place in modern day and thus won’t require the F/X of the former or the period details of the latter.

  • zodd

    Dear lord why?

  • Trey

    Why can’t they do this for a show like Heroes!?

  • Kristopher

    REALLY Netflix? Of ALL the excellent cancelled shows you chose to save the TERRIBLE Killing?! There’s a reason it was canceled. Gimme’ a break!!!

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