Report: AMC & Netflix Close to Deal That Would Un-Cancel 'The Killing'

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November 8th, 2012

'The Killing' was cancelled by AMC a few months back. Deadline did its obligatory "Netflix eyes 'The Killing'" post (just as it did with Pan Am, Terra Nova, The River and others that never saw the light of a Netflix stream!). But perhaps this time those whispering in Nellie Andreeva's ears were onto something. Ms. Andreeva reports on Deadline today that The Killing is close to being revived in a deal involving both AMC and Netflix (where it would first air on AMC).

  • Name

    Really, Terriers would’ve been an amazing pickup by Netflix but I guess it happened before Netflix started getting into this.

  • Jinjeon

    Why so bitchy, Robert? :P

  • Cory

    I’d watch. Would love new writers/showrunner though. Veena Sud came from Cold Case and didn’t know how to properly do an investigation drawn out longer than a couple episodes. The pacing and plot threads weren’t great, but the cast was just absolutely incredible, one of the best ever. I’d watch it for them alone. I hope its true actually!

  • F.R.

    Good news, but if it airs on AMC (and only then Netflix, as opposed to a Netflix online exclusive, then TV), I wonder what they’re gaining. I mean, the first seasons are already on Netflix, and The Killing used to be on digital media on a weekly basis after it aired, such as iTunes, etc. If it’s still on iTunes and others after airing on AMC, what would attract people to use Netflix in order to watch The Killing?

    I don’t remember exactly, but it’s possible that full seasons went on Netflix only after they finished airing those full seasons, so maybe this time it’ll go up on Netflix on a weekly basis as well. We’ll need to wait for the full details.

    If the deal goes through, I wonder what kind of impact the AMC ratings will have on any future decisions. The season 2 finale had a 0.5 adults 18-49 rating – if it gets those numbers again, or lower, would AMC re-cancel it, or will they care less about the ratings since Netflix are helping with the funding…

  • Crystal

    NOOOOOOOO. Leave it dead.

  • Andrea

    Woot! Take that, haters!

  • Simon Jester

    I’ll be watching.

  • Samunto

    As much as i like Nellie’s reporting, i think she’ll just jump at a story for the ‘Exclusive’ headline. It works many a times but i bet even when it doesn’t she can prove her sources as Nikki Finke just wouldn’t let inaccurate reporting on her site.
    Then again, Nikki has been letting the minions do the work and that comes at a price of ‘exclusives’ that turn to be nothing but thin air.
    But when it comes to movies, Nikki (and deadline) is still the place to find news.

    Nikki must wish she had Ausiello under her wing somehow… in a closer way…

  • EatMorePez

    The bad news with this story is that it gives false hope to the delusional fans of every canceled show: “My show will now be saved by Netflix!”

  • Holly


    I’m pretty sure that’s already a square on Fan Excuse Bingo.

  • Peep

    I’ll watch it. The 2nd season had a lot of things that annoyed me, but overall I like it enough to go back. Mostly because I enjoy a drawn-out crime drama compared to the 42 minute crime-of-the-week garbage the networks churn out.

  • DW

    one mans slow pacing from the killing is another mans slow pacing on the walking dead. and speaking of red herrings , didnt everyone just get emotional of the walking dead’s red herrings?. oh no. so sad. we all knew it was coming and after this last episode. oh wow what a great ep. both are good shows. and it would be a whole new story. no Larson’s , new detectives. it would play better on netflix , all in one setting.

  • Peep


    There won’t be new detectives.

  • Dan S

    And in other news NBC & Netflix have agreed to bring back Harry’s Law for at least 100 episodes. Well if they can bring back The Killing why not ?

  • DW

    2 peep.the rumor has them signed on for season three. hope its true and i am wrong.

  • Hans

    One more vote for Jericho here :)

  • davie

    Netflix and Universal… I really want a fifth season of Heroes though

  • JulieDawn

    I would watch if we had the same detectives…although the wonderful Joel Kinnaman is currently lumbering around Toronto dressed as Robocop, so I doubt any filming would be starting for a while. Mind you it would be a while anyway until scripts and everything else was ready to go.

  • F.R.

    @JulieDawn, production will begin in February (if the deal is signed).

  • JulieDawn

    Ah…thanks for that info. :)

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