Report: AMC & Netflix Close to Deal That Would Un-Cancel 'The Killing'

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November 8th, 2012

'The Killing' was cancelled by AMC a few months back. Deadline did its obligatory "Netflix eyes 'The Killing'" post (just as it did with Pan Am, Terra Nova, The River and others that never saw the light of a Netflix stream!). But perhaps this time those whispering in Nellie Andreeva's ears were onto something. Ms. Andreeva reports on Deadline today that The Killing is close to being revived in a deal involving both AMC and Netflix (where it would first air on AMC).

  • John

    The Killing was an amazing show, unlike Jericho and other shows people want, The Killing was barely cancelled a few months ago, so it has a way better chance to be in peoples minds and have more publicity.

  • peter

    Very happy about this news. I loved season 2 and the 2 main actors are AMAZING

  • Red Jane

    Excellent news and it does make sense for the potential the show has for becoming a more procedural type of show building on an excellent lead pair of detectives…

  • Hugh

    Yay! I really enjoyed S2 of The Killing.

    Hoping for a new case solved in one season.

  • Jesus

    @Red Jane

    Not gonna happen! Netflix already said they are only interested in serials,
    because those are the shows their costumers like to watch. All episodes at once. It would be stupid of Netflix to revive the show and make it a procedural.

  • Jim

    It blows my mind that people want Heroes back.

  • Anthony M

    I thought the show was pretty damn good. They can make it more hardcore if it is on Netflix instead of AMC.

  • merrranga


    of course they want heroes back! a fifth season would give writers a chance to reuse old plotlines for a 4th time!

  • Oliver

    Of all the shows Netflix decides to save, it’s The Killing?!? Seriously?

    I hope they at least fire Veena Sud.


    Good news, but if it airs on AMC (and only then Netflix, as opposed to a Netflix online exclusive, then TV), I wonder what they’re gaining.

    Netflix may be fishing for international rights. Netflix are expanding into Europe where the original Danish version of The Killing is rather popular.

  • Enri

    Yeah! Best news I’ve heard all day!

  • psychic

    dear god i forgot about the river
    please. keep the river underwater. i am BEGGING you.

  • SJ

    Wow, did anyone even want the show revived?

  • iggy agrimotor

    AMC now has two undead shows. hurrr

  • John A

    Why though? Id understand if it was syndication was the reason. It had a ending so why not leave it dead?

  • Warren

    I was upset when they didn’t resolve the Rosie story in season 1 (which is the #1 cause people say it sucks…even though they loved it before then ;p). Season 2 was pretty solid though.

    They need to make it about the 2 detectives only and cut down on the time it takes to solve. ie: 12 episodes and split it into 2 cases. This way it cuts down on the red herrings/false leads that people hate (even though real cases go thru such.)

  • Frank

    Oh please don’t give Veena Sud another reason to gloat over how she is just the end all be all of television and how the resurrection just proves that she was right all along! There are many other good shows, even crappy ones, that deserve more of a second life that what Veena Sud has created!

  • Alex

    Yes Please, I love this show!!!!!!

  • ronnie

    Ringer ended with a major shocking revelation.
    pls renew it Netflix.
    its true it got mostly 0.5 ratings but that was only the cw demographic we r talkin about.RINGER has an impressive online following.people from all parts of the world have joined save ringer on facebook and the number is only increasing.we r emailing mark pedowitz,tweeting and would do anything to get it back.

  • Robert Roy

    I’m pretty excited by this. They made a mistake by dragging out the case for two seasons. However, I think this new season would give them a new slate to work from and I will definitely give it a go.

  • phil

    Best news in years :))). anyone who says that this show isn’t good has to be blind!

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