Report: AMC & Netflix Close to Deal That Would Un-Cancel 'The Killing'

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November 8th, 2012

'The Killing' was cancelled by AMC a few months back. Deadline did its obligatory "Netflix eyes 'The Killing'" post (just as it did with Pan Am, Terra Nova, The River and others that never saw the light of a Netflix stream!). But perhaps this time those whispering in Nellie Andreeva's ears were onto something. Ms. Andreeva reports on Deadline today that The Killing is close to being revived in a deal involving both AMC and Netflix (where it would first air on AMC).

  • Sel

    Yesss, yesssssssss, oh yesss!!!!
    Thank you Netflix!

  • Christie Abraham

    This news made my week. I love this show. Have watched both seasons several times. Linden & Holder make a great team. This series could go on for several years, except Enos & Kinnaman are stars now & probably wouldn’t renew their contract. AMC was crazy to cancel.

  • mart

    If this is true, I think this may be related to AMC’s “Hell On Wheels” troubles. Developing a new show is very complex process and it may be easier to bring “Killing” back for one more season to replace it. AMC may have obligations (to advertisers, networks etc) to create certain amount original scripted programming. (Disclaimer: this is pure speculation here, but I can’t see another reason for this unusal move.)

  • s0303

    i love the killing…so hopefully this works out…

  • Mersad

    This would be so awsome! Loved the show, with its slow-burn storytelling and impactful characterisations. You just love being with the characters. I would advise the one mystery per season thing though, as there were quite a few storylines that didn’t lead to much in the overall story that the first two season were.

    I hope that this would also mean that amc will bring out Season Two on BluRay and DVD. I think that this show would have a great chance on Netflix, as more and more people would get to it. Also a new season would benefit from a new storyline and could leave a lot of the things that run its course behind.

  • Debsafan

    Chase was a good show. Why not do it that show. I’ve never heard of Killing

  • rehabber

    Wish they had done this with Rubicon

  • Aaliyah

    They need uncancel The Secret Circle!!! ASAP!!!

  • The End

    @John A

    Netflix likely got The Killing cheap off AMC. Sort of a joke really when they want to save shows but find some are too expensive(Terra Nova), or some not worth the cost(Pan Am, River) when weighing up audience numbers.

    They lost all credibility when they passed on Terra Nova to me.

  • LJ


  • Mary Ann

    I am thrilled. Quality over ratings can prevail after all.

  • Pkarm

    Glad to hear I know most people disliked it but I actually enjoyed the show.

  • shelact58

    listen too all non believers
    its a great show smart actors good writing
    high production value.
    after they canceled. rubicon yes it was extremely slow
    but it was character. devolopedment

    wouldyou really want more honny boo
    if u do. shame on u.

  • David

    This is awesome news!!! Love “The Killing”. Such smart writing, great twists and wonderful characters!

  • Lucy_23

    Loved this show! Need Linden and Holder back, they really grew on me.

  • Christina

    This would really be good. Hope Netflix picks this up!

  • Ginger33

    Loved the first two seasons, they just need to focus on the one mystery in one season thing so that each season has a unique story, with the characters developing throughout the show.

  • Tim

    I hope that if Netflix picks this up they go back to Lindens past and talk more about that case with the boy she mentioned in the end of Season Two.

  • Gary

    This was truly a standout show. Everbody should see it. Hope they get a chance to contione telling their story.

  • Steven


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