Tuesday Final Ratings: Final Broadcast Election Numbers

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November 8th, 2012


After adjustments, NBC was still the leader on election night versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.


Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC 2012 Election Night (8-11PM) 4.3 10 12.01
ABC ABC News Your Voice Your Vote 2012 (8-11PM) 3.4 8 10.38
CBS Campaign 2012: CBS News Coverage of Election Night (8-11PM) 2.5 6 7.83
FOX FOX News Election Special: You Decide 2012 (8-10PM) 1.6 4 4.04
CW Arrow -R 0.4 1 1.38
9:00PM Emily Owens MD -R 0.2 1 0.97


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  • Charmed


  • danny94

    Thought that 0.4 for emily owens was to good to be true!!

  • Christian

    Fox is definitely coming in 4th again this week. They’ve been having a terrible Fall season.. how much damage can Idol repair?

  • Joseph

    Maybe Fox should have kept election coverage only on Fox News Channel and instead, have the Fox broadcast network should have broadcast a two-hour “sneak preview auditions” episode of “American Idol”.

    It could have gotten a 30 to 40 share!

  • jj michaels

    left wing liberal, liberal, most conservative, right wing conservative. that’s how the ratings go.

    although a conservative, I still watch nbc for brian Williams. the rest of them are mostly partisan hacks.

    chris Matthews appears to be a person who would spit on you while talking if he was too close. he is a certified retard.

  • bsp

    ABC did something that really annoyed me: On the bottom of the screen, they ran a constant rotation of presidential results by state, and congressional results for a different state immediately under the prez results. It was confusing at first, then just a nuisance.

    ABC also seemed to think that it had to find a place for Katie Couric, but her social media reporting, such that it was, didn’t add anything, IMO.

    NBC was good, but CNN was where I spent the largest portion of my viewing night.

  • lll

    Arrow still did alright for a repeat. Emily Owens…that’s another story.

  • Joe

    oh yea CNN blow them all

  • Martin

    I didn’t watch the repeats so i don’t know but the tv guide thats on the right of this page said that night that it was a Beauty and the Beast repeat on at 9pm, which was it?

  • Leondre

    Really? You will never see another rating that high for American Idol again so why would expect it for a sneak preview show up against as highly watched election

  • Leondre

    My bad “why would you expect” and “up against an highly watched election”

  • alexjones

    emily owens ratings make more sense now.

  • EatMorePez

    Not surprised that The CW was adjusted down. Many CW affiliates had their local news teams doing election coverage, rather than showing the network repeats.

  • Red Jane

    Awesome Brian Williams!

  • Justin

    Brian Williams is the news king these days!

  • frank

    I would have expected Fox News to take a major bump at 11 p.m. since I know of a lot of people who turned over to watch the meltdowns and “wha’ happenened?” moments. The saddest for me was when you could hear the confusion when they had to give up on the “he won the electoral college, but not the popular vote” narrative. Pages were being flipped as they searched their bullet points for the next “How do we not look like we’ve been lying to our viewers for the last month” routine.

  • Kev

    Brian Williams is a stone cold pimp.

  • Melanie

    Way to go NBC!! So happy that Fox didn’t win the night. It was funny to see Karl Rove and the whole network in much denial after Obama won re-election, LOL.

  • Barack

    Sorry, Melanie, but Fox almost did beat NBC. Fox News Channel had more viewers for the evening than any broadcast network other than NBC. Add in the viewers for the Fox broadcast network and they actually are #1. (Reference: Cable News ratings at top of this page.)

    I agree with “bsp” that almost every network is full of partisan hacks. Can’t SOMEONE have neutral commentators…translation: journalists?

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