All of CBS Daytime Growing, Including 'The Young and the Restless', 'The Bold and the Beautiful', 'The Talk', and 'The Price is Right'

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November 9th, 2012

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"The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful," "The Talk," "The Price is Right" and "Let's Make a Deal" All Posting Year-to-Year Growth




CBS's top-rated Daytime lineup is posting year-to-year growth in viewers and women 25-54, with all of the Network's dramas, game shows and THE TALK showing gains.


Viewers                       W25-54

2011    CBS Daytime                                                  3.30m                          1.2/08

2012    CBS Daytime                                                  3.51m                          1.3/08

                                                                                    +6%                            +8%


2011    THE TALK                                                     1.99m                          0.9/06

2012    THE TALK                                                     2.31m                          1.0/06

+16%                          +11%


2011    LET'S MAKE A DEAL2                               2.53m                          0.8/05

2012    LETS MAKE A DEAL 2                               2.80m                          0.8/05

+11%                          nc


2011    LET'S MAKE A DEAL 1                              2.17m                          0.7/05

2012    LET'S MAKE A DEAL 1                              2.41m                          0.7/05

+11%                          nc


2011   THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL           3.08m                          1.3/08

2012   THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL           3.36m                          1.6/09

+9%                            +23%


2011    THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2                              4.75m                          1.2/08

2012    THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2                              4.90m                          1.3/09

+3%                            +8%


2011    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS         4.65m                          2.0/13

2012    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS         4.75m                          2.2/14

+2%                            +10%


2011    THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1                              4.01m                          1.1/07

2012    THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1                              4.04m                          1.1/07

+1%                            nc


Source: NTI/NHI (9/19/2011-11/4/2012)


  • TimsDale4ever

    Last week on the “soap” ratings post it showed Y&R was down from a year ago’s ratings. ????

  • cc

    Just another press spin. Ho hum.

  • Mike

    Well no spin from ABC yet but it looks like 3 of the 4 soaps evidently had a good week last week.

    But according to the ABC press release the ratings won’t count in season to date ratings. So even if ABC was down and the other 2 up — ABC ends up the winner because their down weeks go in season to date ratings and their up week won’t count.

  • Greg

    How can anyone walk the crapolafest known as THE TALK and THE VIEW…two boring shows with boring hosts who do nothing but bicker and give their friggin opinions about everything like they are God’s gift to knowledge! WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK!!!! BRAINLESS HAGS!!!!! LOL……

  • Mike

    Greg, The same question can be asked about some of the God-awful writing and acting on the soaps at times. There have been many times in the last few years that I have literally shook my head, hung it in shame or cut the TV off at some of the terrible and shameful acting, dialogue and writing on Y&R, GH, and Days — not counting the mess on some of the daytime soaps that have gone on that I watched.

    I don’t watch The View or The Talk but as a soap opera fan who has sat through some God-awful stuff in the last few years, I’m not going to put down another show when I’m willing to sit through and watch such trash some times.

    As far as people caring what they think, I would say their fans do and both shows seem to have a lot of them. And The Talk is growing all the time now. Seems like putting it up against 2 soaps in many areas really helped it as it was dropping for awhile but now that GH has moved and in many areas it airs against Days and GH — the talk show fans who don’t like soaps are choosing The Talk and it is building a bigger audience now.

  • Mike

    Oh and I for one am very happy to see the last 2 game shows on the daytime networks going up.

    I am a big game show fan — even bigger game show fan than I ever have been a soap opera fan. People want to talk about soaps losing out. The biggest losers in daytime have been game shows. The networks made their bread and butter off game shows for years, and then when soaps got popular they increased their air time and game shows were completely obliterated in daytime.

    I wish now we could get more game shows instead of more talk shows to fill the gaps.

  • brenda ronsky

    We need to remember the weather problems on the east coast. Power outages etc. They should certainly can effect the ratings. I really doubt we have true numbers for the week,

  • Robert

    CBS is my favorite network. I love all of their daytime shows.

  • RJ

    What is the difference between Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal #1, and #2?

  • Mike

    I am not sure on PIR unless they are counting the first half-hour and the 2nd half-hour.

    Lets Make a Deal is actually 2 shows in the afternoon. At least it was the last time I watched it. So I understand that.

  • Ponder

    Good to see the CBS soaps up year-to-year. I knew B&B had turned things around last year but was surprised to see Y&R up.

  • JayTN

    RJ…”Price is Right #1″ and “Price is Right #2″ (as well as “Let’s Make a Deal #1 & 2″) means that Nielsen counts each half-hour as a separate show, even though both are actually one-hour long entities.

    I have heard that the reason is because it is a Nielsen left-over from the days when network game shows were only 30 minutes long and “Price” was one of the few – perhaps only – game shows that was longer than 30 minutes. So, Nielsen opted to count the first half hour and the second half hour instead of just one hour long rating. (If this is really the case, why are soap opera ratings not reported in 15 minute increments?)

    Mike…I’m not aware that “Let’s Make a Deal” was ever two half-hour episodes shown back-to-back. The hour ends with the “Big Deal” and only presents one “Big Deal” per hour episode. If “Deal” was really two back-to-back episodes, wouldn’t there be a “Big Deal” just prior to the half hour mark?

  • Mike


    I have not watched since the first season due to my work schedule now, but when I watched I remember there being a big dead at the end of each 30 minutes. Maybe I am remembering wrong but I just remember it that way.

  • charlene

    wait to see how bold and beautiful is after 2 of there major cast left or leaving

  • Aok

    Deal is doing OK. Good to see, I get it at 9 AM before TPIR. After that nothing on.

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