'Beauty and the Beast' Gets a Full Season Order from The CW

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November 9th, 2012

Beauty and the Beast just got a back nine order from the CW, making it the second of three freshmen series to get a full season from the network (Arrow was the first). Will this finally take Emily Owens MD off life support?

here's the official release:



 November 9, 2012 (Burbank, CA) – The CW picked up a full season of its freshman hit drama BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, it was announced today by Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST stars Kristin Kreuk (“Smallville,” “Chuck”) as Catherine, Jay Ryan (“Terra Nova”) as Vincent, Max Brown (“The Tudors,” “MI-5”) as Evan, Nina Lisandrello (“Nurse Jackie”) as Tess, Nicole Gale Anderson (“Make It or Break It”) as Heather, Austin Basis (“Life Unexpected”) as J.T., and Brian White (“The Shield,” “The Cabin in the Woods”) as Joe.

Last night’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was up 9% in total viewers versus last week, and also grew in all key adult demos week to week. Season to date, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is averaging 2.4 million viewers and a 1.3 rating among women 18-34, and a 0.9 rating among adults 18-34, in most current Nielsen data.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Take 5 Productions/Whizbang Films with executive producers Sherri Cooper (“Brothers and Sisters”) & Jennifer Levin (“Without A Trace,” “Felicity”), Brian Peterson (“Smallville”) & Kelly Souders (“Smallville”), Gary Fleder (“Life Unexpected,” “October Road”), Bill Haber (“Rizzoli & Isles,” “Thurgood”), Paul J. Witt (“A Better Life”) & Tony Thomas (“A Better Life”), Ron Koslow (“Moonlight”),  Frank Siracusa (“The Yard”) and John Weber ("Borgias").

  • taylor

    “Whatever. If B&B gets canceled, nobody will care, just as nobody cared about The Secret Flop last may.

    Long live Pedowitz! lol”

    alot of people cared there were so many petions and fanmade videos and people posting on other tv networks to pick it up.. do u live under a rock?

  • Kavyn

    It’s kind of meaningless to say BATB gets “better every week” when the pilot was horrendous. I would HOPE that the following episodes were better, because if not then yikes.

  • Joseph

    Ringer was great, I can’t believe some people think the show was bad. Better than Floppity & the Beast anyway! i’m watching this one too though XD

  • Bern

    The CW should have kept Ringer and never picked up Emily Owen. B&TB is this year SC. Both shows 1st and last seasons. Carrie Diaries and Cult might be hits for the CW. CULT is for the audience of TVD, Nikita, Arrow, and Spernatural while Carrie Diaries is for the audience of GG, 90210, and HOD.

  • javier

    I think this show still has room to grow
    the plot writing can be so much better then TSC, shallow superficial teen drama
    and the building up of the couple’s chemistry is good
    i actually like the british guy kissing cat lol

    those who say this is a total flop, look at the numbers, it’s going up.
    and we shouldn’t make any solid assumptions till the last minute…

    the story line’s gonna be more unpredictable ,but not as absurd and ridiculous as ringer

  • Cros


    I just started watching the show after 5 episodes and Im surprised how decent it is, its a little show that could and it has proved itself worthy when nothing was expected of it.

    I started watching episode 5 going up to the pilot, I think the later episodes gets better than the first ones. So this shows the show really improved and is getting better and better with each episode. Wish more people will give it a chance now, the cast is really strong and the writing is getting stronger.

    I cant see why this cannot get a season 2. I have zero faith in cult and think it will not be as good, so I hope they keept TBTB on Thursday after TVD and sent Cult elsewhere.

  • Cros

    FO to this TSC fans, seriously I have never seen annoying fans like this ever.

    You cannot compare what happened to TSC or whatever last year with this year, its a different ballgame, you will continue to be sour grapes while B&B continue to prove you wrong everytime, learn to move on. Some of us have had our shows cancelled too and you learn to move on and enjoy new things. There is nothing you can do to get TSC or Ringer back, you sole losers, they are dead and gone, we know its a lousy feeling but are you as selfish and malicious to want someone else to feel the way you did, because what you want is gone. Completely selfish.

  • Toni de Nero

    The excellent actress Bridget Regan (the magnificent Kahlan of Legend of the seeker) has just arrived in this tv series. Bridget is beautiful, sensitive and intelligent and his participation will win many points of audience. Of that I am sure. Luck, Bridget!

  • Mi

    It makes me laugh to see people claiming Arrow had more promotion than B&tB. I saw the same amount of street ads for both of them in NY, Chicago, etc. and the same amount of tv promo too.
    Both of them opened to the same demo as a result of the promo, 1.3, but when Arrow was good, B&tB sucked hard and lost almost half of the demo the next week.

    The only show that didn’t have the same amount of promo is EO.

    B&tB’s failure is not promo’s fault but bad writing and acting’s fault and that is the reason why this show is going to get cancelled by the end of the season, unless both Carrie Diaries and Cult bomb.

  • Justin121

    Is it a given that Emily Owens is getting cancelled?

    What is CW’s Friday scedule for midseason?

  • Donna

    To be honest, I’m only watching Beauty&the Beast now because Bridget Regan has been added to the cast, for an up coming story arc. Bridget is a magnificent actress that deserves a lead role in a series. Sadly there is nothing presently on TV that is worthy of her talent. Her presence will make #BatB worth watching.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Is it a given that Emily Owens is getting cancelled?”

    Did your head just pop out of the sand?

  • HalCapone

    This is not one of the CW’s best efforts (even by their standards) but apparently Kreuk has a Smallville fanbase. I hope the show can succeed for its fans and because the CW needs lots of help.

  • JR

    CW quoted Women 18-34, which does seem to be its core audience, over the standard 18-49.

  • Red Jane

    Seriously? I guess they have nothing else to replace it THIS YEAR. Won’t see a second season though…

  • Brandy

    It reminds me of Dark Angel.Max was genetically engineered and tested/experimented on to be a perfect solider and escaped,spent year running ,hiding,being hunted too by Manticore.

  • CrazedNovelist

    Mark Pedowitz is broadening the audience and doing an awesome job of doing it. BTB isn’t doing well in A18-49, but decent in A18-34 and even awesomer in W18-34(which must be its target audience). If you remember, TSC didn’t do well in W18-34… not nearly as well as this show. Obviously it’s doing a tad bit better in certain demos, at least the demos that Pedowitz is concerned about. There’s a lot of money in advertising when the target demon is Women 18-34. It’s actually pretty smart. A 1.3 as average… that’s pretty good.

  • thesnowleopard

    Not surprised. It did stabilize at a 0.6.

  • Picazo

    Seriously people:
    Is getting old with the whole “The Secret Circle” and what not. Please Build a bridge and get over it..


  • jessica

    It is a little bit different situation than The Secret Circle or Life Unexpected … Beauty & The Beast is actually made by 2 Canadian companies in Toronto with CBS being involved because they own the rights to tv adaptations. Beauty & The Beast also is fairly popular and well promoted in Canada. TSC and LUX were simply US productions which were filmed in Canada. CBS made the pilot on their own but for series brought in / dumped it off on to Canadian companies Take 5 (The Borgias, World Without End, Vikings) and Whizbang (The Yard, ZOS: Zone of Separation). It lowers CBS’ expenses while making it more of a CanCon qualifier for the Canadian broadcaster who would thus be more inclined to see the show succeed. The less it costs CBS the lower the US ratings can be with it still remaining profitable.

    The $9.99 season pass on iTunes seemed a good deal for 13 eps but is looking fantastic for 22 – 45.5 cents per episode :D They will probably raise that price soon.

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