'Beauty and the Beast' Gets a Full Season Order from The CW

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November 9th, 2012

Beauty and the Beast just got a back nine order from the CW, making it the second of three freshmen series to get a full season from the network (Arrow was the first). Will this finally take Emily Owens MD off life support?

here's the official release:



 November 9, 2012 (Burbank, CA) – The CW picked up a full season of its freshman hit drama BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, it was announced today by Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST stars Kristin Kreuk (“Smallville,” “Chuck”) as Catherine, Jay Ryan (“Terra Nova”) as Vincent, Max Brown (“The Tudors,” “MI-5”) as Evan, Nina Lisandrello (“Nurse Jackie”) as Tess, Nicole Gale Anderson (“Make It or Break It”) as Heather, Austin Basis (“Life Unexpected”) as J.T., and Brian White (“The Shield,” “The Cabin in the Woods”) as Joe.

Last night’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was up 9% in total viewers versus last week, and also grew in all key adult demos week to week. Season to date, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is averaging 2.4 million viewers and a 1.3 rating among women 18-34, and a 0.9 rating among adults 18-34, in most current Nielsen data.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Take 5 Productions/Whizbang Films with executive producers Sherri Cooper (“Brothers and Sisters”) & Jennifer Levin (“Without A Trace,” “Felicity”), Brian Peterson (“Smallville”) & Kelly Souders (“Smallville”), Gary Fleder (“Life Unexpected,” “October Road”), Bill Haber (“Rizzoli & Isles,” “Thurgood”), Paul J. Witt (“A Better Life”) & Tony Thomas (“A Better Life”), Ron Koslow (“Moonlight”),  Frank Siracusa (“The Yard”) and John Weber ("Borgias").

  • KS

    I think, if this show maintains 0.6/0.7 through out the season, it will be renewed for season 2, just like HoD.

  • SPM

    @ Jamie

    He only ordered it as a full 22 episode pick up as the first episode did so well in the demo, had he been in charge when the pilot was picked up in the first place he probaly would have passed on it as he admitted he didn’t like it.

  • Zach

    If they do move it to Teusdays then it really only needs to pull a .6. If it has its fans plus retention out of HOD that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Unless everyone watching it abandons it because of the inevitable move. I don’t watch this show but I want something on the CW to do decently. This show may surprise everyone and be this seasons HOD. Steady but not stellar. Standards are lower at the beginning of the week so that could work in this shows favor.

  • Jamie


    When did he say he didn’t like it? Link please.

    Also, networks don’t order back-nine’s based on pilot performance alone.

  • helpful_lurker

    I’ve seen some people mention that the CW didn’t have a choice but to back nine “Beauty and the Beast” unless they wanted to have a rerun hour, but that’s not entirely true, because yesterdays news (Nikita moves to 8/7c) shows that the CW has all ready scheduled a rerun hour (“Arrow” encores will be taking “Nikita”s current slot after the holiday break). So, with that in mind, yes, the CW did have to give either “Beauty and the Beast” or “Emily Owens, M.D.” a back nine but only to avoid having two rerun hours. So, I think this all but confirms that “Emily Owens, M.D.” will be thirteen and done because with one rerun hour all ready scheduled and now “Beauty and the Beast” back nined they don’t need “Emily.”

    Now it’s just a matter of whether or not the CW will leave “Beauty and the Beast” behind “The Vampire Diaries” and premiere “Cult” after (or even before) “Hart of Dixie” or if they’ll move “Beauty and the Beast” to Tuesday and slot “Cult” after “The Vampire Diaries.”

    I’m happy, even though I watch neither show, but in the CW renew/cancel thread I called this a couple days ago – “Beauty and the Beast” getting a back nine (but still canceled at the end of the season) and “Emily Owens, M.D.” being thirteen and done. Though I guess the CW could still surprise and back nine “Emily,” but my point is that they don’t need to.

  • SPM

    @ Jamie

    If you google it I am sure you will find the interview where he said it (he also said the guys were not good looking ehough yes he is that petty) and yes TSC got a full season pick up after the first episode aired, google that aswell.

  • Ultima

    CW is probably regretting that they canceled secret circle for this crap.


    The biggest improvement from April/May to fall on the CW is Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries (both up ~25%). If The Secret Circle saw similar gains, it would be pulling 0.6s.

    Why would the CW think that a show which was showig declining ratings all season would show the best spring to fall gains of any show on the network by a significant amount?

  • SPM

    In regards to the pick up thing it may actually have been after the first few episodes had aired all of which were very high in the demo and gave Pedowitz no choice but to renew the series at that point. He certainly didn’t want to though.

  • Dan S

    Congrats to fans of BATB but I would’ve preferred the ABC version that failed to make the cut. With only 2 new dramas waiting in the wings this renewal makes sense. What the CW could use is some comedies like Everybody Hates Chris. Unless they can quickly find more shows like Arrow this network is headed for the dustbin in 2016.

  • Jamie


    TSC was picked up on October 12, no that wasn’t after the pilot aired.

    Pedowitz was in love with Ringer, yet did he renew that? Claiming he didn’t renew TSC because he didn’t like it is completely incorrect.

  • SPM

    @ Jamie

    Pedowitz was not in love with Ringer, he was just a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Also are yous eriously comparing Ringer to TSC? wtf

    Your original claim that TSC owed its existence in the first place to Pedowitz was untrue so get over it.

  • Nikki

    @ SPM its no use fighting with these people, they refuse to accept TSC was a good show and the network made a mistake. You can argue with them till your blue in the face, but facts are facts. The ratings for Secret Circle were way better then Beauty the acting was better, the writing was better, the whole story idea was better. Everything about the show was better, it just cost to much to make. Bottom line they cancelled a good show because they wanted more money in their pockets. This new head guy at the CW is a jackass if you ask me, and when the network dissolves in a few years he will never have a job again in tv world.

  • Brandy

    Helpful lurker, Arrow repeats are only scheduled on fri through mid Jan. and I expect after that a new cheap reality or filler show will start as MP has expanded hours of original programming and CW did away with encores on Fri a few years ago (Top Model encores)and I doubt affiliates wii bevhappy with only 9 hours of original programming.

  • SPM

    @ Nikki

    Amen :)

  • Lisa

    The CW has limited options and more trouble spots than this show at the moment. As for talking about Ringer and Secret Circle: I liked both series, but they’re gone, get over them, watch something else.

  • Nikki

    Also if Secret Circle aired before VD that might have helped too, but its forbidden to talk about moving VD. Never would they do that. What happens when VD ends, Supernatural cant go on forever.. what will be their hit show Arrow?? lol thats funny. If ABCFamily had original programing on Wednesdays Arrow would sink. Just like all the rest, IMO its not that good of a show, the writing and acting are very dry. Even Willa Holland shes a good actress too good for this show.

  • Ultima

    its no use fighting with these people, they refuse to accept TSC was a good show and the network made a mistake. You can argue with them till your blue in the face, but facts are facts. … The ratings for Secret Circle were way better then Beauty

    The fact is that The Secret Circle was averaging a 0.5 in April/May. If it had the same spring to fall ratings growth that The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural had (the best on the network), it would still be doing worse than Beauty and the Beast.

    Yes, Beauty and the Beast is doing worse than The Secret Circle did last fall, but that completely ignores that massive ratings decline in had by the end of the season (which is far more significant).

  • Jamie


    Oh, please. All Pedowitz went on about was how much he loves Ringer. He also gave TSC a great lead-in, which e didn’t have to do.

    He had a big development slate and he wanted one renewal, he chose the best rated one, cheapest, nothing more to it.

  • Jamie


    You’re an idiot if you think ABC Family would kill Arrow. They have completely different audiences!

  • Holly


    Bottom line they cancelled a good show because they wanted more money in their pockets.

    So you agree that canceling TSC was a good business decision?

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