Report: Order for ABC's Mid-season 'Family Tools' Reduced By 3 Episodes

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November 10th, 2012

The order for mid-season ABC comedy Family Tools has been cut from 13 episodes to 10 according to a report from Deadline.

  • Nick


    That’s actually a solid schedule

    Thank you.

    I’m not sure ABC is ready to put comedies on Saturdays yet.

    I placed the comedies on Saturday with out any intention of them being on the schedule next fall. It’s actually impossible for ABC to have any shows on Saturdays in the fall, thanks to college football. They’re there because the two shows are doing horrid ratings and they need to be removed from Tuesday for any chance of ABC doing good on the night.

    Castle should move to Thursdays at 8. It’s already got a syndication deal and it doesn’t need to hide behind DWTS any longer, they need to try a new show there.

    While I think that DWTS will have a slight uptick this spring once it returns to its regular format, I think Revenge and Grey’s Anatomy are better leadins for new shows. A few other people have suggested Castle or Body of Proof in that slot in this website as well. I don’t get why people think that just because a show is a procedural it would do better on the Thu@8 slot. The worst rated show ABC ever put in that slot was a procedural (Charlie’s Angels).

    And now that Scandal has a full season I’m not sure if it can wrap up its season in time to make room for another show.

    Body of Proof did something very similar for Scandal itself last year. It’s entirely possible, although it may be a tight fit.

  • Nick

    Oops, excuse my grammar. I meant doing well , not “doing good”.

  • Networkman

    I won’t be giving Raising Hope for How to Live With Your Parents. H2LWYP along with Family Tools will fail. Not only do they have to start off the night but they also compete against Betty White’s Off Your Rockers. With the two new lead in, I expect Happy Endings to also slip. Don’t Trust the B… should be cancel. It has become awful. They should of kept it similar to the “cat feud” between Veronica and Betty in The Archies. The two leads should not be living together but should simply be neighbors and then have the spiteful character make the out-of-town girl’s life a living hell.

  • Networkman

    Nick, I do like that schedule. The only thing I would do differently is to keep The Neighbors on Wednesday. IMO, it is really compatible with The Middle. And it is starting to grow. I would not ruin its momentum. Then just have H2LWYP on Tuesday @9pm following Wipeout. I would air its first 3 episodes behind Modern Family on Tuesday before moving it to its regular timeslot. Suburgatory’s numbers has not impressed me this season. I would want to see how H2LWYP performs behind Modern Family compared to Suburgatory. If Family Tools fail, return Happy Endings behind H2LWYP on Tuesday.

  • Nick


    You make some valid points, except for one thing. The Neighbors is not starting to grow. It went 2.1 to 1.8 to 2.1. I do not consider that growing.
    I think The Neighbors is very dependent on that timeslot and its leadin & leadout. Also, if the Neighbors isn’t ready by midseason to be on its own, then it never will be.
    I don’t think The Neighbors on Tuesday will be a smash hit, but it will do around the same, possibly a bit better than Happy Endings. It also opens up a Wednesday slot for a show that can capitalize more on the leadin.
    And I don’t agree with you that The Neighbors is compatible with The Middle. The latter is the smartest comedy on TV right now. The former could be the dumbest.

  • Ram510


    From what I gather ABC is going to put How to Live on Tuesdays @830 assuming thats what actually happens I was wondering why would happen to those other 3 episodes. Moving it to Wednesdays or the full 13 would probably be too much moving around for ABC.

    @ If your prediction of DWTS having a spring uptick is correct that I would think that would be all the more reason to put a new show behind it and use the little bit of a lead in it has left a la DH/Pan Am last season. Yes Pan Am tanked but that was on it own fault, however it premiered quite well. Castle or BoP should take Tuesday at 10 and Thursday at 8 cause those are ABC current trouble spots and those two spots you have to be a self starter. But I saw somewhere that Red Widow is supposed to be premiere in Feburary on Tuesdays???

    As far as Scandal, Body of Proof did finish its season on April 10th last season however it only had 20 episodes. I believe Scandal has 22 if true that would mean Scandal would end its season late April which wouldn’t give any of their new shows enough time, unless it runs into summer. Plus I feel ABC will let ShondaLand have peace……for now

  • POI

    Actually i saw the last episode of The Neighbors to check out what some people are saying here and it was good it was funny so i hope it gets a second season. im a fan of Dont Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and i dont like this season its boring and not that funny as season 1 was so if they will cancel it im ok with that to make room for better comedies, although if Happy Endings Gets Canceled i will never watch a new comedy or new show on abc no matter how good it is, i dont care if ABC or any other network renews it, i just want it renewed.

  • DD

    How To Live With Your Parents looks to have promise. Heck!, even Family Tools could grow. But just hurry up and cancel HE and Apt 23. They’re doing terrible.

    Just to see, who would rather see what air after The Middle.

    The Neighbors, Family Tools or HTLWYP?

  • CrimTV


    Of course HTLWYP. Nothing against the other two, but this one looks the best!

  • Dan

    @Ram510 – My guess is those three episodes of HTLWYP will likely replace Apartment 23 and be paired at 930 with Happy Endings when it finishes its second season. Happy Endings has 23 episodes this season Apartment 23 has 19 so its possible. Another possibility is those three episodes would replace The Neighbors should ABC decide to finish it up early.

  • Dan

    @Bill – I agree that ABC doesn’t have to order extra episodes of Last Resort or 666 Park Avenue. By December 2, 666 will have aired 9 episodes, assuming the show goes back into production after the sets were destroyed by Sandy its entirely likely that the show is burned off through December. Last Resort will likely air through January.

  • brad


    Last Resort is not getting the back 9. It’s so far dead it isn’t funny.

  • JD

    In no world is The Neighbours better than Apt 23. ABC should move a couple strong comedies to Tuesday and realise DWTS is a bomb. I’d love Happy Ending to take the Neighbour’s spot, or have it after Mod Fam. It held MF’s audience better than Suburgatory is.

  • Dan

    It’s not complicated in terms of what ABC will do with the remaining HTLWYP eps they could just pair it with the remaining few Happy Endings eps once Apartment 23 finishes its run or replace The Neighbors once it completes its 22 episode order. The schedule is more open for comedy than in previous seasons

  • Dan

    @Brad – I doubt Last Resort is getting 22 eps but perhaps maybe 16-18 like how Detroit 187 or The Forgotten got more episodes to make LR last until ABC can find a good replacement. ABC gave Pan Am one more episode so they could air the show until GCB premiered

  • rob60990

    Yawn at another person stating HE held MFs audience better than Suburgatory when its not true. HE had higher rating this time last year but so did MF so that statement is untrue.

    Anyways this show looks so terrible. Another comedy failure for ABC. Poor Leah Remini wasted. ABC is likely to cut Apt 23 episode order. I doubt ABC goes along with their original plan with comedies tuesday at 8 given how poorly both Tuesday at 9 comedies are doing unless they move a Wednesday comedy hopefully The Neighbors but it could be Suburgatory like some suggested. I still doubt it. Would have been easier for ABC to cancel The Neighbors. The show is only benefitting because of good timeslot.

  • Nick


    You make a few good points, and I’ll revise my schedule.

    Scandal will stay in its slot the whole year Mistresses is a better fit for DWTS anyway. Mistresses will premiere during the period where DWTS is down to one hour (in Apr/May) Mons @9 pm. Then it will continue into the summer (If DWTS doesn’t improve sharply in the spring it will end up a summer show. Mistresses will probably find a home behind that).

    However, I do want to correct you on 2 things. Red Widow does not have a premiere date yet. Also, I wouldn’t be impossible for Scandal to end early, just tight. Body of Proof was preempted 3 times by the premiere of The River and the season finales of said river and Dancing With the Stars. So that was 23 weeks. While, yes, Scandal has been preempted by the debates and the CMAs, it has the luxury of being able to have a 2hr season finale if need be. Scandal could end in early April, but it’s too much of a hassle and it would go a lot without a leadin.

  • tv#1

    The fact that ABC reduced the number of episodes for The Family Tool’s and not How to live with your parents… makes me think that HTLWYPFTROYL will air on Wednesdays after Modern Family or The Middle. Hopefully, after Modern Family because I think it would be the better fit. Suburgatory and Modern Family don’t pair well together in my opinion; it pairs better with The Middle. The Neighbors and The Family Tool’s look like a good pair that could air together on Tuesdays during the DWTS hiatus.

  • Holly


    LOL! I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to using initials for shows, but somehow I don’t think HTLWYPFTROYL is going to catch on.

  • Ram510

    @ Nick

    Like I said I wasn’t sure where I saw the date for Red Widow and if it was even true since at this point it seems like ABC doesn’t even know what to do with the schedule. But it makes it fun for people like you and I to speculate and make a mock schedule.

    As for Scandal it could Ed early for sure. I just feel like with it getting its back 9 I wouldn’t understand why ABC would do that just to rush it off its schedule. I would figure they would leave ShondaLand alone for now. But it would also make sense for them to try and capitalize on using te GA lead in while its still viable. But also this is ABC and they just don’t use their big lead in for new shows except for the rotating post MF spot but even that’s now occupied by a second year show. When will they learn. Hopefully one day they effectively use they post DWTS, MF, GA and Sunday lead ins to successfully launch a new show soon

    Can’t wait to see the official schedule!

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