Guess the Ratings for Tonight's 'Once Upon a Time'

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November 11th, 2012

Once Upon a Time rebounded slightly last week, earning a 3.4 adults 18-49 rating, up a tenth from the prior week's 3.3 adults 18-49 rating. Could the boost have been due to Lost alum Jorge Garcia's turn as a guest star, or is the series on an upward swing?  Can this week's Ruby-centric episode deliver? Cast your vote and let us know why in the comments!


  • Melissa


    These guess the ratings for OUAT is starting to get really annoying…

    I totally agree. It’s as if there are no other television dramas that they can poll. I’d like to see one for Grey’s Anatomy.

  • mbmd


    Grey`s is 9 year old show It doesnt need polls OUAT is new show it gets alot of buzz the show has not stabilized yet its up and down like a roller coaster

  • Nick

    America’s Funniest Home Videos: 1.4
    Once Upon a Time: 3.4
    Revenge: 2.8
    666 Park Avenue: 1.1 [series low]

    60 Minutes: 2.7
    The Amazing Race: 2.6
    The Good Wife: 1.7
    The Mentalist: 1.8

    The Simpsons (R): 1.5
    The Cleveland Show: 1.8 [season low]
    The Simpsons: 2.5
    Bob’s Burgers: 2.0
    Family Guy: 3.0

    Football Night in America: 3.5
    Sunday Night Football: 7.5

    It’s safe to assume that OUAT will be in the 3.2-3.4 range this fall. Since this ep features the awesomeness of Ruby, I think it’ll be the high end of that scale. 3.4.
    I missed OUAT tonight, but just watched Revenge. It was so GOOD!

    1. NBC: 6.0
    2. Fox: 2.3
    3. CBS: 2.20
    4. ABC: 2.18

  • Networkman

    Revenge was excellent. IMO, it was even more better than last week. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays her character brillantly.

  • Leondre

    The Cleveland Show did not come on tonight.

  • CrimTV


    It was an episode of The Simpsons at 8pm, Bob’s Burgers at 8:30 and a 1-hour special of Family Guy’s 200th episode from 9-10pm. The Cleveland Show didn’t air at 7:30

  • HalCapone

    @John A
    It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that all NFL broadcasts, including NBC’s SNF will have migrated to the networks respective sports cable stations within the next 5-10 years, copying the business model adopted by ABC and ESPN years ago. Who knows what broadcast television will actually be broadcasting in the next decade. Reruns of their cable shows and a thousand more singing competition shows? Will anyone anywhere be watching television live or will it all be on-demand? Will anyone be under 49 in the year 2022?

  • HB

    Once last night episode was a filler, but still a good one
    Revenge on the other hand was brilliant.

  • mkm

    3.7 :)

  • Manda

    Giggling like a school girl. That was a totally boring OAT and I hope the show keeps dropping if they can’t find some quality plots. I think they should contemplate wrapping the story lines.

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