NBC Cuts 'Do No Harm' Order from 13 to 12 Episodes

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November 12th, 2012

Cutting the number of episodes of yet-to-debut mid-season series seems to be a trend. On the heels of ABC's reduced number of Family Tools episodes and FOX's reduced order of Goodwin Games, Deadline reports that NBC has cut the number of episodes of upcoming Jekyl & Hyde inspired medical drama Do No Harm from 13 to 12.  The cut is allegedly for scheduling reasons. The network has yet to announce a premiere date or time period for the show.

  • Starship

    This seems like their most interesting show this year, hope they don’t botch the schedule and ruin it.

  • omabin

    I don’t know where they will put this series or even if i will try it. It could be great, but it also has the potential to be awful, so I don’t know. Also, I doubt it will find an audience (hate to be pessimistic, but well…). But I am curious about NBC’s schedule. The midseason schedule they gave still leaves a lot of question marks. ABC’s will also be interesting.

  • Yusei

    The real question is when they will premire it ant suggestions?

  • HGFM

    One possibility is Friday at 9 to replace Grimm which only has 10 unscheduled episodes left in its second season. If Do No Harm has a 2 hour premiere, it would just fit to finish at the end of May Sweeps.

  • ZmaX

    Could Election/Sandy preemptions be the reason why so many Mid-season shows are getting their episode orders cut down? There haven’t really been many new hits that would be holding the networks’ attention, I’d think that they would be working hard to make these mid-season shows successes.

  • Dan S

    I’m thinking DNH is going to go the way of Awake. It’ll get started in the Spring & most likely get dumped on Thur at 10pm or run on Fri.

  • George

    I think part of the reason we’re seeing this with some many mid-season shows (and I’m guessing we’ll see it with more to come) is because of all the fall pre-emptions due to the debates, election, & Sandy. Full season shows that started airing in the fall have more episodes left to air in the spring than usual.

  • joel

    This show was previously announced for Sundays. Although I don’t think it will appeal to me I’d like them to add as many episodes as possible if it means reducing episodes of Trump.

  • CrimTV


    Yeah, until NBC changed their minds and made Sundays a complete reality night with Dateline, The Apprentice and new dating series, Ready for Love.

  • Nick

    Oh it’s dead now!

  • Martin

    If they put it on Sundays, they deserve to have it canceled. Too much on that night. I’d say Friday at 8 before Grimm would be best. I remember them saying they were going to extend Grimms order because it started early, what happened to that?.

  • Ali

    I am getting an “Awake” vibe from this show. Critically acclaimed but a ratings flop….

  • glover

    This show looks bad.

  • a p garcia

    Even NBC thinks it isn’t that good!

  • Samuel

    The plot and key art look EXACTLY like Awake. That makes me very worried.

  • Nick

    I assume that The Apprentice has the same flexibily as some other reality/competition series that it can switch to 1hr from 2 in the middle of the season (The Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars have done it recently). I think that was NBC’s plan, opening up a slot in the spring for Do No Harm.

    If The Apprentice is strong enough in Jan to support a new show, they’ll put DNH after it in Mar/Apr. If it isn’t, they slap Fashion Star in that slot. I think it will have to be strong enough. NBC has a lot of new dramas and not enough slots.

    NBC spring 2013 schedule:

    8: The Voice
    10: Revolution

    8: The Voice
    9: Go On
    9:30: The New Normal
    10: Smash

    8: Whitney
    8:30: Save Me
    9: SVU
    10: Chicago Fire

    8: Community
    8:30: Parks & Recreation
    9: The Office
    9:30: 1600 Penn
    10: Hannibal

    8: Dateline
    9: Grimm
    10: Crossbones

    8: Rock Center
    9: 1600 Penn (R)
    9:30: Save Me (R)
    10: SVU (R)

    7: Dateline
    8: The Biggest Loser
    9: The Celebrity Apprentice
    10: Do No Harm

    Note: I did not forget about Dracula or Fashion Star. I shipped them off to the summer in my fantasyland.

  • Nick


    I am getting an “Awake” vibe from this show. Critically acclaimed but a ratings flop….

    That could be true if critics actually liked it…


    I remember them saying they were going to extend Grimms order because it started early, what happened to that?.

    It’s not too late for that.

  • senor chang

    Friday at 8 seems like a no-brainer, at least thematically.

  • r0ckmypants

    @HGFM – Why would they have it replace Grimm and not paired with it? Grimm has 10 episodes left in its second season order; if Do No Harm has a two-hour debut, that then leaves ten episodes to air alongside Grimm. Or they could order two additional episodes of Grimm and have the two shows air together for twelve weeks.

    But having Do No Harm replace Grimm doesn’t make sense… though that doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility, knowing NBC.

  • Phil

    Too vague–what’s the scheduling problem that all these networks are having!?!?

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