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November 12th, 2012

Last week, Revolution fell to a 2.8 adults 18-49 rating, the first time it hit below a 3.0 in that all-important demographic. The prior week it hit a Hurricane Sandy-impacted 3.0. Now that the nation is not focused on the election or natural disasters, will the show rebound? It may be helped by its lead-in, The Voice,  which has (finally) selected its Final 12 and moves into the next phase of competition this week. Make your predictions below.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    I think it’ll do a 3.0-3.1, it should settle into that (extremely high for NBC) range before taking 4 months off.

  • Jamar

    It will rebound a bit from last week, hopefully. 3.1-3.2

  • victor hugo

    maybe.. but i bet 3.0

  • dantas

    Oh but 4 months WILL damage its numbers permanently…

  • RG-X

    I’m cheering for a 3.0 – but most likely will tick up to a 2.9

  • richard

    i say 3.5! i dont watch the show, but hope it does well for the fans sake

  • Robo

    No, it will be down. The Voice will probably be down too after last weeks off schedule airings. I would guess 4.1 for the Voice and 2.6 for the Revolution.

  • Kenny

    I want this show to be good and do well but those last two episodes were horrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rating went down because of them.

  • Pepper


  • Ricky

    @dantas: I think the only saving grace is that NBC is going to keep RVN on after The Voice, which has so far proven a fairly stable and reliable lead-in. Although I am hoping that Deception flops hard so NBC could possibly bring it back earlier. Or they could stick it on Fridays at 8 temporarily from January to March, which will no doubt lower its ratings, but hopefully it’ll stay high for NBC (especially given how uncompetitive that timeslot is…)

  • danny94

    I think it will rebound to a 3.0 I hope it does its not amazing television but its alot of fun

  • Brian

    @ Ricky

    Maybe Deception will be good and keep people watching the slot knowing that after its run, Revolution will be back. Maybe they can put Deception at 8 PM followed by The Voice and then Revolution. Keep a Monday block of all three shows :)

  • Dan S

    If NBC is smart they could rerun RVN on Sat until it returns in March. I’ve said it before but RVN will not fall hard after a 4 month break anymore than when a show breaks for the Summer. A lot of cable shows take long breaks & always return to good if not better numbers like TWD dead does on AMC. Scheduled after The Voice should ensure it good numbers for its Freshman season. For tonight I’m being optimistic & guessing 3.2 up from last week.

  • John

    If people have enough sense they’ll watch this episode. The last episode was truly fantastic. I was on the edge of my seat by the halfway mark.

    I predict 2.8-2.9. Anymore is just wishful thinking. Going by the previous shows which hinged on sci-fi, this show is bucking the trend and already miles above them in terms of ratings.

  • Nick

    Dancing with the Stars: 2.2
    Castle: 2.3 [season high]

    How I Met Your Mother: 2.8 [ties series low]
    Partners: 2.0
    2 Broke Girls: 3.3
    Mike & Molly: 2.8
    Hawai’i 5-0: 1.8

    90210: 0.4 [ties series low]
    Gossip Girl: 0.3 [ties series low]

    Bones: 2.0
    The Mob Doctor: 0.9

    TheVoice: 4.9 [season high]
    Revolution: 2.9

    Last week’s epiosde was excellent. I expect a little bump for today’s episode.

    1. NBC: 4.23
    2. CBS: 2.42
    3. ABC: 2.23
    4. Fox: 1.45
    5. CW: 0.35

  • HalCapone

    I love the science fiction and fantasy genre–and generally can’t get enough of it, watching even mediocre iterations. Revolution is a bit of a head scratcher to me with its success in both live and DVR ratings. It’s not an awful show but I think it’s just marginal overall. Knowing how this genre rarely does well on network television, I am really shocked Revolution isn’t tanking in the ratings after a half dozen airings or so. One television critic surmised the simplicity of the storyline has kept viewers coming back. It is a simple concept but it is sadly beginning to feel more like the even more mediocre Terra Nova without the dinosaurs. I think The Voice is the primary reason Revolution started strong and continues to do well even though it has declined a smidge in the demo ratings, relatively speaking. The Voice audience is huge and skews very young so it makes sense they were more likely to sample what follows it. Furthermore, the competition from CBS and ABC (H5O and Castle, both skew very old–definitely not a Voice fanbase) so Revolution also has the competition in its favor. I’m certain Revolution will be returning for season 2 but I don’t think it will be a long run series perhaps even ending season 2. It will also be interesting to see how Revolution fares without The Voice preceding it after a few weeks. Will the love continue to be there with this fickle younger demographic. Stay tuned.

  • CrimTV

    @Dan S

    This is exactly what i’ve been saying every week, shows go on a 4 month break during the summer, so why will Revolution ‘crash’ after it’s break?! It would have to crash a hell of a lot for it to get cancelled, Smash was renewed with 1.8’s

  • NBC is awesome

    I don’t think the hiatus will hurt the show at all. When it returns, it has the lead in of The Voice, which will be huge. And there will be tons of hype surrounding its return. I’m sure NBC will promote the heck out of it, so there is really nothing to worry about.

  • John

    @CrimTV: Cable channels have low expectations (according to their level, exception being Walking Dead) and keep airing their hit shows all the time every week since they only have one or two hits per channel and their schedules are empty most of the time. For example, The Walking Dead which re-airs like 5 times a week. Networks don’t do that for their shows and maybe that’s why its difficult to hold on to viewers after a long gap.

  • CrimTV


    NBC will probably continue to repeat Revolution on Saturdays during it’s break! And they repeat series during summer too!

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