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November 12th, 2012

Last week, Revolution fell to a 2.8 adults 18-49 rating, the first time it hit below a 3.0 in that all-important demographic. The prior week it hit a Hurricane Sandy-impacted 3.0. Now that the nation is not focused on the election or natural disasters, will the show rebound? It may be helped by its lead-in, The Voice,  which has (finally) selected its Final 12 and moves into the next phase of competition this week. Make your predictions below.

  • CrimTV

    Also I refuse to believe that the majority of the viewers of Revolution, who are obviously enjoying it, will forget about it, I certainly wouldn’t!

  • Reality TV Addict

    2.7 – 2.9 most likely, but hoping for anything > 3.1

  • omabin

    A 3.0

  • Bob

    Revolution will be coddled through it’s four year run (enough to get syndication). The Voice will allows lead Revolution. They will NEVER put Revolution on it’s own.

  • Ashley Crawford

    Love Revolution so the higher the better.

  • Ashley Crawford

    I will certainly be waiting for it to come back in March.Having been a fan of Lost and some cable shows I am used to long breaks.I will be watching.


    It should be able to get back to 3.0 & stabilize there until 12/17

  • a p garcia

    I wonder if it willo rebound after its 4 month haitus!!!!!!

  • John

    @Bob: Syndication? What are you talking about! Do you know any channel that’s airing Lost, 24, Heroes, Prison Break etc in syndication? Because I’m sure none of them are doing well there. Serialized shows never do good in the second run, even if its syndicated, which is highly unlikely.

    @CrimTV: I hope they do repeat it during the break. They never repeated it properly before. I’m sure Grimm would have a loved a Revolution repeat as a lead-in more than the other shows that aired at 8 on a Friday (except Mockingbird Lane, of course). I’m wishing for a Walking Dead kind of return for Revolution. New fans jumping on board during the 4 month hiatus and ratings increasing drastically upon its return, but it’ll probably not happen since its not even been one season. Me and my buddies will definitely be back for this show anyway.

  • CrimTV


    I really hope it’s ratings stay in the 2.6 and above range for the entire season!


    Revolution is ending on November 27, so it won’t air on the 17th of December

  • CrimTV

    I mean the 26th November

  • Ricky

    @CrimTV: If I’m not mistaken, RVN is already rerun on Saturdays. Hopefully, NBC will continue to do this through March…but the fact remains, months-long hiatuses in the middle of the season have historically been a very bad move for broadcast shows, especially serialized ones like V, FlashForward, Jericho, and The Event. None of which got hiatuses quite as long as RVN is looking at. A better move, at least for this season, would have been to do the first ten eps together (since that’s supposedly how long Kripke planned the “rescue Danny” story arc), then put the show on hiatus for 6-8 weeks and put out six more episodes, then another 6-8 week hiatus and the final six eps of the season. Then they could do three blocks of eight episodes each for S2-S3, and starting in S4 they could give it the Lost/24 treatment and have it run uninterrupted beginning in January.

  • Ricky

    @John: G4 does Heroes and Lost reruns, and I believe nuvoTV does Prison Break. 24 used to be on Crime & Investigation Network, but that was like two years ago.

  • John

    @Ricky: I guessed they would. But they are such niche channels. I’m sure they don’t do well enough compared to the comedies and procedurals. Moving on, I hope Revolution ratings explode after the hiatus. This is one show I really love.

  • Damo


    I think after its huge unnecessary hiatus the ratings won’t be that bad and I’m guessing there is going to be a cliff hanger which will draw the viewers back aswell what our your thoughts on the season so far

  • John

    @Damo: Its been a bit uneven journey, especially at the start, but its improving every episode. Sometimes it shows flashes of brilliance, the likes of which I haven’t seen in a long time.

  • John

    bit of an*

    Just my two cents.

  • Damo


    I’ve enjoyed most of the episodes and the action scenes are pretty decent aswell and your right it has shown flashes of greatness but I want to see just a few more flash back on how everybody met and stuff like that.

  • jimmy dean

    Maybe revolution needs 4 months off so they can completely rework the horrible nature of the show.

    Lets be honest, it’s a terrible show. The hype was tremendous. It was the only new show that I had heard of and wanted to watch. Great marketing but the show sucks hard.

    Maybe is JJ abrams get involved they can save it. But it suck so bad I can’t believe it’s on prime time tv

  • John

    @Jimmy: Lets be honest, you probably think there are huge fallacies on the show. I assure you, 95% of your complaints have logical answers. They’re doing a damn fine job with the world its set in. And I’m also sure you didn’t figure out the clues they gave before the various ‘reveals’. In my opinion, its quite good.

    @Damo: There are 14 more episodes. I’m sure we will get those terrific flashbacks. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

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