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November 12th, 2012

Last week, Revolution fell to a 2.8 adults 18-49 rating, the first time it hit below a 3.0 in that all-important demographic. The prior week it hit a Hurricane Sandy-impacted 3.0. Now that the nation is not focused on the election or natural disasters, will the show rebound? It may be helped by its lead-in, The Voice,  which has (finally) selected its Final 12 and moves into the next phase of competition this week. Make your predictions below.

  • John

    15 more episodes*

  • iggy agrimotor


  • Steve

    The ratings will keep dropping because the last few episodes have been terrible. JJ Abram’s series used to be really intelligent (Alias, Lost), but in the last few years have been really dumbed down (Undercovers, Revolution). I think he’s suffering from Spielberg Syndrome.

  • ethan

    Revolution: 3.0
    H50: 1.9
    Castle: 2.0

    Bones: 2.2
    Mob Doctor: 1.0

    90210: 0.5
    GG: 0.4

  • nightmare

    Don’t care never had any interest in watching this show

  • CrimTV


    Feel really weird saying this, but I actually haven’t watched Revolution apart from the opening scene, the reasoning is NO BRITISH NETWORK HAS PICKED UP THE SHOW YET! I’m so annoyed since networks have picked up things like Animal Practice and Ben and Kate! I’ve never had the time to get around to watching it online, but I know i’ll like it because i’ve like everything by JJ Abrams, even the unsuccessful things like The Event and Alcatraz!

  • Nick

    @jimmy dean

    Maybe is JJ abrams get involved they can save it

    JJ Abrams is already an executive producer on Revolution.

  • CrimTV

    But I want it to be successful for NBC and television’s sake!

    Also in answering everyone’s statements saying that shows like FlashForward and The Event returned from their long hiatuses much lower….

    FlashForward scored a 2.1 18-49 rating on it’s last episode before the hiatus, and a 1.9 when it returned (only a drop of 2 tenths).

    But I can’t say the same for the Event which ended it’s 1st “part” with a 1.9 and came back with a 1.4, but Revolution ISN’T THAT LOW. Both of the series were practically in trouble before the hiatuses anyway!

  • Damo

    @Crim TV

    Fair enough its really good but that’s kinda stupid for the Uk broadcasters to pick up the cancelled or going to be cancelled shows but hopefully it should be on next year then considering its one of the top scripted series of this season so far

  • Ricky

    @CrimTV: Actually, JJ Abrams didn’t do The Event. But it was still a great show even without his involvement.

  • CrimTV


    Very stupid indeed! But i’m thinking that because it’s got a full season and the fact it’s so high rated Warner Bros might be asking a lot for it

  • CrimTV


    Oh yeah, lol :)

  • Nick


    JJ Abram’s series used to be really intelligent (Alias, Lost), but in the last few years have been really dumbed down (Undercovers, Revolution). I think he’s suffering from Spielberg Syndrome.

    Alcatraz was an extremely intelligent show and it was on this past winter.

  • The End

    @JJ Abram’s series used to be really intelligent (Alias, Lost),

    Personally I had the vibe that they didn’t know what they wanted to do with Lost at times by the writing/general direction, and the way the show ended. I’m unsure if I could call it intelligent. It’s not a bad show, I like it, I just don’t see it as ‘really’ intelligent.

  • joel

    The Revolution ratings won’t rebound above 3.0 until next Monday November 19 when that episode features the Led Zeppelin songs Kashmir and Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You as part of a Warner Brothers collaboration that coincides with the release on DVD and Blu Ray of the new Led Zeppelin farewell concert film Celebration Day. I’m guessing the Led Zeppelin songs will be the love children of the pendant and an ipod.

  • John

    @Joel: Kashmir is the border state of India connected to Pakistan. I’m excited for that actually and hope it has nothing to do with the Zeppelin song though I do like it.

    @Nick: Alcatraz was bad tv. The Event, FlashForward, V and most other shows in this genre suffered from malarkey more than anything and made it hard to like them.

  • david

    NBC does repeat the show on Saturday nights at 8. That could be helping the show a bit. I hope they repeat all the episodes over the break over the next few months. Maybe they could show it over on Scifi too.

  • Dean

    Tonight’s episode deserves a 3.5!! It was the best yet!! It was darn amazing!! There were no kinks at all!

  • Ingram

    Most likely not because the liberals in charge at NBC are now realizing the show is rather prophetic after the ugly election. I think they will soon be seeing this on our streets in reality making this fiction a little too close to reality for liberals comfort.

  • joel

    The song is not literally about Kashmir, just about a long, long road. Maybe it will be used in conjunction with the Philadelphia trip. Plant wrote the lyrics while traveling through the Sahara Desert in Morocco and had never been to Kashmir.

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